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Is tier 3 formal shielding?


Hey, Hope you're all keeping well in these challenging times..Am I being stupid but I can't seem to find a definite answer. "Formal shielding may be brought back to some higher tiers but not all" is all I can find. Well I guess I await another letter/email. 🤔

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My understanding is no, unless a small part of a tier 3 area is particularly bad. (e.g. South Yorkshire is T3 but within that Sheffield itself might be deemed to be a particular problem area - to randomly pick a place, not saying that's true!)

If that happens, those deemed CEV living in that area will get a letter.

Otherwise everyone assumes no shielding.

There was no shielding in T3 areas prior to this lockdown either, although I think they had the "unless told otherwise clause then as well.

Ah thank you so confusing. I dread to think of the rates after xmas break 🤦‍♀️.

Yep me too. 2 weeks into January it's going to be ridiculous again. So everyone allegedly outraged that 99% of the country is "in the top tiers" (well there's 3 tiers so 99% are in the majority of the tiers.....🤦) perhaps need to think that maybe it's actually sensible to release lockdown gradually rather than to a free for all. As you suggest, that will be happening in many places over Christmas anyway. And what's the betting that many people who were seemingly desperate for a shielding letter conveniently forget about being vulnerable at Christmas.....

Sorry..... rant! 😳😅

Absolutely, right there with you. It's just frustrating because the more the government doesn't put science first and gives people the actual clear facts and non conflicting guidance the more of a mess it becomes.

And the longer it affects people vulnerable or not. But being vulnerable means I can't work so we've lost our income and employer won't do furlough so gone from ok to poverty as many families have. But if people adhered to rules and or government did safer guidelines it would mean a lot of us could return to work.

An example; with me being unwell and struggling with toddler while partner at work he's now started nursery 3 sessions a wk. Recieved email that manager tested positive 🤦‍♀️on the fri I was with them 2hrs completing forms on the mon yes both wearing masks. But because I wasn't contacted via track an trace it was deemed no risk to us at all? So ofcourse kept baby off and we full on isolated for a week no new cases so he can go back. But the point is it states even if been in contact with positive case unless been contacted by track an trace you don't need to isolate! We all know track an trace not great... they wonder why cases are rising....and people are working because they can't afford not to (not saying its right) if they made the furlough like beginning of year more people may adhere and stay home? Anyway my rant over 🤣😂🤣😂

Yes I agree, it's all so unknown. It doesn't help when so many people don't seem to understand the rules (ie close contact means 14 days isolation regardless of negative test..... you'd think people in the police would be capable of knowing that....!!) or places where bosses don't follow the guidelines (ie making people come in when they can work at home).

And yes to people struggling longer, in all sorts of ways, the longer it goes on.

Rant away....I did! 😅

😂🤣 it just really annoys me and this lockdown....what lockdown!!!

I suspect it would have been just as successful if they'd made more areas T3 and T2 (from previous tiers) and not called it a lockdown 😅


Cal_ in reply to twinkly29

The new guidelines are different to the previous "tier" advice. For vulnerable it clearly said work from home in tier 3 and I think it said the same for tier 2. I can't understand the change as the numbers are still very high in tier 3 areas.

twinkly29 in reply to Cal_

Yes but it also says that shielding only continues if they decide for small parts of tier 3 areas and unless people hear that that concerns them then no shielding. As AUK advises, if someone can't work from home and is concerned they need to talk to work and to their GP. I think everyone anyway should still be working from home where possible....but of course that doesn't help for those who can't.

As regards cases being high, yes they are in some areas but the previous t3 areas (like the north west and Liverpool) had no shielding then.

Cal_ in reply to twinkly29

Thank you. In the North East it's high and we were about to go into 3 before the lockdown.

Just to lighten things or not... we went into lockdown 2 tier1 come out tier3 🤣😂 . I get what you mean though twinkly 🙂😆 let's hope xmas 5 days doesn't destroy all our hard work...🤦‍♀️ I get it's a balancing act of quality of life vs covid and mental health and isolation I'm not discrediting that just you know some won't abide by rules leaving covid to have a field day 😂🤣. I know you didn't question it I just thought I best put it out there as to not offend anyone with tiers..x

The latest government advice for CEV patients after lockdown;

Yes, you will have to wait for a letter. Under the current structure shielding is not occurring. Instead those who were previously on the most vulnerable list are being advised to work at home and if they cannot, then go onto the furlough scheme.

That's if your fortunate enough to get furlough of course! Now employers have to pay contributions some are refusing.


It’s hard to know what the right thing to do is isn’t it! I’m not sure if this will help but your doctors have more of an idea. I phoned my doctors after lockdown one and they explained I still couldn’t return to normal and had to shield still so I did and then received the sheilding letter for this lockdown. Doctors phoned me again a couple of days ago and advised me to still shield under the current situation. Maybe give them a ring as I think they have discretion to say if they think it would be safe to return to normal for you based on your individual needs.... it’s gone on so long now hasn’t it and just want to return to normal! I don’t see how this 5 days all mixing will help to be honest only put it back again and let it run into next year...xx

I know 5 days for 5 months of not bring able to work, numbers rising.... 🤦‍♀️ when they first said relaxing rules for xmas I thought they meant for a day or 2. I'm just going to continue as I am safest way. X

I know it just doesn’t make sense! So much contradiction going on! That’s the safest thing to do, I’m feeling the same! Hopefully we will be able to get back to some sort of normal life again soon! Hope you get sorted with your shielding and keep safe over Christmas!xxxx

What a year definitely one for the history books in years to come! X

Hi. I have recently received a letter for lockdown ll but like most others, no info yet to tell me what to do on 2nd December. Therefore, as the virus is still the virus and I am still CEV, I will be continuing to shield as that is the only thing that makes any sense to me. The virus doesn’t recognise Christmas or which people are my relatives. It just wants somewhere to live. The government are only advising CEV people now as they have had so much criticism from groups and individuals who say their mental health has suffered. So I think we have to do our own Due Diligence and decide what is best for us whilst sticking to the Tier our area is in, at the very minimum. Stay well and keep safe my friends. 🙏.

Could've have put it better myself. Stay safe also.

It's ok for people to say continue to shield, I'd love to continue to shield but I work in a hospital and the government says go back to work so that's me back to work on Wednesday . But that magic plastic apron will protect me !

Yep I also work in a hospital but cons have specifically told me i cannot nurse atm but I'm uncontrolled and it's all a mess re diagnosis/ treatment etc. When I do return they've said I realistically won't be able to do clinical again and will have to look at other options like office based wfh roles... so yea it's been a stressful time health wise and career wise! Which is why I get frustrated people not adhering to rules as I just want to be able to work again and earn a wage and the longer it goes on I'm gonna de- skill and struggle more financially as no sick pay or furlough.

I am a nurse in the NHS. Can you get in touch with Occupational Health? If you are CEV or if you do not feel safe then it is worth doing. Are you in a union? They can also advise.

Hi , thanks for the replies. I am CEV , I have 2 underlying medical conditions, I work for a small private hospital which is currently doing 75 % NHS work. There is no occupational health onsite, I believe we use the local NHS hospitals one but a pregnant colleague never managed to get a review referral after months of asking , she is now at home shielding from 28 weeks . I have contacted my society which is my union, honestly they weren't much help. We are a small, short staffed team so if I'm in work I'm expected to have direct patient contact I do wear ppe and work believe that's all I need. I will have a return to work after shielding chat with my direct manager on Wednesday, I will ask if there is any thing I can do in a non patient contact role. I'm like you I just want people to follow the rules so I can safely get back to doing the job I love. Stay safe everyone and hopefully we will get a vaccine soon.

Hi guys so recieved my shielding email last night this may help those of you which haven't yet as states what you can do as CEV in each tier.

And as myself and twinkly stated earlier no one is to shield unless you get a specific separate letter stating so in a particularly hard hit area within a tier 3, not just a normal tier 3 according to new guidelines published.

So basically wfh if you can if not go to work if covid secure take extra precautions if your lucky enough for furlough amazing if not SSP, ESA and UC basically is the advice!!

You can also contact your local council for extra support like financial emergency Grant's, food banks, health and wellbeing. hope this helps clarify a bit. X🙂

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