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Thank goodness for the union!


At last - a good result from my struggles with my school (refusing to implement occupational health adjustments to keep me safe with severe asthma as a primary school teacher and also harassing me while I’ve been signed off). The union rep had told school to communicate only through her - school ignored this, so she rang them up and ‘reminded them of their obligation to ensure my safety ‘ (her words).

Result - school has agreed to furlough me on full pay until the furlough scheme ends at the end of March! I am so relieved and grateful, although I’m sad that my stupid asthma and the pandemic are keeping me away for so long from the job I love.

Now I can concentrate on recovering from the stress and anxiety that all this has caused.

Good luck to everybody in similar circumstances xxx

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Oh my days TeachKat!!! At last!!!!! I’m really glad to hear that news but am really sorry for the stress and ridiculous hard battle it’s taken for you to get it!!!!

Now you have some time to unwind and de-stress!! 🤗

Dee x

TeachKat in reply to madonbrew

Thank you, Dee! I am so relieved but feel somehow ‘bruised and battered’, if that makes sense. I am going to focus on my health now.

Rosemary xx

I really want to thank everyone for their support- it really helped reassure me that I wasn’t being feeble or unreasonable! Xxx

madonbrew in reply to TeachKat

I am not surprised that you feel battered and bruised!!! It’s been a terrible time for you!!! And you really weren’t being feeble or unreasonable!!!!

Take care and look after you for now!!!

Dee x

I am in very similar circumstances (also a teacher) and can completely understand how much distress, relief and sadness you must be feeling all at once!!!

Please take care of yourself, I hope this gives you the time to do so!

TeachKat in reply to PurpleDory

Thank you - I hope you manage to find a solution x

Well done union. What a relief for you.

Well done you! 👏 That's a great result. Take care and have a good winter. P x

So pleased for you TeachKat. Good result👍

Yay! TeachKat I'm so thrilled for you! Take care


Thank you everyone- this really does feel like a community! Stay safe xx

Good for you and well done to your union! Do you feel like looking for another position after the way the school treated you? Get well and keep safe.

Thank you - I don’t really want to move to another school-my immediate colleagues have been brilliantly supportive and kind. After I was shouted at for asking to wear a visor, they all separately went to the person concerned to ask for a visor! Also, I’m 63, have been teaching for 40 plus years and am therefore expensive! Realistically no school would consider employing me.

Take care x

I completely understand. In these days of every employer putting money before experience and all that brings, I have experienced this myself in the NHS, and witnessed many colleagues going through it to. I expect your skills and experience are fantastic fit the children and it sounds that your colleagues are with you. Before I trained as a nurse, I would never have believed that this sort of thing happened in the caring professions but it is everywhere. Best wishes to you. X

Too*. Not to 🙄

Cal_ in reply to Itswonderful

It's happening in the nhs to someone I know.

TeachKat in reply to Cal_

That’s even more shocking at a time like this when the risks are so high for health workers. I hope it gets sorted.

Excellent! Great news for you (you can now relax and settle down) and it's nice to know at least one Union are doing their job. The CWU certainly aren't.

Glad to hear that. Your head teacher - and presumably your school governors who must have been in agreement with him too - unless he bullies them as well was just a bully. Well done to your union rep. I say that as someone who isn’t in the least union minded but who just hates bullying in any form.

How do they treat their employees usually? I am appalled you have been treated this way. I have several teachers in my family and you all do an amazing job. Your headteacher should have the decency to apologise. If their attitude stays the same I would look elsewhere to work. Teachers are precious and the stress must have been awful and would not have helped your asthma either.

Thank you - sadly this is how they treat us - it’s an independent school and they feel that the rules and regulations don’t apply to them, especially when it comes to disability. I’m not really in a position to look elsewhere- I’m 63 and expensive to employ! The saving grace is that my immediate colleagues are lovely and very supportive.

I wont say what I think of the headteacher. Glad your colleagues are supportive.

Evening Teachkat. I'm so pleased to hear your good news 😊 Take care and look after yourself 😘

Thank you!

So glad for you. Try to get yourself well 🙂. Is it a teaching union?

TeachKat in reply to Cal_

Yes, it’s the NEU - the rep has been great. I’m sure that it would have had a very different ending for me without the support.

Cal_ in reply to TeachKat

Thank you. Take care.

Just had to say it's great that you've had excellent union support. Hope that you look after yourself in furlough so that you can return to your teaching job fit and well. All good wishes for the future.

TeachKat in reply to Lorcas_15

Thank you so much!

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