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When do you start rescue steroids?


As above really, but I’ve never had rescue steroids before. I had my last course about 6 weeks ago ish and before that mid May. The last few days I am feeling really tight and wheezy& used ventilin more. Yesterday about 8 puffs and just now,4. But think I might need another 2.

I don’t wanna ring 111 as it’s my birthday tomorrow & got a nice day planned! Lol...I don’t mind after that!

But usually my GP will start me on pred & I know this sounds stupid but I don’t know if I should start my pred or not. I dread pred so much as I also have diabetes and it sends that crazy & it messes with my head.

I am wondering when other people know when to start their rescue pack?

Sorry for waffly post!

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It's a while since I had rescue at home, but it was a combination of increased asthma symptoms with reduced peak flow, needing more salbutamol, etc. But not just a one off, like "oh today I needed more vent" type thing, but more sustained, so issues over a few days. Those whose PF is a useful tool usually have a percentage guideline for such things, but even then I'd want to consider symptoms as well and make sure it wasn't a passing thing. Eg I used to have a reduced pf say one morning with increased symptoms but then by evening it was settled again. (Typically then the following morning it would be ok and I'd think all good.

. then by the evening it was annoying again....if it kept doing that I actually used to end up starting the pred... but wouldn't do it for one set of recordings if that makes sense?!)

I'm sure your GP won't mind if you call for advice in the morning though - and they really should give you a criteria for starting them anyway.

Oh and happy birthday for tomorrow!

madonbrew in reply to twinkly29

Thank you lots Twinkly29!!! That’s what I was basically thinking...in reality you kind of know when things are starting to slide a bit hey... I think that’s the tricky thing I find...is I struggle for 2 days, then the next morning I think I’m fine then again in the evening I can’t breathe again but because I’ve been ok during the day I don’t know what to do...and it keeps going! Then before I know it I’m in an ambulance on way to hospital. Aaaggghhh!!!

Thank you for birthday wishes!

twinkly29 in reply to madonbrew

My other thing would be if, at this stage, you know your GP would give them, then start them. Especially if it means you can carry on with tomorrow! And then call GP to let them know you've done so, or whatever arrangement you have.

madonbrew in reply to twinkly29

Yes that’s a really good point!!! Yeah, my GP probably would start them now I think. ...I might see how tomorrow goes.

Thank you Twinkly29!! Your reply has helped lots!

madonbrew in reply to twinkly29

I do have an asthma plan except ad I’ve never had rescue steroids it doesn’t mention them, but also the hospital asthma nurse on the phone the other week said don’t start pred til PF 50% down, but I’d be in hospital at 75% within my pb.

Lol...I’ve had asthma since I was 12 but I’m feeling more confused with it these days than I ever have been!! It’s because it’s lots worse these days on the whole and I’ve realised I’m not the best reliable source knowing when I’m getting too bad.

Sorry...will stop the waffle now!!!

Happy birthday for tomorrow! I hope you’ll do what you know you need to do, to make sure you can enjoy it at home and not from hospital! 😜🎂

Thank you AirIsUndererrated!!!

I did need a few more ventilin but that seems to have settled things for the moment. I’ll see how things go overnight and tomorrow!

Am going for a picnic to the beach 🏖 with my family and having a Chinese in the evening 😊

Bournemouth hospital isn’t on the agenda!!! 😂😂😂

Quite right too! Have a fabby time. You’ve got a lovely day for it. Enjoy!

Hey happy birthday 🥂💐🎂😁 just what has already been said really. I too will wait a few days to check not just a little blip, but also my action plan I think is 75% start pred 40mg for 5 days but dont quote me everyone's is different and as I've not been able to come off since jan haven't needed to worry about rescue pack 😂🤣 or guidelines lol. I just increase. Enjoy beach.

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