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Severe Asthma and Severe Allergies - the joys!

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Does anyone here suffer with severe allergies that exacerbate their asthma?

The reason I’m asking is because I’ve had a good run on Xolair (started early this year) but as my usual allergy season rears it’s ugly head, so have my symptoms which has come as a bit of a surprise. Kind of gutting since Xolair had given me a new lease of life this summer. I’ve spent most of today totally wiped out from being SoB and trying to plough through work.

Spoke to my AN at the specialist clinic (who’s a massive legend btw) and she seemed a tad concerned that my autumn allergies had flared again. Should have seen my immunology cons in June for my 6 monthly appointment but the clinic is backed up until May 2021 due to COVID.

It’s kind of a vicious circle of maintaining control of my asthma, then my allergies and then my asthma again.

Anyone going through similar?

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Hi MrsCMK. I have severe asthma with severe allergies. I'm on Fostair 200 for now. I've recently had around 12-14 admissions from July until now. I've been referred to St Barts Hospital in London. The fact that you can't see your immunology consultant until May 2021 is a joke. I would get the GP to urgently refer you so that they will see you sooner rather than later. I have to be very careful when I'm out and about as one of my many allergies is Pollen.

Full list of allergies for context:




Spiriva Inhalers


House Mites (Dust etc.)

Animal Dander

I've had another more specific allergy blood test done recently to see if I have any other allergies.

I hope you get your appointment with your Immunology Consultant.


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MrsCMK in reply to LilsBaker2020

May 2021- a bit of a farce, isn’t it? I’ve done some investigating and the clinic was shut down during the height of the pandemic and the clinicians re-deployed to more urgent services.

I’m going to try my GP today but I know what will happen, they’ll tell me to sort it myself (because I’m persistent, don’t take no for an answer and always get stuff sorted...but it’s exhausting).

I’m at the Asthma Clinic on Friday for my next dose of Xolair and they’re going to try to get a plan together for me.

Pollen allergies are a nightmare aren’t they? I already can’t eat fruit and can only tolerate overcooked veg but I’m even struggling with that at the mo. My diet currently consists of meat and carbs! Tasty but making the pounds pile on!

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LilsBaker2020 in reply to MrsCMK

Oh dear, hope you're appointment goes well on Friday. Aside from the allergies I find that my upped dose of Fostair has been causing me to be very nauseous. My diet has gone out the window too, so we can pile on the pounds together :)

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MrsCMK in reply to LilsBaker2020

Thank you. And yes, let’s destroy our waistlines together 😉

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LilsBaker2020 in reply to MrsCMK

I've got a way to go yet. I've had 3 lots of Oral Steroids since July! 🤣

This is my life! I completely understand. Xolair has helped me get my asthma under better control but I am still as allergic to cats dogs dust pollen etc. as I ever was. Such an exhausting rollercoaster. Just wanted to say I empathize!

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MrsCMK in reply to hilary39

Sorry to hear that this is your experience too! I think the good run on Xolair has given me a bit of a false reality. I’m just hoping that these allergic flares aren’t as bad as they were pre-Xolair.

Has anything been changed in your medication regime to help manage the allergies?

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hilary39 in reply to MrsCMK

I'm on all the max meds and nothing really helps. My allergies to pets have gotten to just an insane level where the only way to cope is avoid them utterly (which goes so far as not being able to have people who stay with us who have pets since the pet hair is all over their shoes coats bags etc.) Xolair has mainly helped me taper down my steroids.

Is your asthma flaring in response to the ragweed right now?

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MrsCMK in reply to hilary39

I suppose it’s great that Xolair is working (somewhat) but I feel your frustration.

Good guess- ragweed (the devil) strikes!

Hi, unfortunately I understand you. Literally been on pred since jan every time reduced goes back up. On max for severe asthma and allergies even flipping reacted to fexofenadine ended up in hot clinic ☹ was admitted few weeks ago reacted to magnesium.

My known allergies all animals, grass, trees, pollen, house dust might, mould, pineapple amongst others. But now appear to be reacting to anything and everything all fruit... soya that have been on for 18 yrs, coconut and things I dont even know!

Like you say vicious circle. Resp con now ref me to severe asthma con as he doesn't know what else to do originally he said I'm eligible for x2 biologics -allergies and eosinophilic asthma but not sure what's going on now!! Magic wand be good...😂🤣

Pred since Jan doesn’t sound pleasant at all. I’m sorry to hear this!

Re. the allergies themselves, mine are v similar. Haven’t eaten raw fruit or veg in 19 years. I can only eat veg that’s really well boiled and the only fruit I can tolerate are strawberries but they must be frozen and then defrosted (they’re off the menu now too as of yesterday) 👎🏽 Soy is one of my newest ones! A splash of it in my tea made me look like Professor Klump a few years back!

I hope get started on biologicals soon. It sounds like you really need them!

I had no idea so many people couldn't tolerate fruit and veg. Do you know what it is in them ie an enzyme or the natural sugar? I'm literally holding on to the biologics giving me my life back! 🤣😂 hope your allergies settle back down too.

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MrsCMK in reply to mylungshateme

It’s the protein- profilin (my nemesis!)

Over the years, I was always able to eat fruit and veg as long as they were cooked, preserved or frozen (ie. denaturing the protein) but as time has lapsed, my choices got fewer and fewer and I’ve been clutching onto frozen strawberries for a couple of years now- devastating now that all of my fruit options are gone!

It’s way more common than people realise. I think it’s because people don’t commonly share details of such an allergy because those that don’t understand dismiss it and explaining is HARD WORK- haha. Fingers crossed for us!!

Flipping heck!!! You poor thing 😱 it's hard enough trying to explain why I can't breathe or do things with my asthma (because asthma is just an attack when running or ill not every day struggles) i don't even bother trying to explain the eosinophilic type i have too or the dysfunctional breathing disorder 😂🤣 when I was at work a few weeks ago (before I had to give up work) when I said I think I'm reacting to fruit - the looks I got and this is healthcare! 🤣😂🤪 thanks for your info really helpful gonna start food diary -again... 😁🍍🍋🍓🍇

I can sympathise. I have a long list of allergies including:

Pollen - tree/grass/plants

Dust & Dander


Asprin - strawberries have a high natural vontent :(


Raw tomato



As time passes there seems to be more things added to the list.

I had a huge allergy/hive/sob flare up in march pre-lockdown which led to x2 short courses of prednisolone back to back (almost 3) and with a few medication changes/upgrades it seemed to be coming under control for the most part. I did have a horrid flare up again about a month ago.

The GP just not interested if it's not covid. I tried to speak to my practice asthma nurse but they won't let me through on the phone for even a telephone chat.

I had my work threatening to sack me at one point because none of the meds had my asthma/allergy symptoms under control. So yeh...the stress didn't help.

Finely got a letter this week to say I will be seeing a ENT consultant next month (originally booked in March), so progress. I'm not entirely convinced my latest flare up is season related or a new food allergy. Hoping to get an updated RAST test but I know they're expensive so GP don't like ordering them. We'll see.

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