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Back to work Careworker


Back to work again time... spoke to one of the managers.. was going to have 2 weeks to get used to masks etc now they are saying a week off then training ( again) then some half hour shifts then maybe another week off then back to normal... Benn trying for days to wear a mask but cant do more than half an hour at a time.....kinda scared to go back ... had a virus before the pandemic lockdown..and had about 4 or 5 courses of steroids since then.....asthma still not great.. and my back hurts from sitting around.. but got breathless when I tried going for a walk...they are phoning today to confirm everything... hut not sure what to say.. even thought about giving up the job but need full time work... not sure what to do

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Can you try a different mask or do you have to wear what they provide? I’m sorry for your situation, it sounds stressful. I can understand your conflicting concerns.

I hope you can manage to get used to a mask or find one you can get used to. I found that it took a while to get used to initially and I know a lot of people have said the same. Sometimes it’s a case of trying different styles.

Good luck.

Alliecat in reply to MollyJ

Hi thanks for the reply....we have to wear the throw away mask at work...the ones nurse wear...which I have been trying to wear for longer much as I can....we dont have any other choices am afraid...its just regular PPE

You can request an occupational health review from your employer. This is a specific review to look at your health and the risks you are exposed to in the workplace. The OH practitioner will recommend reasonable adjustments to the employer that will help you stay safe as possible.

If the employer doesn't have access to occupational health services then you can use Access to Work, government scheme.

Your employer has a legal duty of care for their employees and as you are covered by the Equality Act 2010, in addition to general employment law, the occupational health review will help the employer meet their legal obligations.

If you are in a union then ask them for support.

Alliecat in reply to Poobah

Yeah my work are trying as best they can to cater for me.. just been on the phone to them and they said they will do whatever is best...I said I will come in to do the training I have been off for so long...and then I can either stay off for another week or come in and do short shifts to see how I go....I think that's probably the best way and then if I cant cope will know whether to keep trying or give it up and find something else

Hi I feel your pain I’m struggling with the same thing to be able to wear a mask for any longer than 30 mins. I work in a hospital with young children and they don’t have to wear masks so all the more need for me to wear one ! One tip that has helped me that quite a few of my colleagues are doing is to twist the elastic ear hooks once before you put it on so it makes the mask stand away from your face more at the sides and gives a bit more room to breathe . Also another friend said the tie masks are easier as can have the lower tie a lot looser So to let more air in . Don’t know if you’ve tried either of those but might be worth a try . Good luck x

Hi Alliecat, that sounds very stressful! It’s really difficult when you have to go back because you need to survive financially!!! You are sounding like you feel like u feel quite unwell still. Can your GP or hosp doc(if you have one) write you a letter or anything to give you some more time before going back? I understand this might not be possible as to need to survive financially too. It’s a tough one! Could you maybe continue with your current work plan but apply for other jobs in the meantime , then if something more helpful turns up, change your employment?

My consultant said he doesn’t want me to go back to work as a carer in a nursing home & my work place has no other suitable job for me. My parents are both doing mum had Parkinson’s disease & my dad has multiple health problems so I have applied for Carers allowance to look after them at home...I live with them.

Be thinking of you and all you others back at work since shielding!!!!

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