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Blue badge for severe asthma?

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Hi all, I am just curious to know if any of you here are in receipt of a blue badge based on your asthma diagnosis. I am really tempted to apply but worried I might be turned down. I work part time at a hospital and my asthma does not affect my ability to do so. However, hospital parking can be hell and it often means I have to walk 2 miles into my work place which I am struggling with massively!

I have severe eosinophilic asthma and use the following: Fostair 200 (although I may ask to switch back to the symbicort 200), spriva respimat, montelukast, fexofenadine, regular rescue pack of antibiotics and steroids also, amoung other medications for other conditions - I was due to start biological injections in April but Covid has obviously delayed this now and I have no idea when this can commence. (I am also incontinent and take meds for this but try not to make it a big deal)..

I am currently on the shielding list (I live in Wales, btw) until 16th August but I’m so worried about going back to work with just my usual struggles alone. I wondered if this would work in my favour when it came to applying? I do not receive any other form of benefit for disability or otherwise, I also don’t feel like I need to right now as I am happy working and able to. I’ve also seen the drama applying for anything such as PIP can cause, I’d rather not. My issue is literally just parking and the effects walking has on my asthma. I really cannot cope with the 2 mile walk, even the walk from the car park (if I’m lucky enough to find space) is extremely difficult.

Asthma is such a hidden condition I’m not sure I will be taken seriously if I applied (I mean, I look fine lol!), please tell me someone in my situation has been successful?

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I have a blue badge in relation mainly for my ability to walk any great distance which can be attributed to asthma, but my local council also take into account other health problems which I have. It appears to me that it depends on your own local council how they interpret the UK legislation with regards the blue badge scheme. This appears to be a downer for you but if I was you I would still apply for the blue badge because it does have advantages for other parking facilities and allows us to into fresh air. It cost me £35.00 for a letter from my GP to highlight all of my health problems which will help you with your application. Good Luck and STAY SAFE

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Hi, thanks for the reply, it sounds promising. I have other health conditions that could probably work in my favour in terms of applying - a spinal disease and hip problems for example but I will feel such a fraud using these, although I may mention them. They don’t necessarily affect my walking ability short distance in the same way my asthma does. I will pick up a form and see what happens

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I only have severe asthma and used to have a blue badge. Unfortunately it ran out during lockdown and my reapplication got rejected (I’ve changed area... some areas it’s harder to get approval 🙄). I didn’t help myself when I filled it out (filled it out whilst asthma was dodgy, so forgot to do it based on my worst days, and did it on my average day 🤦‍♀️) but due to the current situation I haven’t appealed (you can if you get medical evidence, but as I haven’t yet managed to talk to my con) so I thought I’d wait up the appeal period and reapply when I can (6 months so for me Oct)

It really does depend on your area. I have a friend who has one for a different condition. He was rejected twice in his home town, but got one immediately when he moved for uni (the same place I got mine).

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Wow 6 months for the appeal, is this normal timingings? I think I will at least give it a go when the world is safe again as long term it seems the one thing I need to make life easier. Good luck when you try again. Xx

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Amy2091

Yeah. If you get rejected you have 6 months to appeal. After 6 months you can reapply. Thanks

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Oh that makes sense, I read it wrong that you’d have to wait 6 months to appeal lol.

Hi. Yes I applied for a blue badge on very similar grounds. I literally wasn't going anywhere because the parking for everything was so far away by the time I got there I was exhausted. Including the 10 minute uphill walk to my office.

Be prepared for your interview. Think about the worst times and present that.

Also I don't know if they do this everywhere but when I had finished my main interview the person conducting the interview walked me to the car park while timing how long this took. At the time I was a the beginning of an attack so this probably helped my application. However it is something that is done in Scotland to catch people out so just be aware that this is a possibility.

I would say though that the actual interview wasn't so bad and my interviewer had expierance of severe resp conditions

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This is good news, I am happy you were successful. I took my disabled mum for her blue badge a few years ago and the experience wasn’t too bad, but then she is already in receipt of the disability benefits which is practically an automatic yes for blue badge. I suppose il never really know unless I apply, I’m not sure if I should wait for my next resp appointment (I’ve had 3 cancelled due to covid) and ask them their opinion?

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K8ty25 in reply to Amy2091

I don't think you need there opinion exactly but it might be a good idea to give your consultant a heads up if you are going to ask them to support your application.

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Yea this is what I’m hoping, if unsuccessful I am hoping they can offer a supporting letter if needed, seems more beneficial than just my medication list and symptoms.

Our local authority has changed its criteria to make it harder to get a blue badge. Now if you can manage an 80 metre walk on the flat then they'll refuse the application.

I haven't applied yet but have been advised to answer the questions as though I am at my worst, asthma wise. This is something your doctor can support as they usually see asthma patients when they are at their worst.

Good luck with your application.

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Yea I gathered it might be harder than it seems to apply, I will do my best. I am still under the hospital resp teams due to it being so poorly controlled atm and every blood test I’ve had over the course of a year (usually once a month) has reflected this. My life would just be so much easier with one and then I don’t have to panic over where to park. I currently arrive at my work place 2.5 hours before my shift just to avoid the walk, which might sound silly but I have to. I’ve also had more than my share of tickets because I haven’t been able to do it :( something I need to at least try for. Thank you

Another thing you may wish to try, especially if you're turned down for a blue badge. You would be entitled to reasonable adjustments to access work due to your disability. Severe asthma would be considered a disability for the purposes of the Equality Act 2010. Therefore, you could have a chat with HR about an occupational health review to look at your ability to access the workplace. The practioner could recommend that you are given a dedicated workplace car parking space to enable you to have easier access to the workplace so that you're not having to walk 2 miles to work. It's not reasonable to expect an employee with severe asthma to walk 2 mile to work when there is a workplace car park.

Hope this helps.

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Amy2091 in reply to Poobah

I don’t think il head down this route tbh, I didn’t like anyone knowing I had asthma to this severity at all until this “shielding” started. The dedicated space sounds fantastic but it would be impossible where I work, honestly - there’s nothing like it lol. I’d be lucky just to be able to use the disabled car park which is still on the other side of the hospital, 10 minute + walk and 3 flights of stairs.

I wish you all the best with your Blue badge application. Let us know how you get on.


I got a blue badge for my daughter. When completing the form, she didn’t appear to qualify, as she didn’t fit into any of their categories. There was a section at the end for anything else you wanted to say. I outlined her difficulties and how a blue badge might help, and we got one.

As others have said, it does seem to vary geographically.

Good luck 😉

Hello. I have severe asthma. I too work In a hospital. I get short of breath and can’t walk very far without stopping. I got my blue badge 3 years ago. It is due for renewal soon. I retired and returned, as I was so tired. I also use a cpap at night, as I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea 3 years ago. I didn’t think I’d get a blue badge, even though I was struggling, but I did. I would say apply. If you don’t ask,you’ll never know. Good luck with it,

If you free not in receipt of certain disability benefits then you can still apply for a discretionary blue badge. One of the purposes of the blue badge is to allow you to park nearer because you can't walk for a sustained distance. So you would need to provide medical evidence proving this is the case / demonstrate to the BB assessors in person. As Ziggym says, the decision process is different in different councils.

I have asthma but that wasn’t my reason for applying initially. I have spinal stenosis, rulers-danios, and nerve issues with my foot, which means I have real trouble walking very far. So my initial application was declined on the basis that my “problems aren’t permanent.” I beg to differ because I’ve had my problems for 14 years and it just keeps getting worse year on year, so I appealed. I asked my doctor if she could write a letter to help but she said that the council don’t look at our opinions so it would be pointless. So I wrote a letter explaining how I am on a bad day, but it was rejected again on the same reason.

Scoot forward 2 or 3 years and I’m worse than ever, so a friend who had MS suggested I apply for PIP. I did and during my home assessment the lady said I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t get it with all of your health issues and the fact that you can’t walk more than about 50m, so you should be able to get a badge now. I was awarded the enhanced rate for mobility needs which meant that I could apply for a blue badge and be guaranteed it.

It has been a massive help to me in the 2 years that I’ve had it so it’s well worth pursuing. I live in Cambridgeshire and the council clearly don’t like issuing badges to people who genuinely need them!!

I do hope you don’t live here and that your council are more accommodating.

Good luck Amy

There sems to be a bit of a postcode lottery with blue badge applications.

I have one based partially around my mild asthma. I also have Crohns and wrote a detailed description of the worst occasions when I need to get to a toilet urgently but can;t run because of my asthma. I was called for an interview by a physiotherapist and had 'memorised my script' I didn't lie, or exaggerate but I did put forward a worst case scenario. I told the physio that 'today, I don't have any issues' but when the symptoms strike it can be nasty, in more way than one.

My friend who lives in the neighboring council are was refused a blue badge based on his severe asthma. His asthma means that he can't even walk to the supermarket without having an attack. I called him one day and he answered the phone having just arrived at the supermarket and he was seriously struggling to breath.

I told him that he should appeal but he refused. I'm going to suggest that he reapplies and gets his consultant on board.

In my mothers case, severe asthma, in the same council area. I spoke to our GP who agreed to support her case. When I filed the application I mentioned this and my mother received a blue badge without question. This was over 10 years ago so the parameters may have changed, explaining my friends refusal.

I hope this helps.

Yes do apply and ask consultant for letter of support too

Thank you so much for all your replies. I had to assist my my mam with applying for PIP etc and it was a HARD time, but it meant she had a blue badge eventually almost automatically. Without the benefits I’m a little biased to reply but think it won’t harm to try, especially if I can write a supporting letter and ask my resp team for their support. I don’t need the benefits but the badge would make my life so much better, and I don’t want to leave my job just because I struggle to get there.

I will wait til covid is over and give it a go. Keep u updated x :)

I've a blue badge not because of my but I also have osteoarthritis with chronic pain.

Only thing I suggest get in touch with your local or what ever council who do blue badges.

Have a word with them see what they suggest or just go a head and apply for one you might have to infront of a physiotherapist just to make sure.

Do you mobility part of pip if you do you should be able to apply for one you might need your letter from dwp confirming you get mobility component, proof of where you live that can be your council tax bill also two passport photos

They will automatically send one out plus depends on the council you might have pay about £12 towards admin costs.

Hope this helps good luck.

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Amy2091 in reply to Pipswhips

Thanks but I won’t be applying for pip nor do I receive any other form of disability benefits or need to

I have the same asthma you are better applying for p i p first which you are entitled to while working then you can apply for the blue badge you need too be in receipt off pip first get help filling out the pip form a council benefit agency will help claim don’t be a marter

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Thank you, I don’t wish to apply for PIP, I assist my mum with her applications when needed and that’s enough stress. I don’t feel like the extra money I would receive from them could improve my life, my earnings are enough to live, if anything changed I would consider it but it’s not worth it just for a badge, I’d rather take a chance and apply for it on its own. I queried with my council in the past if I would need to be on a benefit to apply and they said no, but I’m assuming there will still need to be extra supportive evidence instead which I will look into getting

Hi dessi22,

Bit random I know but I just saw your response about pip and severe asthma. I didn't realise you can apply for pip for severe asthma and you said you can do this while still working? Any info you have I'd be grateful as I'm really struggling with work atm. I have severe uncontrolled allergic asthma and esophillic asthma with severe sinusitis. 7 rescue packs just this year now have to stay on prednisolone awaiting biologics.

A friend who has severe asthma and copd got a blue badge. If you are under the care of Respiratory physiotherapy then the physiotherapist can complete your application for you and give specific details that will help to understand your difficulties for assessing your application. That is what my friend did.

I have severe asthma also, but my Blue Badge was given for other health problems causing mobility difficulties.

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I don’t attend physio for resp atm, although it could be on the agenda for future, not sure if this will be before or during biologics but I will still ask my resp team as they have been so good with everything else it won’t harm to get their advice x

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MistyDay59 in reply to Amy2091

Yes the Resp team will be able to help. You do not need to be in active resp physio to get assistance with the application. The fact that you are under their care is the important factor.

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