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Spiriva respimat advice please

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Hi I've just been prescribed this inhaler... Anyone understand the best time of day to take it...or any other useful advice. Also on symbicort, montelukust etc etc. Thanks in advance. 😁

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Hi, morning is when I think it's supposed to be taken. I take my Symbicort first and then the respimat - but only because I always do not for any medical reason!

Edited to add that the Spiriva info just says to take it at the same time each day.

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Debbie86 in reply to twinkly29

Hi I was told to take it in the evening but no justification was ever given, it doesn’t matter when you make your other inhailers or Montelucast! Can cause sleep problems but if it does this it won’t matter if you take it morning or evening it will still do this!

It's almost exactly two years since I was prescribed Spiriva respimat, I have never known when I should take it but I take it in the morning, after taking my other inhaler (Seretide) for no particular reason. I suppose I had Seretide already and considered Spiriva as an add-on so I took seretide first.

I got told it didn’t matter when I took it, so I take my relvar Ellipta in the morning and my Spiriva before bed.

Snap!! I was told to take it at night to see if it would help my night time symptoms, so always would do.

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Nmstoday in reply to Frazzle

That's exactly what I do as well relvar in the morning with my steroid nasal spray and spiriva in the evening! I tried montelukast but had side effects so now about 3 weeks on the spiriva. Hard to tell if is making a difference as the pollen is so high!

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Frazzle in reply to Nmstoday

I also tried montelukast but couldn’t get on with it at all! I think it’s such a personal thing getting meds right, trial and error is sometimes needed to work out if it’s working or not!!

I have found spiriva helps control my asthma when it’s really bad. My doctor uses it as an add-on.

I take 2 puffs of spiriva in the afternoon at 4 pm. I take symbicort in the morning and night and find taking spiriva at 4 helps give me a boost between the symbicort.

My doctor told me the most important thing is not what time of day I take it but to make sure I take it at the same time every day.

I take mine at lunchtime just because I don’t want to take it straight after my symbicort in the morning and mix them 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

I take mine in the morning before my fostair . Think I remember someone saying it would help open the airways?? Might have got that confused, anyway it seems to be ok.

I do the same. I was told that too. Spiriva opens the Airways. So that first in the morning then my fostair .

Thanks for the replies everyone... much appreciated.x

I got told to take it in the morning by my consultant. I usually take my fostair first then spiriva.

Your doctor or other care provider should tell you exactly how to take your meds. If you’re not sure you can ask your pharmacist but this really advice you should get from the experts.

I ha e been advised to take two puffs of Ventolin immediately before two puffs of Fostair 200/6, followed right away by two pulls of Spiriva each morning. Evening routine is two puffs of Ventolin immediately before two puffs of Fostair 200/6 and, Montelukast before bedtime. The Fostair 200/6 is also used as my reliever inhaler (MART)....and I currently have Carbocistien

I was told to take mine at night time so take it after my fostair 100/6 2puffs of each .i think they advise you to take it before bed as your exerting yourself less when your asleep so has a better chance of working than during the day when your lungs are working harder but like monteluckast it’s probably what works best for you

I made an appointment at my usual Pharmacy. The Pharmacist looked at all the medication I take (prescribed + other i.e. Vitamin D etc) and recommended the time of day I should take each one.

suggest you get intouch with either your gp or pharmacist and they can advise you or you can always Ring asthma uk help line and they might be able to advise you.

I take two puffs every morning. Relax your shoulders and breath in deeply.

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