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struggling since march


Breathings a bitch

Morning all, ive been struggling with my asthma since March, having 3 lots of antibiotics and steroids. last week dr sent me for chest X-ray, all clear, sats fine and no wheezing, but I never do my asthma is cough variant and hard to control normally. I take salbutamol and Flutiform, consultant added in Incruse which drs have just recieved so started that last week to no avail. my lungs feel clear its as if I cant inhale fully. im struggling with my daily routine, walking up stairs is like climbing a mountain, where im usually used to walking miles with my camera. I did have a bad cold/flu in December. but would of thought if any damage caused would it of shown on X-ray. im so frustrated at the moment.. has anyone else been given incruse and seen a difference?

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time atm. How are you when you breathe out? Are you finding breathing in harder?

Just a thought that you may have an asthma mimicer going on, as asthma is difficulty going out (due to the airway narrowness... like a straw it’s easier to suck in through one, than blow out)

There are quite a few conditions that can both mimic asthma, AND end up triggering asthma if you leave it untreated and some are often picked up after infections. A few examples of mimics are; breathing pattern disorder, vcd/ILO, reflux, anxiety, post viral fatigue, post nasal drip, allergy. None of these would show on X-ray, as that would only really show physiological differences like fibrosis, tumours, extreme infection or hyper expansion etc.

Hope this helps if you think it may be something else (esp if you find your reliever doesn’t really help, and the increase of medication hasn’t had an affect. Also don’t forget that new inhalers can take a while to kick in (from memory to 6 weeks I think).

Sorry you're having such a rubbish time - I agree that breathing is a bitch!

Having googled incruse, I now know it's like spiriva which I take - learnt something new today!

I've also struggled on and off since March but, for me, it's weather changes and pollen (tree then grass). Do you take any antihistamines or use antihistamine nasal sprays? It might be worth a go to see if that improves things, even if it you haven't previously suffered in that way. Lots of people have been newly affected this year or affected more than in previous years.

A change to your Flutiform might be worth a go if you can potentially rule out hayfever issues exacerbating things. A different combi inhaler would take a couple of weeks to kick in but worth discussing with your GP as you've been suffering a while. I'm always a bit bemused when people have issues short term and preventer inhalers are changed - but suffering for 3 months or more is rather longer than that.

I too have been struggling since beginning of March with breathlessness, I went to A&E at one point had ecg, xrays, bloods, blood gases and they were fine. My peak flow was 98. They couldn't understand why I was so breathless. I told them I was waiting for an a laryngoscopy for Vocal chord dysfunction (ILO) which had been cancelled due to covid and they said that was probably the reason. I have other lung diseases besides asthma but there is nothing on my chest although I do have post nasal drip. Steroids and antibiotics did not work. I know how you feel, it's a nightmare. Hope you get sorted.

I have had really bad asthma control since beginning of March too. But it turns out it is exacerbation related to chronic sinusitis and terrible post nasal drip. I had to have x3 course of antibiotics and x2 courses of prednisolone in less than 4 months to try and sort it out. I am now on steroidal nasal drops in addition to my usual seretide and I have changed my antihistamine to fexofenadine. So far so good the difference now is so much better. Similar struggles but different triggers/causes it would seem. I hope you feel the benefit of the new medication.

Recommend you phone Asthma UK to speak to a specialist nurse for advice. I was ill with asthma and cough and had been issued 4 lots of antibiotics and told to increase my long acting inhaler by my doctor.

She recommended a different inhaler, which my doctor prescribed. I have felt better ever since!

Hi all thanks for the replies, sorry for anyone else who is struggling too, I already take steroid nasal spray and fexfenodine, as have post nasal drip and hay fever, but this def don't feel hay fever related, well didn't till this week lol, I am fine when I sitting but even going up stairs leaves me breathless. If no improvement by next week I will ring the gp see what else they suggest. Employer wants me back at work 1st July but im still shielding so they have no hope. need to be fit first then covid safe environment which will never happen in my job. stay safe everyone x

I am taking incruise and reveller to be honest i dont feel if they work or not , my consultant said that some of the inhalers will reach your lungs but nobody how much so its a hit or miss.Hope you keep safe and get better .

I have found my inflammation almost never shows up on an xray or CT scan no matter how awful I feel.

I'm in a really bad flare right now, I empathize. I try explaining it to my friends and family that when you breathe 16,000 times a day (that number is for waking hours) and nearly every breath is a struggle or you can't quite get a full breath in, it's unbelievably debilitating, distracting, scary, and infuriating.

We all understand one another's struggles so well here but it's amazing how much people in the outside world don't.

I've been thinking about how COVID feels like severe asthma (I had it and that's what it felt like for me at least) and how that gives people who've had the severe breathlessness part of the virus a window into what we feel like all. the. freaking. time.

When did you last see your GP? What did they say?

Hi, I’m the same as you. I have had asthma since I was 30 and have never been bothered by it. Since the beginning of December I have had repeat infections from sinuses and breathing problems. X-rays showed nothing I couldn’t walk 100yds without being in difficulty. In March I was diagnosed with pneumonia. 10 days later I was just as bad again. Taken into hospital and had oxygen for 4 days along with nebuliser and steroids .

Am now using genuine ventolin as the salbutamol did not work for me along with Symbicort. I’m now out walking again and feeling better.

I understand what you are going through. It’s a difficult road but keep attending your doctor.

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