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You have in the past or still are taking montekulast. Why were / are you taking it? How are you getting on with it? Any side effects?

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Iam still taking it and I had no side effects

I started taking it in February. My GP suggested it, because my peak flow kept dropping but didn’t prescribe it for me as I attend respiratory clinic at the hospital. On my next appointment I asked about it at the clinic. They said that if I was having night time awakening I could have it. They wrote to my GP to prescribe it. ( What a faff!)

So, as I say, started taking it in Feb. No night time awakening or attacks since. (Don’t know if this is coincidental or not.)

BUT what I can say is certainly down to Montelukast is I can blow my nose!

I hadn’t blown my nose for over a year. I had post nasal drip and was constantly snorting to try and clear my nose. Within a couple of hours of taking it I could feel fresh air when I breathed in through my nose. Post nasal drip has gone. ( Come to think of it, this might be why I am not waking up in the night with an irritating cough.)

No side effects.

I would say give it a try. ( If that is why you were asking.)

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It is a complete faff! I’ve had similar happen to me is it’s because gps don’t seem to want to interfere once they transferred the care over to a consultant! Still frustrating though

Still taking it but couldn't tolerate it of a night as prescribed so told gp it was trying morning or stopping it all together.... I've been taking it if a morning ever since

been taking it 20+ years, still taking it, no side effects, helped reduce symptoms

Hi :)

Montelukast is an add on tablet for asthma that they might prescribe if your inhaler isn't helping control things by itself. It can be given for all asthma but is meant to be particularly good if you have allergies or exercise as triggers!

I've been on it for a good few years and don't have any problems or side effects with it - and know lots of others who have no issues!

In terms of side effects generally some people find that they get vivid dreams while taking it (its normally taken before bed). And in some people it can cause problems with their mood - so its something to watch out for but is a very rare side effect.

Hope it helps if you've been prescribed it!

I've been taking it for years & have no side effects now. At first I had vivid dreams but that passed after about a week. If they want you to take it, give it a try.

I have been taking it for about a year. This was after I had 4-5 courses of prednisolone after getting virus infections that lead to significant deteriorations in asthma. In truth I can’t say if it is working, as it doesn’t feel significantly different between getting viruses, and since then I have only had one cold which I could manage myself. Maybe that was the Montelukast? Also I cough far less frequently at night. I was told they wanted to control my lungs’ over reaction to viruses better. The only way to really find out for now would be to stop it to see if it makes a difference, but while Covid 19 is going on I don’t want to rock the boat. No side effects.

I’ve been on & off it for years. If I’m honest it doesn’t make any difference to my symptoms, my consultant has said I could stop but as it’s not causing any negative side effects then it wouldn’t harm to continue. Whenever I’ve stopped it in the past and seen drs about my serve asthma they do seem to give me a funny look for stopping 😂 as they think it’s wonder drug to solve all my symptoms!

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I dont think it's doing anything for me either.

I took it for four months, and didn’t get on with it, had a constant headache throughout. I took it as an ‘add on’ but unfortunately my asthma progressed and needed more treatment so it was stopped.

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I had constant migraine headaches when taking it, had to stop.

I’ve taken it as an add-on therapy for asthma for at least 5 years (I also have bronchiectasis.) It quickly made a positive difference. It seems to dampen down inflamed airways. Unfortunately I frequently get night-time headaches which take til lunchtime next day to clear, but that could be other drugs. I don’t like taking painkillers very often so I start the day with strong black coffee

Taking it after some reluctance as had read about side effects. Been on it six months now and NO side effects. Which I had started it sooner.

I take it every night with no obvious side effects at all...I must agree with some comments above, I too had post nasal drip which caused me to cough & snort a lot & this seems to have diminished since starting it over a year ago, I also haven’t had any asthma attacks in quite a while so am happy to carry on with this drug..good luck!

I’ve been on it since March. I started it when my asthma flared up out of control. I took it in the morning at the start the moved it to the evening. I’ve not had any bad dreams or side effects on it. I’m also on 40mg Prednisolone (I’ve been on this constantly since 20/3), fexofenadine, piriton, Dymista and Flixonase, seretide and Alvesco for my asthma but haven’t noticed any side effects 🤷🏻‍♀️. I’m not sure what effect it’s having or if it’s having any effect as I’ve been having bad problems since March believed to be covid related as the respiratory side is not responding to my asthma meds.

I’ve been on it for a few years now and I’ve never experienced any side effects. I got but on it as my asthma was very much uncontrolled and kept having asthma attacks.

Within 24hrs of taking it I realised why it's called "the wonder drug". It was amazing my symptoms were vastly improved. I took it for six weeks and then it all went wrong and I had a very bad reaction against it. Including uncontrollable shaking and being unable to stand. My husband rang111 who were brilliant and were on the point of sending a paramedic when I started to come out of it. After a couple of hours things settled down. My Asthma Nurse put in a yellow card report about the adverse effect it had on me. They all kept saying how unusual it was but I guess someone has to be the one to have unusual side effects and I have had problems with other medications before. I'm now on a completely different medication and have been stable for the last six months. 👍😊

I’ve been on it for six months I think. I don’t notice any difference but since I’m highly allergic to dust I’ve been put on it.

I didn’t get on with it at all. I was taking it as an add on for asthma and post nasal drip. Gave me horrible nightmares, rapid heart beat and constant feeling of being of edge. I also struggled more with reflux during this time. Gave it a good go and tried taking in the morning instead and also the children’s version as I have a lactose intolerance and there is a small amount in the larger size 10mg(?). I was moved to zafralukast and had great success until it was discontinued. After much trial and error I’m settled on Qvar, Salmeterol and Fexafenadine (amazing) plus dymista spray during high pollen season.

Markedly improved symptoms when sleeping. No longer need 4 pillows as a prop, I can actually lie down.

Side effects, initially terrible headaches. Long lasting (10 yrs ongoing) side effect is skin sensitivity, so now use zero perfumed/colourant products, which solves it.

I've been on it for years now, gp put me on after severe episode when I came out of hospital, I wouldn't infact couldn't get by without it, as it keeps my lungs clearing everyday, you know your body, give it a try, good luck x

Hi. Was on it for many years, then hospital took me off it. All wen well for several months, until I developed gradual breathlessness and wheeze. Went back on it, nad within weeks everything cleared.

No side effects I am aware off, thrn again so many meds, hard to tell these days.

I was prescribed it in April when my asthma became unstable. I was a bit concerned about side effects too and it does make me drowsy and give me a bit of a dry mouth. Almost immediately I noticed a big improvement in my breathing in bed at night and after a while, when I exercise. My peak flow has improved too. The drowsiness is the main thing that concerns me as I work some night shifts when I'm not shielding so I'm not sure how that will be.

I've been taking it for goodness knows how long with no problems, but I notice when I forget it.

Hi, I have been taking Montelukast for a long time. When I started it 20 or so years ago I did have minor side effects but not for long. Before, I'd be awake fighting for breath several times a night at certain times of the year. Unless the side effects are major, I'd persevere with it. Have you had a chat with your GP or asthma nurse about any side effects you're having.

I’ve been on it 20 years, no side effects (and I’m usually good at side effects). It’s the only thing apart from salbutamol that seems to work for me - having great difficulty finding a preventer, currently waiting to see consultant.

When I started in 2000 I had to do a peak flow chart without, then a month with to see the difference - in my case 50 points up on average. If you don’t already record peak flow, worth starting.

I've been taking it for about 4 years. I have moderate asthma and mild bronchiectasis. I do have vivid dreams but so far only one nightmare.

It definitely helps keep my asthma symptoms down. Only side effects are vivid dreams and I'm OK with that. My asthma nurse explained that she reviews patients after a month on Montelukast by stopping it and seeing if symptoms return as it doesn't work for everyone.

Been on it for 3 years for out of control allergies/night wheeze. Best thing I’ve ever been prescribed. No side effects

I have just been prescribed it after a telephone asthma review with a nurse I hadn’t met before. She thought it would help with nasal drip.

I have been taking it for around four years now. I take it because my asthma symptoms were waking me up at night and I have allergies. I thought I was having leg cramps due to it, but it was because I had some vitamin deficiency and was not drinking enough through the day (dehydrated). It has helped quite a lot actually.

I have been on it for a whike, was given because infections were making asthma worse during the night. Have no side effects and sleep through the night.

I’ve been taking it for about 12 years. I have, amongst other things, severe asthma. Nothing was controlling it. My main side effect is sinus trouble and headaches. I was essentially told to ‘get on with it’ 😂

Have been taking montelukast for 2 yrs as my asthma was out of control after having a chest infection. Ive had no side affects and along with inhalers, and antihistamines every day it's not too bad.

I have allergic asthma and have been on montelukast for 2 years now.

I was very poorly, when it was prescribed and for me personally there was an improvement straight away. I do not miss a single dose and since being on it I believe its contributed to me managing my asthma. It had been pescribed to me years ago, but I thought it made me put weight on..though in hindsight, I would have probably been on steroids and less active .... Ironically I am abit heavier, but I don't know if I can fully blame montelukast. I do suffer from heartburn, again I'm unsure if it has any connection to montelukast

I take it with no side effects. I got told that it is good for treating the allergy side of asthma and I must admit that since starting it about June last year I have not had an attack that requires me to nebulise.

It was a total game changer for me and within a week of starting to I could jog to the car from the front door rather than struggle to walk upstairs!!! I refused to look at the side effects leaflet and had no problems but I am aware that there have been some very rare and concerning side effects for young men/boys and possible suicides. I decided that as I was a woman in my 40' s it was therefore not a high risk and as it improved the quality of my life so much it actually reduced my low moods!!!

I'm waiting for this prescription first time as my inhalers are not fully helping me. I'm really frustrated coughing and my anxiety is terrible. Has these tablets helped anyone?.

I have been taking it for about three years. No side effects. I'm not sure what it actually does, though.


I took Montelukast many years ago as an add on. Didn’t get on with it as it gave me stomach problems and nightmares. Also tried Zafilukast (sp?)which I thought was a bit better but still wasn’t great but that’s not available now anyway.

However I don’t really have allergic asthma so maybe this was why? Eventually moved onto theophylline which I found much better tho also a few annoying side effects.

I hope it works for you!👍

Take care 😊

I have taken Montelukast for 10'years. It helps my asthma and controls most of my many allergies. No side effects except I sleep better if I take it every morning instead of at night.

I'm on Montelukast. Have been since 2014. Been asthmatic since 4 years old. My experience of it is that it helps a bit. I have Severe asthma and require lots of meds just to keep me well enough to function. No side effects from it. Hope this helps.

My daughter takes it had no side effects and I think it manages her asthma really well

Brilliant medication.


I was prescribed this is 2018 just after being diagnosed with asthma. It worked almost immediately for my night time breathing difficulties. I had to stop taking it a few months later as I reacted badly to it, terrible dreams, bruising all down my arms and very low mood. I take a loratadine now instead and have far less wheezing - some people appear to tolerate it well but for other like me the effects can be quite severe. On balance I see why it is prescribed as its very effective and given that people should be very careful about coming off and only do so under supervision of their doctor.

I have been taking Montelukast for years. I had no problems having it prescribed by my GP. In fact I had read about Singulair the brand name for Montelukast and thought it would help me, it is also relieves symptoms of hay fever and allergic rhinitis, stuffy/running itchy noses etc and asked my GP and it was prescribed. I notice the difference when I have taken it because I feel clear throughout the respiratory system. And I breathe easier and better. I have had no side effects.

Yes I've been taken montelukast for 7 years now. Since had pneumonia and my asthma been great. No side affects

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