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Chest Tightness Sitting

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Hola. Do any of you get more chest tightness when sitting? I find chest tightness the best when laying down, and easiest to breathe when laying down. Sitting makes my chest tighter and harder to breathe. Any advice?

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Hi sorry to hear your problems, under rib left or right, I have the same problem most on the left side, asthma my GP informed me can affect the base of the lung, how is your oxygen level? Kind Regards

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100 oxygen...even when Im feeling an attack come on...sigh

We are all different when it comes to our asthma and what we find irritates or relieves it. If you're finding that you are struggling with your asthma when seated you should ask your doctor or asthma nurse for a review in order to explore the issue. You may be referred to a physiotherapist to look at your posture, body strength, weight and breathing technique. Definitely something to pursue if you are struggling.

Yes, me. Lying down, either on my front or back, is the most comfortable position for me. Sitting on the sofa after a meal in the evening is the worst. But I haven't been diagnosed with asthma and at the moment I'm frustrating everyone by not ticking the right boxes for any diagnosis.

This all began right at the beginning of Covid so I've only had GP phone calls. I've spoken to 7 GPs, a retired GP friend, 2 respiratory nurse friends and a couple of GPs in the surgery where I work. Nobody has examined me and none of them can agree. It could be post-viral, allergies, GERD, asthma, or any combination. So please disregard if not helpful to you!

Have you tried drinking hot green tea? I find it can help chest tightness.

👍 For the past 12 years I've been drinking pretty much nothing else! I love green tea, and ginger tea, and don't touch coffee, regular tea or milk. I think that is why I don't get nasty thick mucus, but I constantly have "salty water" coming up from my lungs instead, like serum. It definitely isn't acidic or burning so I don't believe it's coming from my stomach, and it absolutely isn't coming down from my nose. I used to get hay fever and I know what that feels like. This is new since March too.

Ya I feel for all of you. I own several martial arts schools, I am in good shape and eat well, and yet asthma has made a 45 minute walk challenging at times. Im at my best laying down flat on back. When I feel like Im having asthma exacerbations my oxygen is always 100. Cant talk to any docs due to covid and I have three months to go before respirologist. One week training like a madman, few days later sucking for air. Frustrating how unpredictable asthma is!!!

In regards to eating, I now eat slower and dont sit on the couch anymore...and even still its hard to breathe many times. I mean, I can breathe, but its always like the room doesnt have alot of air.

Can you breathe better standing up?

Standing up yes...esp if walking...almost like I need air coming into me.

Same here. When I told the GP that, he suggested acid reflux... 🤷‍♀️

Interesting. Im seeing a naturopath and we are doing a bunch of things regarding diet and homeopathic remedies to see if symptoms can be improved. If I come across anything that helps I will post!

I have found some success in relieving a little chest tightness with these stretches.

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