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Asthma and the warm weather

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This warm weather really is kicking my ass, does any one else have to use the inhalers more in the really hot weather?

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Sorry to hear you’re struggling!

I also find that when the weather is like this, the air gets really heavy, making it harder to breathe. Ugh!

Yes high pollen and warm (it's only been about 20C here) is bad enough. Never mind the combo when it's high pollen and late 20s.

Yep, high pollen and high heavy heat - nightmare! Stay safe x

Same here. Just invested in an air purifier to help clear the house of pollen but the heat is a killer. Nurse has doubled my usual inhaler dosage to help

Yes, my GP has temporarily increased my preventer dose during the hot humid weather.

Absolutely! I’ve had a few frightening brushes with cold air but hot, humid and pollen enriched air is my nemesis.

Terrible time of the year for me during this weather! Constantly feeling chesty with a tight chest. My brown inhaler dosage has been doubled.

Yes!! I feel like the three bears - it's too hot, it's too cold, it's too everything! 😁 I like a nice 20`c day by the sea - not many of those as I live inland. 😅

The pollen has been horrible this year and the nights too warm and heavy. Yuk.

Yep I’m back on fexofenadine as my usual antihistamine wasn’t helping at all so far so good although having to keep an eye on my peak flow as I’m still getting that mucous overload but so far it’s still above 400 xx

This is the first year for me. Ive had a course of steroids from rescue pack and just I hope coming out of a bad patch. Spent yesterday in doors on the sofa again sapped SOB and coughing unable to keep up PF since Friday... Just don't know what to do apart from meds increase.

Hi, Ash6, I have always found it easier to breathe in the cool weather. In the summer, I go where it is the shade or inside or in a place that is air conditioned. Just remember, the hot weather won't last forever. The nice cool fall weather will be on its way soon. Baroque570

This weather is killing me miles too hot for me

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