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Asthma and acid reflux

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Hi there,

I have been struggling with my asthma for the past 2 months and wrote about this previously, I have had all sorts of medication but nothing seemed to work. I have not had a problem with my asthma before, it has always been mild.

However, after lots of research online, I discovered that acid reflux can cause your asthma to flare up. I’m thinking this may be the issue?! I’ve upped my anti acid medication but I’ve also newly started taking montelukast so I’m not sure which one (or both?!) is helping? I’m tempted to come off of montelukast!

I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem with asthma and acid reflux?

Thank you!

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Try milk to calm down the acid reflux. Montelukast can take 3 days to show if it's working but up to 6 month's to take full affect

Have you tried taking your Lanzoprozole at night. Doing that has really helped me.

Try to keep going with the Montelukast. I think it helps. It has certainly cleared my nose after 18 months of taking a steroid nasal spray ( on Drs instructions) it cleared my nose almost immediately. Peak flow has also gone up , not a lot, but every little bit helps.

I have acid reflux and take ompreloze, eat small meals, take out acidic foods and not eat more than 2/3 before bed. All this really helps my acid reflux.

Thanks for the replies so far! I have just newly started taking my anti acid at night and have noticed a difference already! Will also keep going with the montelukast.

Do you guys find your asthma flares up if you’re acid reflux isn’t controlled? Is this a thing?

Thanks again!

Yes it definitely is a thing for many people. For some, the condition itself is the main issue and for others it's a trigger for their asthma. I would keep going with both meds for now and if you're in a really stable place in time to come, then discuss with GP about stopping montelukast. But I wouldn't be stopping it at the moment.

Foods wise, what works for one person, or exacerbates things, will have a different effect on someone else so it might be a bit trial and error to find out what helps you, or makes it worse (although yes acidic things do often make things worse). I hope you continue to see improvements!

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HC26 in reply to twinkly29

Thank you! I’ll stick with both meds for now until things calm down a bit. I just worry they put you more at risk of things e.g. corona. Hopefully get off them in future! Thanks again!

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twinkly29 in reply to HC26

You're more likely to be at risk if your asthma isn't controlled.

i take omeprazole for acid reflux as asthma can trigger acid reflux and acid reflux can trigger asthma.

I've got asthma and acid reflux which is also causing my asthma to play up glad iam not alone with this problem I also take montelukast been on it for 6 weeks I find it hard to breath my gp said need to up inhalers keep safe and well

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HC26 in reply to Busterrusty

This makes me feel better that I’m not the only one with this problem! Hopefully the combination of medications will help us out. Thanks for your reply! Keep well!

Thank you

Hi I have suffered from asthma all my life, about 10 years ago I was told I have copd. I to suffer from acid reflux but only the last couple of years or so. I put it down to getting older and my digestive system not working so good never realised so many people with asthma suffer with it as well. I find not eating big meals or fizzy drinks or fried food helps alot now & then I do one of these things and it comes back with a vengeance!

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HC26 in reply to Angel6767

Thanks for your comment! It’s good to know other people are in the same situation. I am trying my best to avoid those food but couldn’t agree more!

When my acid reflux is bad I cough a lot with it, since changing from lanzoprazole to omeprazole a few years ago it has been much better. It is not so good at the moment, I am working from home and hunched over the laptop all day which is probably what is upsetting the reflux. I take my omeprazole first thing in the morning before eating anything.

Your asthma may have flared because of anxiety, I think we are all more anxious, also it is the time of year for allergies.

It seems as if a lot of us with asthma get acid reflux too? It can be trial and error with medication for asthma and most of the medications take time to work. I do hope you are feeling better soon, take care.

Thanks for your comment!

I’m currently taking omeprazole morning and night in the hope that that helps! In addition to my asthma medication. I’m still taking my reliever inhaler most days but I’m hoping the montelukast will kick in soon! I’ve almost been on it for a week.

Thank you, you too!

Lots of valuable and sensible advice!

Good luck with getting it sorted .

Have been on prednisolone for 16 years-have found when dosage increased acid tum worse, lansoprazole helps me as has lifestyle changes (diet etc, not slouching on settee milky drink at night ,not sleeping flat)

Thank you!

This chat was helpful, having asthma since I was a child, and i made diet changes etc to improve things. Then starting a few years ago I had asthma issues ONLY on my left side. Various drs and none at all mentioned acid reflux. I had a bad episode recently and then the meds such as prednisone create a bad cycle. I'm taking montelukast but I'm going to speak with others as if this is causing some reflux then its a vicious cycle. This link from the National Hospital in Colorado in the US lays it out very clearly. Asthma is a puzzle yes, and I have allergies that contribute to it, but stress and diet are most likely the recent causes of some reflux contributing to my asthma on my left side only....

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