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Asthma just getting worse - long post (sorry )

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Hi everyone ,

I’m new to this and this is going to be a long post as I’m rubbish as explaining things so please bare with me.

I’m 33 and I’m just constantly struggling with my asthma. I’m on fostair 200/6 , ventolin and montelukast. Iv had about 8/9 courses of oral steroids in 12 months and Iv had 3 courses of steroids and anti biotics this year alone. I used to be really fit , played semi pro football all over the world but I’m at my worst for my fitness at the moment due to my chest . I’m not over weight and Iv never smoked although I am a welder (I use respiratory protection at all times though but I know this is a bad career for me and I’m trying to change it).

At the moment I’m on 12 weeks shielding from work as I got a letter from the nhs.

My chest just constantly feels tight and just not right. I feel like I need to bring up mucus all the time but it’s mainly clear or slightly yellow (sorry) . Iv been my doctor so many times and she just doesn’t take me seriously . Iv asked to to see a specialist , she doesn’t think I need to . Iv had an X-ray on my chest last year an that was clear. I just feel like I can’t carry on like this I’m go through inhalers all the time as I’m constantly fighting my chest . I can run for 20/30minutes at a push but my chest will be tight for a couple of days afterwards. When I’m running I feel as though I can’t get a full breathe if that makes sense. I’m constantly fighting it which surely shouldn’t be right at 33? I take a lot of vitamins and supplements aimed at trying to help my chest .

I’m sorry for going on I’m just desperate to be honest . I feel let down by my GP and will be changing after this pandemic . If anyone has any advice at all please send it my way any help would be massively appreciated.

Thank you,


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I am exactly the same. On the same meds plus allergy medication.

My doctors doesn’t really understand why it happens as he can hear my chest is bad (oxygen levels are always at 99% even during an asthma attack) and says it’s my immune system or the time of year as I’m more prone during winter and spring and summer months rarely affect me. I have bouts of chest infections that go in for months but all chest X-rays are clear.

I would speak to the nurses at Asthma Uk and get advice from them and push to see an asthma nurse.

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Jamie33 in reply to KnPoa

I’m exactly the same . Iv had 3 courses of anti biotics this year to clear a chest infection that started at the beginning of March and I’d say I’m just about getting rid of it , although still bringing up mucus but it’s mostly clear/occasionally yellow . I feel as if the next infection is just around the corner though and I’ll be back to square one. Iv just turned 33 and i really worry about what my chest will be like in a few years time .

I get what you mean with the oxygen levels Iv had the same yet I’m fighting for my breathe. The doctor looks at me like I’m fine but then listens to my chests and says she can hear me having to fight for my breathe .

I hope you get sorted , if you find something that works for you please pass on the info please . Good luck 👍🏻

Jamie33, please ask your doctor to refer you to the Respiratory Clinic at your nearest hospital - and also ask for a CT scan. I am 74 year old and, until last May, was unaware I had Asthma. I have ongoing chest infections and coughs since January that year and had been sent for chest X-rays that were clear. In early May, my husband rushed me to our GP who saw me instantly because I could hardly breath. Because of my medical history and my symptoms, the GP thought it possible that I may have had blood clots in my lungs so, wrote me a letter and dispatched me to A&E. Another X-ray again was clear. Another doctor came to check me out as I was coughing fit to burst and finding ing it difficult to breathe - and immediately ordered a CT scan. The doctor told me; “Delighted to tell you that you don’t have any blood clots in your lungs but, you definitely need to referred to a respiratory consultant as you have every indication of Adult Onset Asthma with Obstructive Airways Disease. The A& E Doctor prescribed me Qvar 200 and Ventolin. A respiratory consultant changed the medications to Fostair 200/6, Ventolin and Spiriva in September and, in January threw Montelukast into the mix. Also landed up in hospital over Christmas as had landed in A&E with my blood pressure dangerously high. That’s now controlled by a couple a different meds... ANYWAY, please, please ask for a respiratory clinic referral and/or a CT Scan. 😊

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I am in the same boat as you. I have just been discharged from hospital after 7 days on antibiotics and prednisone, all the staff were very helpful and after a number of tests and consultations with the specialist Respiratory team I am feeling much better. The asthma nurses call me every day to see how I am [I have Eosinophilic asthma and brittle asthma].Today I was not very good with low peak flow and oxygen levels, my nurse contacted my specialist and called me back with slight changes to my medication. I now do not bother with my GP because they either say take Prednisolone or go to A&E. I would push your GP ASAP for referral to a specialist. I personally once said to my GP to stop messing around you are dealing with my life and I cant breath, and I soon got a different attitude from her. Keep up the exercise and stay safe. Dont let the bs get you down

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Jamie33 in reply to Hidden

Has the specialist changed your asthma medication / plan to what your GP had you on?

This is something I definitely need to see a specialist . Asthma uk say if you have 2 course of preds In 12 months you should see a specialist Iv had at the very least 9 in 12 months but honestly it could be 10/11/12. Your so right about gp just handing out prednisolone that’s all I ever get when I go . Iv mentioned a specialist but she’s saying I don’t need to see one . Next time I’m going to be more adamant that I need to see a specialist. Iv got 2 young kids (1 and 5 ) and it scares me in a few years I won’t be able to do things with them because of my chest. Thanks for the advice anyway mate , stay safe

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allanh in reply to Jamie33

Hi Jamie sorry to hear your asthma is giving you a lot of problems at the moment

I will be 62 this year and I have always been into keeping fit but have suffered asthma from the age of 6 years

They say our body changes every 7 years

In your position you must insist in speaking to a specialist as it’s taking over your daily life

Make an appointment with your asthma nurse as they will have more time to listen to you and they do a great job

You mention your a welder which could give you chest problems

Try changing jobs if you can

Wishing you good luck

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My specialist is awaiting results for Biologic s, but due to the covid 19 outbreak it could be a long time before a decision can be made. In the mean time my asthma nurse is phoning me every day [Even Sunday] in order to make sure that I am OK. I have also been told to phone them if I have any problems, and if not sure to phone 999 immediately, that it is better to be safe than sorry. Luckily I am been treated like royalty with my asthma perhaps it is because I am a Yorkshire Man and say what we feel at the time.

You have the right to ask your GP for a referral Jamie33....

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Mijmijkey74 in reply to Jamie33

I think you can refer yourself to a specialist. Though I've seen respiratory specialists and nothing much I didn't already know about my asthma has come out of those appointments. Around March/April was put on the Mart system/plan/regime with fostair nexthaler 200 and using blue salamol only in emergency. Am now not having to constantly take steroids to fight off chest infection. Have been free of chest infection/virus since May. And not required steroids tablets since, but do max out my daily and extra allowance of fostair puffs and do still require salamol reliever which I shouldn't need really on MART. Also have Montelukast but have never been sure if I'm meant to take one daily or just when having a flair up. Definitely see a specialist. I have a problem with my eosinophil count that worries the respiratory specialists at my hospital but never told exactly what it is that worries them so. I have brittle asthma after massive asthma attack in 2018 that resulted in me being intubated and placed in an induced coma to try prevent me from dying. My heart was doing over 200bpm and I wasn't expected to survive the coma. Even on on MART my sleep is very disturbed can go for 48hrs without sleep. You need to bypass your gp and take control of these issues your gp is brushing off as insignificant yourself. Maybe if you want faster results then pay to see a private specialist rather than referring yourself for free with NHS. What is your best of 3 peak flow reading result Jamie?

Hi Jamie33

Your not alone and I understand exactly how you feel . I have existed through my life with exactly the same symptoms. Note I use the word exist as that's how it feels.

I'm going to share what I have done to stabilise or manage myself, only because your so young and you do have time to reduce the damage being done to your lungs and make you think out of the box abit.

I'm no medic, I stress this but it does sound like your asthma is due to allergies but you are on good medication.

• Never miss taking your meds/ inhaler....(ever)

•Is there any damp/ mould in your home or workplace....leaky roof, washing being dried over radiators.

•Don't hate me but(good housekeeping) dust sets me off.

• ventilate the house everyday.

•Do you take alot of dairy.

•There is a high chance you have food allergies. Have you been tested? Do you eat alot of the same food.

•Take a probiotic your health stems from your gut.

•Keep away from smokers.

• certain animal fur....for me short hair

I am still very prone to pick up common cold, which of course starts of my asthma. I'm trying to get to the bottom of why, as I eat a good varied diet. Asthma still keeps me on my toes.

Hope I have been of some help and please take care!

Your problem lies in those few word

She doesn't think so

How dare she! Do not ask, demand to see a respiratory consultant. Do not take no for an answer

Hi Jamie. You definitely need to see a respiratory consultant. If needs be, lay it on thick with your GP, explain how badly this is affecting the quality of your life. Repeated steroids isn't an ideal way to control asthma when there are other options that haven't been explored.

From long term antibiotics to biologics, there are avenues open to a hospital consultant that may help treat your asthma. They will run tests to establish the type of asthma you have and what allergies you may have, including whether or not you have a sensitivity to aspirin (which means you should not be on aerosol inhalers).

Hope this helps.

Used to always feel like I was trying to bring something up but unable to bring up the mucus. On one of my hospital admissions the consultant at the Victoria hospital got a ct scan of my chest done, they found mild bronchiectasis for that got prescribed carbosytine. And they then started me on uniphyline both have helped a lot. But I would push for a referral in your case, I have been lucky that the team at the hospital took over my care with asthma even as far as referring me to a occupational asthma specialist

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Hi Jamie,

Get another doctor. I have learnt that it's not worth while to deal with a doctor who doesn't listen and thinks that they know more about your body than you do. Sounds like you need further investigation. Regarding the constant infections and asthma. I just recently got intravenous vitamin C. It also contained other vitamins and minerals - not sure which so I won't comment but it does help. One capsule of Vitamin A a day can also help fight chest infections and also Vitamin D is in the news now for helping the body fight viruses. Both Vitamin D and A are fat soluble vitamins which means that they get stored in the body and not flushed out like the Vitamin C and B vitamins. This means that you can take too many and overdose. So be careful with vitamins A and D.

Read up as much as you can. All the best.

Hi Jaimie33,

Sorry to hear that you are struggling with your asthma. Have you tried Montelukast or an add on treatment like Spiriva? My asthma was uncontrolled until I added these in. I am still on 5mg of Prednisolone but now feel that my asthma is manageable.

Hi James,

I understand how you feel, in fact everyone does and I'm with you on the obvious anxiety, sense of helplessness and downright anger you can sometimes feel.

I have had asthma since I was 13 ( 57 now) and only recently have I started to read (or take seriously) the work of Butekyo and his stance on why asthma occurs ( and allergies, and general poor health)

I have been practicing with a Frolov device to help practice good breathing for the past 2 weeks. I was having to take my Symbicort inhaler 2 -3 times a day to help my breathing. I have only taken it twice now in the past 14 days.

Research these methods that were developed in Russia. This may make most of the readers here dismiss it out of hand, but why Russia? Well, they have asthma too and quite badly, but there in Russia money or the health system is/was not available to the general population to buy or dispence the drugs we have come to rely on.

Dr. Butukyo found a reason and then methods to help alleviate suffering in Russia. MOST importantly it was cheap or free to treat asthma.

For an easy introduction have a look at the Ted talk by an Irish man, Partick McKowen called "Shut your mouth and Change your life" he gives a good intro on this method. He's written widely about this method.

Just copy the below link into your browser

Be sure to realise I'm not a doctor or a Butekyo health practitioner, just someone like you who was getting fed up with not being able to breathe properly or go for exercise with out taking lung fulls of drugs and decided to look at the alternatives. I am only giving you my experience on this matter.

Good luck,


Hi, im 27 and have the same problem. Ive been on so many courses of antibiotics and steroids in the last year and my doctor wont refer me to a specialist. Never had a problem before the laat year. They always say your peakflow is fine, chest is clear and thats it, no help. I would speak to the nurses at asthma uk before covid they were really helpful when i phoned!

Wow thanks so much for everyone’s responses . Some really good advice and information , honestly feel Iv had more support here than Iv had off my GP.

The consensus seems to be see a specialist which I was thinking anyway so it’s confirmed my thoughts.

I definitely need to be stronger with my gp I’m just to trusting of them and take what they say as they are doing the best they can for me when it’s not the case .

Again thank you all for your help .

Dehumidifiers with air filters or air purifiers might help. Find out your allergies whether in food, drink or the environment and avoid them. Sometimes antihistamines help, I recently discovered I should take montelukast in the evening not the morning and did find that more effective. I also learned that with the 2 puff dose Steroid inhaler, there should be a gap of at least 30 seconds between doses. If exercise causes asthmatic symptoms, take a puff on your relief inhaler first, before you run. I find swimming really helps. I recently learned that the relief inhaler can be taken once every 30 seconds up to 10 puffs if you’re struggling to breathe - obviously you don’t want to do that often. It strikes me that some of the medication you are taking is not of any benefit, I have this problem with some inhalers - initially it clears my airways, breathing is easy but after a day or up to 5 or 6 days I then have problems - asthmatic reactions, coughing, bringing up mucus, sore feeling in my lungs. I then stop that medication. The breathing exercise TED above is very effective - just tried it. In addition I’ve been told to wash bed sheets weekly, keep your home free of dust and pet hair, if you have a dog, bathe it twice a week. Other animals could be more problematic but there are courses of desensitising injections etc. Insist on being referred to a consultant.

Drink lots of water - I used to think that my fluid intake - tea, coffee, drinking choc, was sufficient but remembered getting asthmatic while out walking one day and found it was relieved by having a drink. So after having problems with a variety of inhalers, I decided to stop them and increase my water intake - tried to have a cupful /glassful every hour and found that my symptoms improved tremendously.

Oh my , that sound rotten. Try an antihistamine daily and a change of GP and inhaler. Good luck

I hesitate to give advice, as I have bronchial asthma related to weather changes. However, I can advise that if you'd like to bring up the phlegm, drink a little juice in a glass of water every day (even 1/4 glass of juice with water will work). My nutritionist (who practices Kinesiology muscle testing) advised us over and over again that we must hydrate our red-blood cells. I have finally gotten into habit of doing this. During the day, I will add Tart Cherry Juice (which is also good for prevention of arthritis) and it does help greatly. Also, if someone could bring you a headset along with a CD of soft music - very good for meditation which helps our whole body to calm down. I hope you will feel better soon.

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