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Hay fever


My hay fever (even during lock down) is going hell for leather! To the point my eyes are really sore and I’m being kept awake most of the night streaming!! I’m also a lot more wheezy & tight chested (I have severe asthma & on xolair for it + various inhalers) my throat is also really itchy and inflamed from the hay fever. For my hay fever I’m on the following

Fexofenadine 1 twice a day

Montelukast at night

Fluticasone nasal sprays twice a day

azelastine nasal spray twice a day

Hay fever eye drops

Hydrating drops to stop drying up.

Is there anything else I could do to calm it down? I’m showering, limiting outside exposure etc

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Ugh nightmare. The only other thing I can think of which might help a bit is Neil-Med. But it wouldn’t help the chest tightness of course

Lotti_321- in reply to Hanne62

I forgot I also use sterimar! I think otc am all out out of options

Hanne62 in reply to Lotti_321-

Hi again Lotti. Maybe try Neil-Med instead of Sterimar tho, personally I think it’s better, more immediately soothing & after a few days it does seem to calm things down

Taima in reply to Hanne62

Agreed, and Neil-Med All in One has the best nozzles and pressurisation, too. It is worth the extra money.

Ugh I feel your pain! Mine is doing the same!

What dose of fexofenadine tablets are you on? I imagine 180mg if you’re on xolair too but if you’re only on the 120mg there is a higher dose.

I agree with the Neil-Med sinus rinses too if you haven’t tried them - I sometimes find that can reduce my post nasal drip a bit which can help settle my chest a bit.

It does sound like you’re pretty much doing the right things though! Sometimes I find having a hot drink alongside the showering measures etc can help a bit too - especially with the scratchy throat. I guess also make sure you can dry your washing indoors if possible?

I’m not going to lie I often find myself having to take additional antihistamines on top of my regular fexofenadine at times like this - sometimes I’ll take piriton for night time as that’s also sedating, which can help a bit with sleeping.

Lotti_321- in reply to Js706

Yes, 180mg one twice a day of fexofenadine. Going to try and speak to the drs about options this week!

Yep it's rubbish.

Like js706 says, the sinus rinses are good. They help a bit with relief but, used regularly, help to limit pollens from getting in as nasal passages are washed out regularly. Not a miracle cure obviously but every little helps.

I also take chlorphenamine when it's really bad. My cons said not to take cetirizine as a top up because it's the same family as fexo - but I know of others who do (cons is asthma not allergy so was saying it because he said he's not an expert in that area). But might be worth trying to speak to your specialists for advice personal to you as they might have ideas?

Lotti_321- in reply to twinkly29

I forgot I do use sinus rinse sterimar! Even that’s not helping, so I’ll speak to the drs

twinkly29 in reply to Lotti_321-

Is it the saline nasal spray you're using? The thing I was talking about is an actual nasal wash, water with saline sachet in it is squeezed up one nostril and comes out the other. As I say, not miraculous but definitely helps as it actually washes out the nose rather than just sort of lubricating it.

I find nettle tea helps my hay fever. I buy Clipper tea bags and get two mugs out of one bag.

It sounds like you’re really suffering, sorry to hear this. Hayfever is so frustrating, especially at this time of year. It sounds like you’re doing all of the right things. Are you under immunology? If not, it’s worth pushing for a referral. Immunologists can prescribe whopping doses of antihistamines, much higher than a general practitioner is allowed to prescribe.

Don’t just put up with the symptoms, go back and ask for more to settle your symptoms. Good luck! I hope you find some relief soon x

I don't know of it's ok for you to take this but I use Pirinase nasal spray

I suffer in the grass pollen season and the whole of June has always been complete misery for me until 3 years ago when I thought I'd give it a try the difference was amazing

I even wrote to the manufacturers as I am so grateful

Can't recommend it enough it's stopped my itchy eyes throat and my chest doesn't get tight but only of course of it doesn't conflict with anything you already take

Good luck

Think you've maxed out on everything I suffered for 40 years like you . Went to see many doctors visited hospitals nothing they can do , got told its allergies in other words you have to accept it and carry on . The only thing that relieved my symptoms was a shower about three times a day. Hope you feel better soon !

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