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Itching side effect of montelukast?


I was recently prescribed montelukast tablets and changed my inhaler to fostair 200/6 after a stay in hospital with bad asthma. Since then I have started itching all over. It’s been weeks now and I’m still itching - it even wakes me up at night. I checked the leaflets of both new medications and it does state on montelukast that itching and bruising (which i also seem to have) can be a rare side effect. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced it?

Don’t feel I can ring the GP about this with everything going on but don’t really want to risk not taking the montelukast either.

Thank you.

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Hi, this happened to me too when I started taking Singulair 10 years ago.

However I found the benefit of using montelukast outweighed this side effect.

So if u don’t already use it I found changing my washing detergent/conditioner to one completely perfume etc free worked for me.

I think it’s worth considering a specialised brand, as sensitive versions of say Persil didn’t help as much.

I used Surcare first and have since used the Neutral range both without reaction.

I also now have to use unscented soaps and hand wash too.

Hope that helps.

Ans2020 in reply to 888Naples

Thank you for taking time to reply. I use the same detergent so I don’t think it’s that but I agree that it’s safer to stay on the montelukast for now and i’ll have a chat with the pharmacist tomorrow and try the antihistamine as suggested on here by others. Thanks again and Take care

There's a range of side effects of Montelukast. I get really vivid dreams.

Have a chat with your pharmacist as their knowledge of medication is usually better than a GP's. They may be able to recommend the alternative zafirlukast if they think it won't affect you in the same way. Then you can get a prescription from the GP.

All the best.

Ans2020 in reply to Poobah

Thank you for taking time to reply. I’ll try the pharmacist tomorrow. I’ve had a few great tips on here so i’ll try them and see if it makes a difference. Take care

wiserlady in reply to Poobah

I get vivid dreams too, some are nightmares. Bad cramp in legs and feet, and itchiness. I insisted on trying the childrens dose of 5 in the evening and 5 in the morning instead of 10 at one time every 24 hours and am seeing if that helps it.

Hi, I have been taking montelukast for the last 4 years and I also itch badly.

I have found that if I take an antihistamine, it solves the problem.

I was told by my asthma nurse to start taking certirazine last summer as I developed hay fever which was aggravating my asthma. I realized that I had stopped itching so I take one a day all year round now.

I hope this helps.

Take care and stay safe

Thank you for taking time to reply. Much appreciated. I’ll try taking an antihistamine to see if it helps. Take care

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