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Hi, my doctor has prescribed Prednisolone 6 x 5mg daily for 5 days. Is 30mg a day normal or is it low/high? He has also given me a blue inhaler and fostair 100/6 1 puff twice a day. He didnt actually say when to have them so guessing I should split them 2 tablets at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unfortunately after convincing myself I was asthma free for awhile its flared up and not controlled at the moment. He didn't even see me but phoned back and straight away said he was giving me steroids after hearing me. Also husband asked if we should be self isolating because of it and I cant find anything definitive to answer him and doctor never said anything? Any advice on either would be appreciated.

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I believe that you have to take the steroids daily 6 of them in one go. Best morning after you eaten something. Would be new to me that you have to split those. Best is to call you GP again to make sure you do it right, special if you are unsure. Take care and stay safe!!

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Flowergirl78 in reply to MELNEL

Thank you for you reply. I had these before so the doctor probably presumed I knew but it was in 2017 and I couldnt remember but dont recall taking more than once a day. Will definitely start taking this more seriously now!

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The loading dose of pred is usually between 30-40mg (6-8 tablets), for 5-7 days so you’re on a normal range for people who have had an asthma flare. Usually the best time to take them is all at once, in the mornings, after breakfast... this is because they often can affect sleep and give you insomnia.

Unfortunately the idea that you can grow out of asthma is a myth. Many people find that it does come back again.

At the moment you aren’t necessarily at the level where you necessarily need to be shielding for 12 weeks, tho you may want to whilst you’re taking your steroid tablets, as a precaution.

Hope this helps and that you start to feel better soon

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Flowergirl78 in reply to EmmaF91

Thank you for your reply. Yes think I will definitely avoid going out whilst on the steroids and be much more careful after that.

Generally, prednisolone is taken in one dose in the morning, as it can affect sleep. It is also usually taken with food. If you haven't been told otherwise, I would take it this way. (The label on your prescription might also give instructions.)

30mg for 5 days is fairly standard, though sometimes higher doses/longer courses are needed - so if you're not getting better, or if you get worse again after finishing the course, then get back in touch with your GP.

I think the guidance is a new cough (which presumably you've got?) or a fever warrants 7 days of self-isolation for you and 14 for anyone you live with, regardless of the cause. So going by that I think you probably should self-isolate just in case, as you can't be sure you don't have the virus. Maybe complete the NHS 111 coronavirus online thing and see what it says.

I do think you should be being very careful, whether you do end up needing to isolate or not. You're clearly not well at the moment, so it really isn't worth the risk of catching the virus or anything else right now. If I were you I'd be staying inside until I was back to normal.

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Thank you. I do have the asthma cough but have had it on and off before the whole covid 9 (spelling?) thing also no other symptoms either. I suffer with hayfever and have obviously confused symptoms as all being hayfever for a couple of years. In 2017 I was quite bad and ended on prednisolone and was swapped from brown inhaler to fostair. I have since forgotten how it felt until now as am suffering the same as back then. I tend to downplay my own symptoms (bad i know but always think their are worse off) but yes its has scared me more with what's going on. My doctor did stress to me to contact again if things dont get better. Will take the tablets as one dose in the morning and start taking my health more seriously. Thank you

Depends on what you've been given them for

40-50mg for 5-7 days for a flare up is the normal recommended

However most gp's will prescribe 30-40mg for 5 days just to provide a bit of help during a flare


Thank you. Yes prescribed due to struggling with symptoms at the moment but he did stress that they may need to review it again at the end if symptoms are the same or contact them if conditions get worse.

Yes you should find pretty quickly the prednisolone starts to make breathing easier and the formoterol in the foster forces your airways open like a much longer acting ventolin all making breathing easier

Hi flower girl, it's a normal dose and as mel said you would usually take all 6 together in the morning.

Stay safe x

Thank you. I'm now taking all 6 in the morning.

I would check with your GP if you should self isolate or even shield, as Prednisolone can have an effect on your immune system and leave you a bit open to infection, even in this low dose.

Thank you. Will try giving them a call today

I have just been prescribed 40mg for the next 5 days as I am having an asthma flare up.... I have to isolate anyway for 12 weeks but I have had a transplant... But he did mention (because he forgot) that I need to isolate for 2 weeks... Prednisone lowers your immune system and is dangerous for you at the moment due to covid... I am on steroids for life but just 5mg and that's so my body doesn't reject my organ.... My hubby also has to isolate x

Hope you feel better soon

Thank you. I'm on day 3 of my 5 day course and so far still not much change. Still need to take blue inhaler every day. Still getting puffed going up the stairs. Last time I was like this was 2017. May phone the doctor as worried that if I wait until Saturday when I finish them and I need another course I wont be able to get a prescription at the weekend.

Are you on antibiotics? But yes good idea ring back up.... You should have noticed a difference by now especially on steroids x

Thank you. No not on antibiotics. Spoke to a doctor who was very unhelpful basically implied I was anxious as I could talk on the phone. Told me to take my ventolin 6-7 times a day and if i couldnt breathe tonight go to hospital! Luckily I'm feeling better, not 100%, but definitely better so think it must have taken a good 3 days to kick in.

Brilliant news 😀 hope you continue to feel better x

I have rescue preds and originally took 6 tablets for 5 days but after a particularly bad flare I saw a different dr who said that was the wrong dose for asthma app that’s the COPD dose and for an asthma flare it should be 8 tabs a day for 5 days .i must admit the higher dose does seem to work better for me when I have had a flare but it is confusing

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Flowergirl78 in reply to Nutzs47

Thank you. It's taken a good 3 days but am beginning to feel better.

6 to 8 a day for 5 days is quite normal now, all taken in the morning with or after food.

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