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Keeping each other safe on HealthUnlocked


HealthUnlocked puts people at the centre of health care, and your safety at the heart of everything we do. We are a social network for health where people can access peer-to-peer support.

To maintain the safety of communities, we offer a "Report" functionality that allows members to highlight content to the community moderation and HealthUnlocked teams whenever something doesn't feel right. All reports are read, and actions are taken by the community moderation team when needed, in accordance with your Community Guidelines and the HealthUnlocked Terms of Use.

If you see a post or reply that you are concerned about, for any reason at all, please you the reporting functionality to highlight the content to your moderation team who will be able too take the appropriate action in order to safe guard the member and the rest of the community.

How to report:

Together, we can all work to keep your community on HealthUnlocked a safe and supportive environment.

Do you have more questions? Please have a look at our Help Centre for frequently asked questions and our contact form:

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