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New user: unusual asthma symptoms

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Hi, I am 41 and was diagnosed 2 years ago. After years of complaining if extreme tiredness and pain in bones I had flu and only when my symptoms were exacerbated I realized that my tiredness was chest tightness. Usually I have no other symptoms, just tired and slight chest tightness, which make it difficult to know when I really need medication. I don't weezz or have full on asthma attacks. In insight my asthma started when I was pregnant, probably triggered my green mould. At the time doctor s though it was anemia... I could walk 20 m without stopping! Found this forum while looking for an app to create an asthma diary, still looking for a good one! Good luck everyone!

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You can find useful information and data sheets on asthmauk which also has excellent advise for all asthmatics and a asthma nurse help line. Hope this is of assistance and get well soon

Hi, I’d agree with David about Asthma UK.

As for finding an app to help keep track, I use one simply called Asthma. It is very good because you can record as many peak flow results as you like each day, you can add notes and also add in the amount of times you’ve needed to use your reliever inhaler during each day. But the best bit for me is the symptoms diary, it is literally 4 sliders where you rate your cough, sputum, wheezy breath and shortness of breath from none to severe each day. Then from the home screen you can see at a glance if your symptoms are developing a pattern when you have a flare up. Oh and it’ll also show how many steps you’ve done a day if you have a compatible watch etc.

It’s free so it’s worth giving it a go!

Thank you so much! That seems exactly what I am looking for. Do you know the name of the developer of the app? Or could you describe the logo? There are many apps just called asthma... Again, thank you for kindly giving your advice and time.

The logo is a black background with green, orange and blue dots and the developer is kantonsspital baselland.

I hope you get on well with it and you’re more than welcome 😊

Oh, I just realised why I had dismissed this one: it stores all the data on Google fit. I really don't want Google, who already plays god so often with our data, to have such a detailed overview of my health data. Will keep looking for an app. Thanks again!

No problem at all 😄

Try your immune system mine was took ashma meds for years

Your not the only one with unusual symptoms before inhalers I would cough and feel faint all the time I dont wheeze often and have had 2 respiratory consultants and so many tests and they can still only tell me it is "probably aathma"

oh dear, that sounds unsettling. I have read that asthma is actually a word that might represent many different conditions and that research is leading to differentiation, but there is still lots to do... good luck!


I also had problems going up our 3 flights of stairs. I knew my asthma was not good but I didn't realise how much it affected my muscles. I thought I was really out of condition when my muscles got sore just going up the stairs. It wasn't until my asthma improved that I realised my sore muscles were from lack of oxygen not lack of exercise!

Sounds like the symptoms I used to have...I m a non weezer but I did have chest inflammation which caused a cough, fatigue, tight chest and generally feel unwell! I ve never had an asthma attack as such...just inflammation which is eosinophilic asthma. Now I m on the right meds I m absolutely fine! 👍🏻

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