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Hospital admission bad asthma with no wheeze


Went to A&E this morning after a terrible night. Went in with a really tight chest unable to speak or get air in or out properly. Was expecting problems as no wheeze. But to my surprise the doctor looking after me could see I was struggling and not responding well to Salbutamol nebs. ITU was mentioned. My husband managed to explain that I don't always wheeze and why, die to lower airway inflammation. They then did arterial blood gases which showed that I was not expelling carbon dioxide effectively causing my blood to become too alkaline. Once they realised this they prescribed Tiotropium alongside Salbutamol to be given together via nebs. This combination really seems to have helped me. Thought I would share in case it helps others who do not wheeze. I am a bit more stable now. Got swabbed and put into isolation because they thought I had flu but I am flu negative. Have to stay on nebs overnight and they may try to switch me back to inhalers tomorrow after a medication review with the asthma nurse. Have to stay in until I am controlled on inhalers and oral steroids and peak flow is back to 70% of best.

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Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a speedy recovery and hopefully you'll be home, safe and sound ASAP.

Thanks for suggestion. I also very rarely wheeze. Have found it hard to be listened to in the past because of this.

Still in hospital. Attempting to get off nebs today but had to have 2 so far today. Been seen by the asthma nurse and she has taken me off Fobumix and put me on Fostair instead. The consultant wants me to stay on higher dose of pred for 7 days before starting to reduce. Also been referred to respiratory clinic at the hospital. They are going to test me for mould sensitivity. Thank goodness they are listening and trying to get me sorted.

Thanks everyone. Still in hospital. Trying to get off the nebs but still needing them.

I believe I have a similar condition.I take symcort and Braltus inhalers. I find tiotropim does help.My Question is do you suffer from headaches in the morning in particular as well?

I do get headaches and often wake up feeling hungover but without the drinking.

Same problem . I believe it is copd related which tends to be worse at night .However I am seeing a physio in case it is related to a neck problem. I would be interested to hear what your doctor says. My doctor says some of the breathing is related to anxiety.!The morning headache is real , I stopped drinking alcohol long ago. Thanks.

I have severe asthma with small airway involvement. My airways become so constructed that I do no wheeze when my asthma is bad. Ventolin helps with the upper airways but now having Ventolin and Tiotropium combo in nebs which seems to work better. I also have trouble expelling carbon dioxide which causes my blood to become too alkaline and if not treated quickly could lead to respiratory failure which is where it was headed when I was admitted to A&E yesterday sats were 83% with resp rate of 11. Nearly ended up in ITU.

Txs 4 sharing Get well soon

Hope you are feeling a bit better now? A bit scary for you.

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Still in hospital. Had 14 nebs since admission. Managed 18hrs off the nebs at one point but got increasingly chesty with a bad cough and have needed 5 more nebs. Trying again to come off them today. Reviewed by consultant this morning and need to let the Fostair and steroids kick in, be off nebs for 24hrs and have PF of 350 first thing in the morning before I can be discharged.

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