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Acid reflux and Asthma

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Anyone out there with acid reflux I am struggling with prescription drugs ending up with severe pains in the stomach and toilet problems tried homeopathy as well just cannot sort it out .Doctor says it goes hand in hand with asthma is this true im in my 63 now never had it until the last 2 years or so can anybody give me advice .

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Hi Babel

I have acid reflux (off and on for 2 years) like you and I am taking ompreloze 40mg twice a day to control it. Plus excluding foods which can give you acid reflux. All the advice is on the link below.

I have been seen by gastroenterologist at my local hospital who ordered tests to confirm my GP diagnosis.

After I had these tests last June which confirm acid reflux I was put on ompreloze for two months to see if I would get better. I did but when I tried to reduce my ompreloze down to 20mg 40mg my symptoms came back. I get heartburn but main symptom is nausea after eating. I now waiting another month or so and will try and reduce it again. My GP has assured me that I can be on this amount of ompreloze for the rest of my life.

I can get constipated but I solve this by making sure I stay hydrated and eat plenty of fibre in my diet.

If you have any further questions please ask me.

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Babela in reply to elanaoali


Hi, acid reflux is quite a common problem due to our lifestyle today. The easy way out in allopathy is Omeprazole/Pantoprazole etc. Your doctor's advice is a bit strange; living on 40mg twice a day for the rest of your life is a bit over the top, to say the least. It may control your acid reflux, but it will surely cause other complications in the long run.

I would like to take the liberty to give you a few suggestions.

Try alternative medicine, you'll have to do a little research on that one. One proven remedy is diet control. Eat only fruits for breakfast and a lot green vegetables for lunch, and drink a lot of lukewarm water throughout the day. Strictly avoid late dinners. Dinner should be preferably in the late afternoon or early evening, say 7:00 pm. No tea, coffee or alcohol at night.

The above advice is not just a copy/paste from the internet, but it is what I have been following for the last 2 years myself with amazing results. No acid, no constipation!

If you believe me, then try it out and post your results after a couple of months.

Excellent. I am going to try that


I am glad this regime had worked for you. We all ways in which we find ways to help ourselves.

I have chosen to manage my condition with diet and medication and to trust my doctors to help me manage my condition.

I already have a very good and healthy diet due to another health condition. I have to avoid processed meat, onions, tomotoes (anything acid), no chocolate, no caffeine, artificial colours or preservatives, no alcohol, fizzy drinks, currants or raisins, no hot spices or chillies , no fruit juice (due to high acidly and no soya.

I eat only whole grains, very little sweets, crisps, whole grain cereals, little red meat, fish, chicken. Can't eat fish and chips or fatty food is lasgne.

Dinner no later than 6pm. Plenty of fruit (apples, banana, pears, blueberries, strawberries and veg.

Only drink decaf tea or herbal tea and water.

Regular mealtimes, excerise, having an amazing supportive family and a great church family and an amazing God.

No constipation.

Today I am having some problems with heartburn due to being a recent course of Prednisolone to treat an asthma attack. I know I will feel better soon.

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Kitty2823 in reply to elanaoali

Hope you feel better soon. I don't get acid reflux all the time. It is only when I eat gravys. My GP said prednisolone gives you heart burn. You can ask your GP for gastro reflux prednisolone. I don't drink caffeine drinks after 3pm. For asthma I have reduced eating cold foods such as cucumber and lamb. Have you heard of time restrict feeding

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Babela in reply to Kitty2823

No I havent heard of that I will look into it thankyou .


Sorry, I take back my advice!

You seem to have everything covered already. Best of luck, have a good day.

Thankyou Chinmoy1955

I still appreciated your input. We all trying to help each other feel better

I also have acid reflux. I eat early

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elanaoali in reply to Kitty2823

Yes eating at least 3 hours before you go to bed and eat little and often.

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Kitty2823 in reply to elanaoali

If you are doubt. You can follow Dr rangan chatterjee. A doctor who tries natural medicine.

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Babela in reply to elanaoali


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Babela in reply to Kitty2823

Thankyou .

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Babela in reply to Kitty2823


Very right, late dinner is the biggest cause for acid reflux.

Avoid all acidic food especially citrus fruits. Eat little and often. After food if you can rest . Raise the head of your mattress mine is raised by 10 inches. Do not use pillows to raise yourself up as this can damage your neck. I have omeprazole in the mornings and Gaviscon advance last thing at night to protect my vocal chords. I never eat after 6:30 and have my ovaltine at 8. During the night if I am very thirsty I will have a sip of water. If I drink during the night the pain is b awful . Good luck and gentle hugs

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Babela in reply to starveycat


Absolutely stop on advice. I follow all this to the letter. Just to add no fatty foods either e.g. Fatty meat such as lamb and anything deep fried. I am unable to eat fish and chips from my local chippy.

The positive side of this diet is that you will have a very good balance diet.

A small price to pay for not having acid reflux.

This might not be related but I also had severe pain from what my allergist said could be reflux. I took a few tums and it did go away. My gp is an integrated doc so he didn’t want to put me on omeprazole because after testing he found out I had sibo, small intestine bacteria overgrowth. I’ve been on antibiotics and my reflux completely went away. This might not be your issue but I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t mention it since it helped me.

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Babela in reply to Beefull8

Thankyou ill try them x

I also have acid reflux (7 years) and am now on my third different type of acid tablets but after an endoscopy I also have grade 3 epiglottis and hernia and is impacting on my voice, asthma etc but I have since been told doesn’t matter how many tablets I take or how many food changes I make it won’t make any difference and am on a waiting list to have eosophagus tightened and hernia removed.

Mine is the extreme of what could happen but do change your diet and take the antacids, they help for so many people but sadly not for me, good luck with everything xx

Hi Babela, I’m the same as you diagnosed with asthma and acid reflux two years ago I get really sore stomachs maybe twice a week that last for hours. It’s not just wind it’s as bad as the worst period pain😕 I take omeprazole but now think I should see the doctor as this sore stomachs have not long started, maybe two months nausea too. Jen

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Babela in reply to Weejenny

I was on lansoprazole made me ill bad pains and toilet problems ive just stopped taking them so I need to find alternative thankyou for your reply x

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elanaoali in reply to Babela

What other PPi inhibator have you tried? I have used randtin and lansprozle but ompreloze worked the best.

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krylan in reply to Babela

Try Aloe Vera Juice. And DGL tablets. Great for acid reflux!

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Chinmoy1955 in reply to Babela

See my reply to elanaopai on 17/01/2020

Hi Babeta

I also found that avoiding eating foods which caused acid reflux helped considerably. Try this app from App Store and keep it handy. Acid Reflux Helper. Hope that is helpful



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Babela in reply to Josephone

Thankyou I will x

I have acid reflux. I have had it since my oesophahus was removed 25 years ago. The asthma started a few years after that.

I have an adjustable bed so keep head raised at night. I have to be careful not to have acid at night or I get a shot of acid straight into my throat. It feels as though I have swallowed battery acid and is really painful.

If i feel nauseous, 2 Gaviscon tablets often completely alleviate it.

To avoid acid I have found the following useful:

Avoid milk or cheese after about midday. Amazingly, cheese is incredibly acidic.

Avoid tomatoes after midday.

Avoid eating too much at any time, and sit up straight afterward.(The sitting up might be due to lack of oesophagus though).

Avoid alcohol except the one glass of wine or one shot of spirits.

Try not to wear anything tight around your middle in the evening.

That's all i can think of right now but hope it might help.

All the best.

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Babela in reply to Newproblems

Thankyou it all helps x

He’s right that in many people diagnosed with asthma it is sometimes caused by reflux. This can be silent reflux and you don’t know you have it until the damage is done. When the acid damages your oesophagus your body produces mucus to try to protect and repair. This can get worse and worse if left untreated and then asthma is diagnosed.

I take Gaviscon after each meal and before bed when I get a flare up of mucus and it often helps within a few days and I can stop but not good as a prolonged option.

If asthma symptoms are worse at night then try taking gaviscon advanced before bed only. Hopefully this won’t have such an effect on your bowels.

Omeprazole is a good bet as it inhibits the production of stomach acid but can lead to osteoporosis and is not recommended for prolonged use in over 50’s, especially if there’s a family history.

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Babela in reply to GreenOak

Thankyou x

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elanaoali in reply to GreenOak

I am potentially looking at long term use of ompreloze. I did question this possible side effects but my GP wasn't worried about it. I have no family history of osteoporosis.

Every ones acid reflux is different and your body may response differently to the medication you try.

All the tips here on diet etc really helped me.

I get intense acid reflux for weeks every time I get asthma symptoms. Consultant gave me ratinitide by prescription, 150mg. Helps a bit. Plus gaviscon after meals. One thing I find helps immensely is if I don't eat any wheat whatsoever. And if I keep asthma in check. But the more inhalers I use, I think the worse it gets? I wonder if the opening up of passages after they are tightened or inflamed makes the acid go up? Anyway, good luck with it. It took me a while to figure out whether sob was from acid reflux or asthma. Hope you get it sorted.

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Babela in reply to damascena

Thankyou x

Yes. For me personally they go hand in hand and have since my early twenties. When one or the other gets out of control, the other follows soon there after. That is why I have eosinophilic asthma. It more so has to do with the combination of the two. I take Nucala injections once monthly and it seems to help control it best for me, although I will probably always take a strong Protonix as well. Hoping you find relief soon.

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Babela in reply to LeighBernice

Thankyou x

I developed Asthma 74 years before I was diagnosed with acid reflux which is caused by a hiatus hernia, I find Lanzoprazole works but causes constipation so I take Laxedo for that

Lanzoprazole makes me ill bad pains and does the opposite to me it gives me diarrhoea glad it works for you think another trip to doctors is required thankyou for your reply .

Hi I have acid reflux and take a half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in water before I go to bed and find this has helped a lot ...also sleep on your left side ..good luck hope this helps ..

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Babela in reply to Kita1

Thankyou ill try this x

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Chinmoy1955 in reply to Kita1

Quite sensible advice. Sleeping on the left side is a standard advice in Ayurveda. Hope you've heard of Ayuveda?

By the way, Graviscon and other such antacids are basically glorified forms of Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), so it is well advised. Add to that you are going to save a lot of money since Sodium Bicarbonate is much cheaper than Graviscon.

Good luck.

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Babela in reply to Chinmoy1955

Ill try baking soda thankyou .

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