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Hope everyone is doing okay in the cold weather and with everyone around seeming to have a cold.

Quick question if you dont mind ... I've been out on Montelukast for a month trial to see how I get on with it and if it helps.

Pharmacist said I could take it anytime yet online seems to say take at night while other sites say in the morning...if I had a choice I'd prefer morning yet when does everyone else take it ? And does it make a difference if at night or morning ?

Thanks 😊

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Some take it at night so it’s more effective with night symptoms. Others take it during the day so they get less night side effects (vivid dreams etc etc) and to help with day time issues (or if main issues are with exercise/allergies).

Hope that helps you choose

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Nifflerluck in reply to EmmaF91

That does help a great deal thank you Emma.

Hope you doing okay ?

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Nifflerluck

I am ostriching hard but have a AN appt at the hosp on Friday (meant to be for my MAB but atm not sure if they will give). I’m hoping my cold/infection clears before then! 🤞🏻

Hope you’re doing a bit better now!

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Nifflerluck in reply to EmmaF91

Fingers crossed it all clears up by then so you can get your MAB.

In doing okay, still struggling a bit yet I guess that's why GP put me on Montelukast trial to see how o get on ... had appointment with AN as well yet not entirely sure what the purpose of those appointments are as she just asks if I use a spacer (yes one that you gave me) and am I aware that when they say 2 puffs they dont mean 2 puffs at the same time (yes I'm aware and you ask me every time) and then it was checking my stats and she said she cant listen to my chest a GP has to so sat around waiting for that to happen yet I shouldnt complain as I think it's still better than what alot of people get from what I've read.

I take mine at night. I'm super sensitive to steroids so this is a good alternative and allows me to get a reasonably good sleep

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Nifflerluck in reply to K8ty25

Thank you


I take mine first thing in the morning with no problems.

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Nifflerluck in reply to DaveW27


I began by taking mine at night but got some weird/vivid dreams so changed to taking it in the morning. No more vivid dreams so for me its better in the morning. Hope that helps.

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Nifflerluck in reply to Ayeup

That does thank you, I was tempted to try it at night yet I already have weird dreams and am such a restless sleeper so will stick to using it in the morning. I've been taking it for 2 days already and already feel better yet not sure if its psychological or if it starts working that quick 🤷🏻‍♂️

I've been using montelukast for about 5+ years now. I always took it in the morning as I found it too easy to forget at night and my working pattern (mix of nights, days and morning shifts) means my routine is already out of sorts. However, I have questioned why it says on my prescription to take at night with 4 different medical professionals (GP, pharmacist, asthma nurse specialist and my nurse prac) all have explained that it does work better over night because it evens out the natural steroids our bodies produce. Apparently, overnight there is a natural dip in this, (that doesn't happen when awake) which often triggers asthma symptoms.

I was advised to take it at night, but if I sleep during the day following night shifts then it's wise to take it before bed if that means the morning.

Hope this helps

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Nifflerluck in reply to Amy2091

That does make sense, do you find a difference taking it at night or before before bedtime depending on your shift ?

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Amy2091 in reply to Nifflerluck

Honestly, no. I don't think I've ever noticed a difference since starting it but they still keep prescribing it. Although for the last few years I've constantly been changing meds or battling infections. I'm hopeful that when things finally settle il be able to tell x

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Nifflerluck in reply to Amy2091

I'm apparently only for a months supply and it will only be continued if it helps so for gers crossed it does.

Hopefully things settled your side soon.

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