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Question about GERD and asthma?

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So I'm still not sure if I have asthma or not. But the basic of the story is after several infections etc I may or may not have asthma, see asthma nurse next week to go over peak flow.

In the meantime while I am suffering yet another infection, one if the lovely ladies on my yard asked if doc had spoken to Mr about GERD. She has silent reflux and had a cough, wheezing, tight chest, needed to clear her throat a lot .. she basically listed every symptom of mine.

Now I don't want to charge off to the doc and ask loads of questions until I see the nurse but I'm wondering if there's any OTC meds I could possibly try to see if it helps? Anyone know?

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Yes. There are a few OTC reflux meds you can try, and yes reflux (esp silent reflux) can be a common mimicer of asthma (or a trigger). Things like gavison can help, but speak to your pharmacist cause they’ll know what’s available to you. (I know the drugs but not sure if they can be OTC if that makes sense). As I said the pharmacist should be able to help you more!

I have both GERD and asthma, I went through most antacid meds and was prescsribed Esomeprazole (Nexium). I used to have a lot of problems losing my voice, having a hoarse voice as the acid was burning my vocal chords. I had a 'Nissen Fundoplication' this has stopped the GERD and did help reduce a lot of my asthma problems.

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Thanks. My voice isn't too bad but my laugh has become husky at best. Plus I've had laryngitis three times this year (this whole things been going on about that long). I just want to try anything I can to make myself feel better as I feel I'm getting nowhere but down. Doing less and less of what I love as I'm constantly either ill or tiered. Not like me at all. Fighting off my third intense chest infection this year.

GERD and silent reflux are different conditions and need to be treated differently.

GERD can be managed with lifestyle changed and PPIs.

Silent reflux (LPR) is much harder to diagnose and treat and PPIs are not affective with the symptoms of LPR.

Both conditions and specifically LPR do mimic asthma.

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Thanks for the reply, I'm trying to gather information so I can ask the right questions when I see the asthma nurse next week. I'm clutching at straws a bit to try and find a solution that makes me feel normal again 😁

I don't think this is the place to diagnose asthma; it is diagnosed by a simple reversibility test. Consequently, because it is reversible, it can be easier to treat more effectively than other lung conditions. But you might have to go to hospital for a proper spirometry - a simple peak flow test by the nurse, without reversibility, is not going to be conclusive.

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I'm currently under the asthma nurse for symptoms that might be asthma. I've done spirometry with her. It was non convulsive. I've been x-rayed, clear. I've had to do pf at home for a week using blue inhaler as needed. Non conclusive. Now I'm on months trial of brown inhaler. I'm not asking for a diagnosis, the nurse will do that, I'm just researching as much as I can to be more informed and so I can ask the right questions.

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