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Post nasal drip

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Hi everyone!

I have eosinophilia asthma which is under control with fostair 200 & montelukast. But this post nasal drip is driving me crazy...I am constantly clearing my throat! I am using dymista nasal spray, fexofenodine, omeprezole and doing a Neil med sinus rinse daily!! Any other ideas?! Also my ears also feel constantly congested. Thank you in advance! 😊

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Pharmaceutically have you tried flixonase nasal drops or avamys. Dymista has a antihistamine but if you’re not having an allergy cause your issue avamys may work better as it’s a spray not a squirt.

Alternatively have you tried seeing an osteopath/cranial osteopath (promoting own profession here). We do lots of work on sinus draina and ‘blocked ears’ and it could be that they are related and a blocked eustachian tube can cause both these problems... just a thought... hope it helps

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elanaoali in reply to EmmaF91

The drops was something I tried too. It did help.

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ELFIN123 in reply to elanaoali

Have you tried Carbocisteine? I had post nasal drip for one offered any help, as a teenager my parents insisted on calling me “grunter” which my sister then took every opportunity to repeat. Now older I know what it is.... but was only when my daughter got fed up with me coughing all night, and lent me some of her carbocisteine that I had my first cough free night for years....

Having tried it, my GP then prescribed it. So lucky to have an asthmatic osteopathic daughter with a surplus of carbocisteine...who gave me the opportunity to try GP certainly didn’t suggest it, even though I described the symptoms tons of times...!

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elanaoali in reply to ELFIN123

What is this medication you mention I have never heard of it. I have been through all the steroid nasal sprays. Dymista is the one I got left on.

One of my GPs suggested I go back and ask the ENT consultant I saw (privately) when she thought I had nasal polyps. I didn't ask him as I don't have the means to go private. I was only able to see him as my mum paid the consultation fees.

I think I will try and discuss my post nasal drip again with my GP. I am going to get her to look up my nose Again at my nasal passages and see how they look.

Thank you for your response, no I haven’t tried Avamys or nasal drops...haven’t heard of those?

I definitely feel it’s coming from my ears, they crackle all the time! I will see if I can find an osteopath that is local to they all deal with blocked ears? I ve never been to one before! 😊

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Sunnydays1982

If you can look of a cranial one (or one who advertises that they work with babies a lot). All osteos can do it, but cranial osteos have more tools in their bucket so to say 😉

You list of medication is exactly the same as mine and yes I have post nasal drip too. One thing different is my asthma type. Allergic asthma (dust mites) but also other triggers perfume, candles, cleaning products.

I was told I am on everything I can take for it.

One thought I had could try is have your nose looked at to see if you have polytics.

How's your acid reflux that too can make your acid reflux worse? Have you checked your diet? Removed all the possible triggers?

Hope my suggestion help. It is a nasty thing to have.

I feel as though it’s just a case of putting up with it sometimes! I have been checked for nasal polyps (almost hoping I had them so at least it could be dealt with!! But nothing!)

My acid reflux is under control with my omeprezole...def feel it’s coming from my ears and into my sinuses. Had allergy testing but all negative! 🙈😤

BUT I haven’t changed anything in my diet....that might be interesting?!!

Thank you so much for your reply 😊

Good morning Sunny days

This is what I do in my diet. Small meals, don't eat more than 3 hours before you go to bed. Avoid



carbonated beverages

acidic drinks, such as orange juice and coffee


Any really fatty meats is lamb

Rich desserts

Full fat milk

acidic foods, including tomato sauce

Raise your bed 6 inches at the head of your bed. A block of wood works well.

My husband is very similar, he has eosinophilic asthma, he has massive sinus difficulties and silent reflux. He has paralysed vocal chords that his voice therapist said have been caused by the reflux and constant throat clearing from post nasal drip. He takes flixonaise and has been changed to avamys, his ent said there is nothing they can do as there is a very small polyp bit the ct scan showed his sinuses were fully bunged up (forehead, ears, nose, throat etc..) he is so fed up of it, his voice is often very difficult to get out hence the voice therapy. I hadn't thought about alternative therapies for his sinuses, it is definitely worth looking into. I hope you get an improvement soon.

Hi I had similar issues and consultant suggested cutting out caffeine. It has made a big difference not perfect but better. Other option he gave me was trying an anti depressant that has been shown to help with sinus issues but I haven’t needed to go there. Hope you find something that works. 😀

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elanaoali in reply to WrenJen

Hi WrenJen

I have never heard of using anti depressants for acid reflux. I was told I am on everything I can be on. What do this drug do?

Hi 😃 maybe worth considering food intolerances? If I have any dairy I get clogged up with mucus really fast and no amount of meds will clear it. In my case, I've had to cut out dairy completely.

I agree with Ayeup, definitely dairy clogs me up! I ate cheesecake yesterday evening and woke up in the middle of the night completely blocked and coughing my head off! Other food intolerances can do this as well, I have had to remove Gluten from my diet and my asthma and post nasal drip are vastly improved from this change, this makes dairy more tolerable until I overdo it with things like cheesecake!

Thank you for has crossed my mind if it is a food intolerance as my allergy prick tests for airborne allergies were all negative!

I hope there are dairy free cheesecake options!! 😱

Hi as you can see from my posts I have post nasal drip too. I have thought about cutting out dairy or only having skimmed milk. I am on a limited budget some can't make many changes apart from cutting out things suggested for acid reflux.

Thank you for has crossed my mind if it is a food intolerance as my allergy prick tests for airborne allergies were all negative!

I hope there are dairy free cheesecake options!! 😱☹️

Hi sir i am levinig in pakistan before 2 year astama attack mixed vigital. In theae days i have lot of prolam in this desies. I don't know what kind of this astama.

Gü do gluten and dairy free cheesecakes (lemon or chocolate and vanilla), and Waitrose do a very nice vegan chocolate torte - not quite cheesecake, but good! It’s all bloomin’ expensive, tho - I’m coeliac and on a limited budget, so they’re treats when they’re reduced or on offer. At least with the fashion for veganism you’ve picked the right time to think about going dairy free 😁

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RM33 in reply to Sunnydays1982

Try the intolerance test of Wowcher tmitesting. It's a hair sample. All the blood tests came up negative for me but then the hair one also does non food items and my one said dust mites, which it is.


Switching to decaf tea and coffee helped me a little with this. I also used neilmed nasal rinse but ran out and then didn't use for a couple of weeks and found that I was clearing my throat a lot less. When I went back on it the throat clearing started again so I don't use it at all now and find that it has helped me.

I have also changed nasal spray from dymista to mometasone and that seems to have helped but it could be a combination of all 3 .

Very similar for me, throat clearing has been the bane of my life since I had a bad cold last January and couldn’t take time off sick without being disciplined. I have also had two ear infections in the last month and feel very fed up. You have my sympathies.

Like the Gut, the nasal cavity and mouth form two inter-connected microbiomes which are easily unbalanced, especially under attack from eosinophils, plus a cocktail of multi-meds. Once unbalanced low grade chronic (i.e. persistent) infection can arise which is hard to shift. In some cases a course of antibiotics may help if that’s the case, but only if the infection is bacterial, rather than - more likely - viral infections (I’m assuming the PND is coloured, not clear mucus).

Other issues which might be in play are nasal polyps and / or chronic sinus infection (the latter does not necessarily result in a blocked nose, but may contribute to post nasal drip). You could / should get checked for both.

If you sometimes have to take oral steroid pills, does that significantly reduce the PND? If so, the primary culprit may be the eosinophils bombardment which effects not only the lungs but the entire airways, including the nose. Oral Steroids temporarily cull / kill-off most of the eosinophils, but they soon build up again.

I use a nasal spray too, Avamys, but nasal sprays can be both a blessing and a curse as - again - they alter the nasal microbiome. Likewise, I would guess, fexofenadine.

Sorry for no single solution, but maybe a few points to consider / experiment with.

Also if you have PND you may need surgery, get referred to a ENT for a CT scan.

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