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Should I take prednisolone?

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I've been struggling and off work since Wednesday. Used rescue inhaler several times on Wed. Peak flow was 300 (best is supposed to be 450, but a long Time ago). Doctod gave me prescription and said to use if I got worse. By then pf was 380. It's been fluctuating between 350 and 380 with blue inhaler every few hours. I'm due at work tomorrow and feel s.o.b. but pf is not so low I should take prednisolone as per asthma plan. What should I do? Just sit around waiting to see what lungs do?

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If your doc has told you to use your judgement & your judgement says you need them, then yes I certainly would use them.

Personally I would use them. After a chest infection I had last year I was left feeling permanently out of breath. Peak flow was down but not by a lot, but I was keeping it there by having ventolin several times a day. A repeat sputum Sample showed the infection had gone, so the breathlessness was due to asthma not infection. Two weeks after the antibiotics was finished I was still having problems so went to the doctor and asked for a short course of prednisolone to get things properly under control as I just felt that it wasn’t going to just get better by itself. After 2 to 3 days of the tablets I felt much better.

I don’t know what medication you are on but you may also want a medication review if your current medication is not controlling your asthma.

I agree with all the previous comments. Your PB is similar to mine and at 350, I was unwell (although at the time I didn’t truly appreciate that) when it dropped to 300 I was extremely unwell. We all react differently when our PF changes (I’d been walking around for months at 350 feeling fine then suddenly began wheezing frequently)I shouldn’t have had an attack at the PF I did, according to the medics. I guess asthma doesn’t always consult the medical books to find out what it’s “supposed” to do. If your taking your rescue inhaler every few hours then that indicates that there’s some inflammation going on that needs sorting out. You know your own body and how asthma presents for you. I would start taking them ASAP. Also make sure that you get to see your medical team as soon as you can to review your preventer meds and see if any changes would help.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. I'm better now at 390! Fingers crossed for winter.

That’s great news that your out of your amber zone. Still see your medical team as having to take emergency steroids has the same weight as having an attack. You should get checked out to make sure your ok.

Take speed and see your GP now!

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