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fluticasone furoate nasal spray


Has anyone tried this steroid nasal spray. I got asked to try it from my respiratory medicine doctor. I have been on it since last Monday and over the last few day I have been feeling really tired almost fatigued. Has anyone had similar symptoms. This is the only thing I have added to my medication. Thanks Dean

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I have been on this for years and have all year round.

I don't have any issues that I am aware of

I have it on occasion & it's never been a problem for me.

Thanks both perhaps it's a interaction as I'm also in respimat, symbicort with supplementary budesonide.

I'm on all those too and although I'm usually exhausted I'm certain it's not the nasal spray (in my case).

Thanks just seems strange that's it's only happening since starting this new drug.

I guess different people get different reactions to things so it could still be the spray? Could you try stopping it for a few days to see if that helps/makes it more obvious? But don't if it might make asthma issues worse of course.

To be honest my asthma is no different on it. Just gives me a stuffy nose. I'm not going to take it for a while and see.

I think I was on it (or something very similar) a couple of years ago, but it dried my nose out so badly to the point of being very sore and painful- even at half dose. I'm currently not on any nasal sprays but don't remember any fatigue as a side effect. I did get fatigue when starting my most recent steroid inhaler though, and it lasted a couple of weeks before calming down. Hope you get your energy back soon, fatigue is the worst!

I've been using it for years. think it's great!

If you are unusually tired ... could it be some other cause?

- do you track PF? if PF is lower than usual, maybe you are having a mild exacerbation and need to see GP?

- is it possible you are fighting off a summer cold or other bug? That can make one tired without actually being ill.

- how is your sleep? maybe something is going on during sleep that is making you more tired during the day? It could be asthma itself, or something else, for example, some people find sleeping in very hot weather is difficult.

Just a few ideas.

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