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Is It realy asthma?


I had asthma since i was born and was always on flixotide and salbutamol until about 7years old. from then i never used any type of asthma medication and my asthma was gone untill i was 15/16y old. 8yo was first time then i tried smoking and between 14-16years i was smoking occasionally in the highschool few ciggarets a day. at 16 i found out that it was hard for me to breath. i was put on flixotide and salbutamol again and seems it helped. but i was still smoking rarely on several ocations in parties or festivals (both tabacco and weed) till my age now 23 and using salbutamol when i felt i needed it. at about 21yo i was put on foster and it helped until two years later i feel that its hard for me to breath even on it and ventolin does not seem to help very well. i still hear weezing and flare up with these medications even in calm state. What i am very concerned that most asthma for every people comes and goes in the form of attacs. for me its always constantly hard to breath if not using bronchilators. i newer had sudden atack and never felt good breathing without medication. for me symptoms looks like COPD. but at the moment i am 23 years old. It impossible to have COPD at such young age, right? spyrometry test seems to be very good with FEV1/FVC is 73% before salbutamol and 78% after. and my pulmonologist says that its non alergical asthma, but for me its hard to believe now. Anyone also has constant asthma without any attacks, just constantly hard to breath for years without relief?

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Yes I understand. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 12 and I'm 19 now. I constantly have difficulty breathing even when I'm not having a full blown attack. I think the reason for this is that my asthma is not being properly controlled and that's my fault for not taking the medication prescribed to me. I've gotten so used to not feeling well and poor breathing that I dont really notice how bad it is until I go see my respiratory therapist and she yells at me.

I always feel bad but I agree with my diagnoses. If you don't agree with yours then maybe you should get a second opinion. I hope you get the help you need and start feeling better soon because feeling this way for years is awful and you deserve some relief.

You can still have breathing difficulties without having a serious asthma attack if your asthma is poorly controlled. Your medication probably needs a tweak. I went to see my asthma nurse just before I was diagnosed with pneumonia. She said “how often do you take your blue inhaler? “Everyday” I said. The look I got was of sheer horror. I had done it for at least 6 months if not longer and didn’t think anything of it. Just got used to breathing badly. Previously I had just gone to see my GP when I felt the blue wasn’t effective. I grew up with asthma and had got into the old school way of thinking, that if you are asthmatic you always have a slight wheeze. My mum has asthma too and didn’t know that taking a blue inhaler everyday isn’t a good thing, thinking it was part of daily maintenance. She has gone to her GP and had her preventer inhaler increased as a result. Slowly realising that in this day and age for most people it is controllable. You don’t have to put up with a wheeze or struggle to breathe.

yes it makes a big difference taking the preventer medication on a regular basis! This is the aim of good management of asthma. If you need the reliever on a regular basis then you need to have an asthma review at the doctors either with an asthma nurse or the doctor.

Asthma UK has good information on managing asthma, keeping a peak flow dairy (ask your doctor for a peak flow monitor if you don't have one) and an Asthma Action Plan so that you know what to do when it gets worse. Takes a while to get used to all of this, but it really does help your overall health.

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