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Just been diagnosed with Asthma, even though have not had the results of the Chest X Ray back yet. Doctor is fairly certain it's Asthma. My lung function was pretty dire - scored 130 and should be around 400 :/

Just wanted to introduce myself as I can see myself coming here often, having been diagnosed with this at age 60 (a bit of a shock, to say the least).

I've never smoked, but I've had a cough on and off for the past 6 months and always assumed it was due to my LPR (reflux). I had thought asthma coughs were always dry, and now I have learned otherwise! They can be wet or dry - in fact, many asthma sufferers get nasal congestion, phlegm and chest congestion leading to a mucus cough.

Look forward to hearing from you all :)

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Hi WheezyNanma, My late onset asthma diagnosis is pretty similar to yours except I am an exsmoker, quit nearly 4 yrs now...I was diagnosed last March at age 59, I have also been on treatment for Reflux for about 6 yrs now, but was never told there could be a connection between the two when told I had asthma, it’s only recently from being on this site that I found that out so just shows how beneficial these forums can be, I suffer all the symptoms you mention above & know my asthma is triggered by cough, colds or chest infection. My asthma symptoms responded well to the medications I was given initially but unfortunately they caused severe cramps & muscle spasms so this year I am back to trying again different inhalers etc to see what suits does come as a shock to the system, I didn’t have any family members or friends who were asthmatic so no one to turn to to ask for advice but this forum has helped me with any questions and so have the Asthma UK nurses who you can call, they are very helpful and give sound advice...let’s hope you get it all controlled so it’s easier to live with, good luck!

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Thanks for the quick response!

My doctor has given me the Ventolin reliever inhaler and also the pink steroid preventative one. Actually the pink one seems to help more. The inhalers have stopped the tightness, breathlessness and the wheezing but not the cough! I assume that the phlegm is still there even after the airways are opened and needs to be coughed up.

Doctor has also given me a course of antibiotics (in case it is bronchitis) and has put me on 5 days of prednisolone steroid. I am due a chest x-ray next week and a spirometer test.

I agree with you about the forums - they are so helpful. It's a funny thing about reflux - I have the silent version, LPR - but either the reflux itself or the PPIs I am taking for my hiatus hernia (which causes the reflux) are giving me a chronically congested nose and this leads to Post Nasal Drip. This can cause cough too, but this, and reflux, can also trigger asthma, especially if you're a woman of a 'certain age'! I always sound like I have a cold, my voice is extremely nasal and I have a blocked up nose (but not runny) most of the time too :/

These things ALL seem to be related to each other and go round in circles, one causes the other, which causes the other etc.

I too hope that you continue on with your good progress and good luck to you too!


I was given Avamys nasal spray, it helps a lot, what is your pink inhaler called?

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The pink inhaler is Fostair, which is a combined steroid preventer (beclometasone) and reliever (formoterol dihydrate). It works really well, and I use it with a spacer so it's evenly and deeply breathed in. Immediate results.

Whereas the blue one, the ventolin, well ... I'm coughing within a few minutes of taking it. But it did take away the tightness and the breathlessness. Also, I took it rather a lot in the first day (as it says you can) and ended up feeling a bit jittery and wired - a side effect from significant usage.


Yes, I found the Fostair fantastic for fixing my flare ups but being a combi I can’t use it anymore because the LABA in it didn’t agree with me & caused the cramps & spasms, am now on Clenil & Montelukast and don’t find them near as effective, I also don’t find my blue reliever much good...last flare up I had to get a Nebuliser & meds’ for it, that helped me a lot..


Hi, I also use fostair, but I have the nexthaler, and find I get foot craps specially when it’s cold but these can be controlled with mineral supplements. I think it is magnesium that does the trick but I just take multi vitamins and minerals.


Hello, you hopefully learn lots here

I was born with asthma that became dormant for some 7 years and kicked my ass 5 years ago

Since then I've been through the mill... 2 respiratory consultants and an endocrine team

Various inhalers and more tests than I care to talk about... I dont fit the traditional asthma norms (wheeze and stuff)... but those in the know have decided that's what it is

I have a wet chesty cough and I'm told that's because of the mucus (caused by allergies, apparently I'm an allergic asthmatic)

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Thanks for your quick response!

Sorry to hear you were born with this :/ I imagine you must be really fed up with it by now. You don't mention your age but I can understand your frustration about it :/

My cough is phlegmy and chesty too, which is why I originally thought it can't be asthma. But apparently it can! Perhaps I too have an allergic type asthma, which would also explain my stuffy, congested nose and itchy eyes most mornings. The only thing I could have an allergy to, though, is my dogs, and they ain't going nowhere! That might sound silly but I've had them both 11 years and shan't get rid of them now.

I wonder whether the inhalers help your cough? They alleviate the chest tightness and the shortness of breath with me, but not the cough. I guess all that phlegm can't just disappear, it has to come out sometime :/

This latest attack of asthma (or whatever it is) came immediately after I caught a cold off my daughter. So perhaps colds are a trigger for me. I suppose it could also be bronchitis, although I have no fever.

Hope you are faring well with your diagnosis and thanks for the response.


I'm 32 and was officially diagnosed at 9 months and are diagnosed at 32 (after 5 years of it is, it isnt asthma backwards and forwards)...

I have quite a plethora of medication and yes without it I certainly cough considerably more

I take:

Prescription antihistamine

Spiriva respimat


Duoresp spiromax

And for the most part that works well for me

If you have a persistent chestycough it might be worth a trial of spiriva respimat... it's a LAMA Long Acting Mucinagenic Agonist).... for the sufferer that means it opens your airways for 24 hours and makes the mucus less sticky and easier to cough up... definitely works for me but isnt a "first line" treatment for asthma

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Thanks again. Never heard of that particular medicine. Might have to get it online or is it prescription only? Are you in the US? Sounds like an ideal thing for me especially if it isn't asthma after all.


I'm in the UK and yes it is prescription only

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Aww shucks on that then. Our doctors aren't prone to giving you what you ask because you read it on the internet! They're still a bit snobbish that way. Yet on their website they recommend trying self-diagnosis by going on google!

But I will mention the name to him, thanks. Especially if it turns out it's not asthma. The alternative is that I keep getting chesty colds (colds that go straight to your chest) i.e. bronchitis. And something like you describe would help a great deal if that was the case because the mucus really does become heavy and sticky, and I often have to cough and cough until I am either sick, or get really sore muscles, in order to bring it up.


I got it for asthma, it certainly takes persistence as its quite an expensive medication so gps do tend to hold off on it

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Hi! I'm 19 and I've had asthma for 7yrs now. It's never been under control and I have attacks quite often but this past year has been brutal. I have a respirtory therapist that I see a few times a year and lately my sats have been pretty bad but I'm managing.

I hate summer because the heat and humidity is a huge trigger for my asthma and causes me a lot of problems especially because I work in an outdoor restaurant. My cough is usually pretty dry but I have had a wet one before too. I'm not a typical asthmatic because I dont really wheeze and when my attacks start I'm usually okay for awhile but I plummet very quickly which lands me in the hospital a lot.

Anyway welcome to the site! I like it because it's nice to read about other people who are struggling with the same things that I am, it makes me feel less alone 😊

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Littlemonster never even begin to think you're alone :) Asthma is so common, there are so many millions who suffer. And each one is different. Unique.

I really hope you manage to control your asthma. What meds do you take? Presumably they don't do much good so do you have other options? I don't know where you live but I'm in UK, in Wales, so everything in relation to my asthma is free, even down to the prescription medicines.

I really feel for those who have to pay out. Even the cost of an inhaler is prohibitive for many people.

Yes it's nice to be able to chat with others going through the exact same things. One of the wonders of the Internet. Imagine what it would be like if we didn't have this global resource at our finger tips every minute of the day. We'd worry ourselves silly.


Your symptoms seem very similar to mine, but I don't want to give you any advice until you've had your X-ray (and, preferably, a CT scan), then I can share my experience if relevant, otherwise it might be misleading. Also, asthma is normally confirmed by spirometry, because you need to show reversibility - is this in the pipeline, too?

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Yes I get spirometry done next week.

I'd be very interested for you to share your experience and impart any advice you may have. Be assured I will be impartial in relation to my own circumstances.

Thanks for your response :)


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