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Hayfever and asthma attacks

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So my asthma has been fairly well behaved this winter. Then pollen season strikes!

I take Fexofenadine prescribed for hayfever as well as usual Flutiform and occasional Salbutamol as needed. Last day or so I have really struggled when out and about. Today have had a few bad attacks and am now left with an itchy throat, wheeze and short of breath. PEFR is down to about 60% at moment. Does this mean I will have to put up with this all summer?

What tips do you have to survive summer?

Filo x

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My mate is on Montelukast because she had the same problem. Get in touch with medical staff soon as possible to discuss your options to assist with this

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Thanks Camilla22. I am already on Montelukast already. Long weekend ahead!

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There are a range of antihistamine based products... fexofenadine comes in 2 strengths (120 and 180) there are also nasal sprays (avamys or Dymista (steroid or steroid and antihistamine), +/- eye drops of you get issues there. You may also need to escalate your treatment up a stage over the hayfever season (be that with more preventer, or a different/stronger version, or additional tablets to keep asthma more steady and controlled).

You don’t have to suffer with this, just bother your GP til it’s fixed 😉.

Other tips include; try staying in on high pollen count days, leave windows shut, used a hepa air filter, wash your clothes and have a shower if you’ve been out in high pollen count as soon as you can, if not too hot wear a light scarf around mouth (can help filter a bit when outside but minimal), maybe uses preemptive salb for trips outside on bad days...

Hope that helps a bit x

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I wish it would rain to end the pollen bomb we are in right now. I definitely agree with the fight with the GP'S.

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Rain won’t necessarily help... it can break up the pollen on the floor and bring it back up into the air... I’m usually really bad in summer storms cause of this 😒😅

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My personal experience rain assisted me but every one is to thier own. All I know is that my asthma and my intolerance to new pollen is calm. I found if I took my antihistamine early like December time I would not suffer so much. But what works for me might not work for others. I remember some one asking about a mask for this very reason

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Yeah - everyone’s different... just a warning that rain may not stop the issues 😅. Unfortunately I’m on year round antihistamines so have to double dose in the summer

Yes - Filobabe masks! Filter masks (like Cambridge etc) - some people say help, others not so much but if you’re struggling worth a try 😉

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That is what I thought the mask was. I know the rain doesn't stop issues but it can ease them up. Personally I would love rain soon or the pollen bomb we are in right now to end as I am suffering a bit now

I'm with you it's when it turn to rain and wind my Hayfever gets worse. I always thought when hot at least pollen settled.

I'm on year round loratadine and a Avamys when it's really bad I have to use the opticrom as well.

I've been like you the last two days ..I take steroids daily but I've doubled them myself also extra antihistamine and plenty of ventolin x

Hope this is helpful

Can definitely relate to this, I bought a well known brand (rhymes with Fyson ;) fan a few years ago with a HEPA filter in and it really helps, I used it this afternoon with the window closed in my bedroom to keep the pollen out and my asthma improved as opposed to just using my Salbutamol (and I'm on Montelukast and Cetirizine and Seretide). It worries me how much warmer our weather is becoming and what it means for the future as 25 degrees in April is not normal (and annoys me when the weather presenters are all happy clappy about it...!)

Thanks guys!

May need some steroids I think. My asthma is flaring at slightest thing at moment.

See if I can hold out til GP Tuesday!

I take becotide and eye drops and like other people on here, up my preventer doses, also shower, bathe, wash clothes if been in pollen saturated air. My asthma nurse also suggested vaseline smeared roun nostrils to help trap pollen. Yet to try that one. Good luck !

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