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Adult on-set Asthma at 23!

Hi all,

I’m new here, so nice to meet y’all!

The past 6 weeks I had been experiencing chest pain, particularly whilst laying down in bed and taking deep breaths. I finally saw my GP who suspects I have asthma, he said he’s 98% certain after listening to my chest and seeing a few days of my peak flow readings (I have to wait for a long function test to confirm his diagnosis).

I have been given a preventer and a reliever inhaler for my symptoms. I’d just like to ask if a feeling of having something stuck in your throat/wind pipe is normal? I feel I’m having to constantly clear my throat lately..

I’m also wondering if any asthma sufferers experience some acid reflux? I usually find myself burping a lot after taking my inhalers, so maybe that’s a sign I’m not using them correctly? Although it’s been under a week using them so I guess that’s expected.

Thank you for reading!


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Welcome and it can be normal I had it when I was diagnosed at 28. It will get easier when you get used to the meds. By the way finding the correct inhaler can be tricky. From what I read your GP is extremely understanding and want's to help.


Thank you for your reply!

I’m taking my inhalers via a Volumatic spacer, so hopefully within the next few days I’ll start to get used to the meds!

GP has been amazing so far, which is always reassuring!


Hopefully the side affects are not serious. I am been lucky that my doctor's are brilliant. I would recommend try and find what kind of asthma you have. As in non allergic etc. That way you can control your asthma better. Also ask for an asthma plan to help you know what to do when bad, also other people know what to do if you should ever need their assistance, also carry it somewhere so you can reach it or others. I would recommend to carry inhalers with you just in case you require them


This has been a huge shock, I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and love staying fit, so the gym has been a bit tricky the past few weeks. My GP isn’t sure what type of asthma this may be, I don’t have any active allergies, so maybe I’ll have an answer soon!


Good luck with answer hunting. I got asthma though hayfever. My advice would be calm down the gym until you have your asthma stable. Start maybe 1 session and then building it up. Controlling asthma is easy but at first it's difficult, as you are finding what helps you. Always listen to your body, never feel a shamed to ask for help and support. But most of all trust your GP's. They will do their best to support you. We all try and help each other on here. I was e mailed a petition for MP'S to change the exemption list, so I posted it here and people helped me to the point MP'S are listening as you can see from my post's.


Asthma through hayfever? Wow, it’s crazy what can set it off! I had no idea asthma could suddenly occur in adults until I saw my GP!

I have decided to take a week off the gym, just to give the preventer some time to properly work and control my symptoms because like you said, nothing is controlled at the moment! As much as I love the gym, my health must come first!!

And I have just read your posts about that petition. I recently last week found out that those in England who suffer from asthma are not on the exemption list for asthma, that is insane. I am very very fortunate that I am Welsh in that instance, but of course I’m strongly for the government to change the outdated exemption list to allow asthma sufferers to be granted the medicine they need free of charge!! Complete madness, it really is!


I was only diagnosed with asthma from the hospital but my GPS thought I had asthma. Treated me for asthma. Soon I was I was off on medical grounds for 6 weeks as I was coughing up blood not a lot but enough to worry my doctor's. I had asthma lacerations (not sure what it is) due to my hayfever. Doctors believed that the stress of hayfever and asthma was to high for my lungs and I became ill like that. 6 weeks rest and I made a full recovery.


coughing up blood is almost always a sign of an infection. You should have your sputum checked and have a CTscan of chest to make sure it is nothing serious.


I do not believe I have ever coughed up blood. I’ve had asthma for 40yrs, plus Bronchiectasis which causes constant chest infections. I was in hospital for most of the summer during my childhood due to severe Hay fever, coupled with the chronic asthma and Bronchiectasis they had considered sticking a glass bubble on my head! I’ve also had pulmonary embolisms at age 25, and was in hospital for 6 weeks, even with heparin injections twice daily I never coughed up any blood! My lungs are badly scarred, so badly they thought I had Emphysema, which thank god I don not, Bronchiectasis was diagnosed after a CT only 3 years ago.


Not always. I coughed up blood from back of my throat as I was struggling with my brown inhaler which I was given when I first had asthma. I put it down to the stress when I had hayfever and taking to much inhaler to breath and then changing to a different inhaler. That's what both nurse and a doctor believed. It was a lot of blood as in every time I cleared mucus it was bloody. I got informed pin spot's is me cutting back off my throat. But the mucus was full of dark blood and I even got an emergency nurse practitioner appointment and then an appointment the next day with doctor. I struggle to breath and I also get an annoying discomfort when I try and take my inhaler. I had to find my GP's for a month before they spotted the infection as my asthma and my intolerance to new pollen was masking it.


Sounds like you did have an infection that was causing the bleeding.


It was not an infection I have been on my fostair for 3 years. I had that problem 4 year's again but I am still struggling with the cold because of that. Unfortunately there's nothing my GP'S can do about it. Recently I had an infection that could me discomfort. I had a cold that hit my chest two and unfortunately turned into an infection


I know it is terrible to get respiratory infections...I have them a lot. Hope you feel better with the warmer weather coming up.


I don't feel any better. I feel the same but my asthma is more easier to control. But I worried everytime I get told to talk my fostair 3 time's aday like I am told to by doctors my asthma lacerations will come back


The instruction and dosage manual say to take only two times a day. Should you get a 2nd opinion?


I got checked by two different doctors and they both said the same. After checking the medical books to confirm the actual dose a day I am allowed on fostair 100/6. But I only do it for 3 days, I am careful when I am doing that. I am at one puff 2 a day as my asthma is completely controlled and 3 nurse's has agreed that I can drop it to 1 puff twice a day


No way, that sound like a respiratory infection.... You probaly have a combination of helicobacter pylori , hypothyroidism, ashma and coStochondritis and chest infection. . Ashma medication has nearly no side effects .

Get rid of helicobacter and stretch you chest area , do the bridge backwards twice a day.

Drink lemon eater daily and nightly on empty stomach, add iodine to your diet and moringa tea.

But definetly get your heart checked just to rule it out.

You need a nutrition apoitment and full blood diagnosed. Including vitamines and nutrients. But moringa should help your body heal u at 90% .


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