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Asthma symptoms wont quit...

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I have been having asthma symptoms daily and waking up at night with it to. Everytime i go to my g.p however my chest is clear 🙄 I had spirometry last week, and although i dont have the results, i was told it wasn't normal and to get an emergency consultant appointment a.s.a.p.. My consultant however cannot fit me in till june. I am so fed up and literally don't know what else to do. Sorry for the rant, but has anyone else been in a similar situation?

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Ring your consultant secretary and tell them you have been advised to see him urgently that should get u an appointment

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Melanie1989 in reply to Shellc

Unfortunatly June is the emergency appointment, my original one was August! To be honest my consultant hasn't been that great.

Well in that case I would go back to your doctor and tell them this as they might be able to put pressure on them. Failing that you can have some checks done at your doctors and you should be able to get your results and get some information. x

Thank you, will give my g.p another try. It's just so hard as my asthma isn't textbook, so find that i get fobbed off a lot. Will try explaining things again to my g.p.

YeS... Me Too, So dang Frustrating!

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LysistrataCommunity Ambassador

Ugh - as you know I really feel for you on this one being an asthma weirdo myself!

Apologies if you've said before but have you seen any more helpful GPs, or do all the ones at the practice tend to be a bit unhelpful due to not being textbook?

I was just thinking if you could try to see a more helpful one (if that is an option) at least you could find out what the spirometry actually showed perhaps? It would drive me nuts not knowing - not because I'd be anxious that it's terrible, I'd just be desperate to know what's going on so I can be better informed and decide what to do! If you know a bit more about what the spirometry showed, you could also call the AUK nurses and talk it through - they are likely to be more well informed in interpreting it than the GPs and can probably advise on your options too.

Hi Lysistrata,unfortunatly all the g.p's seem happy to leave me at the mercy of the consultant 🙄 Think they dont know how to deal with us weirdo's! Exactly right about the spirometry, im not worried, i just need to know! Think a g.p trip is in order, even if its just getting hold of the results if nothing else! X

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LysistrataCommunity Ambassador in reply to Melanie1989

Yep maybe ask for a copy of the results (pretty sure you have the right to but they might want you to see GP anyway).

Would they be open to you seeing a more specialist consultant if the current one isn't that great? Unless the current one *is* specialist - I know full well that doesn't always mean they are good at dealing with weirdo asthmatics, but I feel the chances are better than with general respiratory 'with an interest'.

My consultant isnt really a specialist in asthma, just general respiritory. It is so hard to see any consultant as services in my area are so stretched. I honestly get more out of my appointment when i see one of his team, rather than him!

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LysistrataCommunity Ambassador in reply to Melanie1989

Might actually be easier with a tertiary one, if you can get a referral? They are often nationally funded so you don't have to live in the same area (if you can get to it) or rely on local services if they're stretched.

General respiratory is sadly very much pot luck. I have a theory that their heads are tuned to lung cancer (can see it on a scan, try to remove) or COPD if it's obstructive ('your spirometry is fine today! I have no actual concept of variable obstruction or reversibility and am measuring everyone against 70-year-old smokers without realising it').

I also have felt that seeing the registrar can be more productive - but then of course you have the issue that they change, or don't always have that much power.

I am much the same only got asthma about 7 years ago 52 getting much worse went in january said ny profesor is useless so noe going to see another one in june and i have good health insurance fcuk sake not a happy camper out of breath if i had a job with pulling and tearing i could not do it , so my GP says its either asthma or heart or both OH MAN go great on the red steroids all other meds make me spaced out of my head pred, singular, montelukast , phyllocontin

If I where you I would get my spirometry results ASAP come on this site there are people here who will give you sound advise if your results are indeed emergency I would pay for a first visit to consultant that’s after again ringing the consultants secretary asking for a cancellation appt telling her you are very anxious ask her to email you with any cancellation see what she says then ask if the consultant has a private clinic take care xxx

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