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Post nasal drip and allergic rhinitis

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Since November 17 I have had post nasal drip except for a couple of months last summer. I been successfully treated twice for nasal polyps tried all sorts of nasal sprays. I douch every day and now using dymista. I am allergic to house dust mite so have really tired to limit my exposure in my bedroom. Hardwood floors, damp dusting etc. I take a prescribed antihistamine and monkelaust for hay fever and the allergic part of my asthma. Plus Fostair nexthaler 200/6 2 puff's twice a day for my asthma.

My doctor has run out of treatment to give me. I have been seen privately by ENt consultant to check if my poltyics are still there and their not. I don't have the money to go private. My appointment was paid for by mum.

I just learned to live with the constant post nasal drip. It hasn't trigger my asthma except when once staying at my mum's.

Any more suggestions or advice?

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What’s your most recent Ige count?

No I haven't had a recent IGE count done. Why do you ask this question?

The first and only one done was in November 17 for all sorts of allergies. Result showed that I was highly allergic to house dust mites. I don't remember the actual result. I am no longer under respiratory consultant care at my local hospital ( I was signed off a couple of weeks ago.) as I my asthma is so good I no longer need a consultant to look after me.

Because a certain banding of Ige (up to 700, I think) makes you eligible for (anti-allergenic) immunotherapy treatment such as xolair. Many other factors come into the criteria, including level of asthma severity, but as far as I understand others have found it very effective in dealing with the perennial persistence of strongly allergic symptoms.

Thanks for the reply but as I don't have serve asthma I sure I am not eligible for this treatment. As I have said I am back under GP care with a good asthma nurse. My asthma is under perfect control and I have had few symptoms since January 19. 19. At my last appointment with my consultant I asked if I could step down my inhaler (fostair nexthaler 200/6 2 puffs twice a day and monkelaust) and he said no. His reasoning was that he didn't want me to get ill again and have to have 2/3 courses of steroids to get me better. I have made an appointment with my asthma nurse to see her in a couple of weeks time to tell her what the consultant said. I sure she will be happy with his advice.

Sorry to hear this. Have you tried Avamys nasal spray? Worked wonders for my son and he had exactly the same as you.

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Hi thanks for the advice but I have already tried Avamys, Nasonex, Beconase etc. Dymista I have been on for the last 7 weeks. The ENT consultant said it would take 6 weeks for it to work. Then he advice to keep using on a repeat prescription. So as you can see I tried the lot.

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I just spoke to another doctor over the phone as she going to prescribe another course of steroid nasal drops. To help with my post nasal drip and runny nose.

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Gazza01 in reply to elanaoali

I have had post nasal drip on and off for years. Then after some surgery where they put an oxygen tube up each nostril, I had it so bad that I was getting mouthful after mouthful of phlegm. This was running 24 hrs a day. The hospital told me it was because of the anaesthetic. However I noticed that when I leant forward it would run out of my nose. I had to sleep sitting in a chair leaning on a table. Eventually it clicked with me that the phlegm must be coming from above my throat rather than up from my chest. My GP put me on loratadine but instead of 1 a day as its states. I was told to take 6 a day which sorted it in a week or so. Talk to your GP first though.

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elanaoali in reply to Gazza01

Hi Gazza01 I am glad to hear you got sorted.

As I said at the beginning of my post I know my postnasal drip is because of my allergy to house dust mite which can be difficult to avoid.

I am at present taking Dymista one puff in each nostril twice a day. I tried all of the nasal spray that I usually prescripted. I also used a salt nasal spray to help clear my sinuses too.

I also take prescribed antihistamine for my hay Fever when pollen count is high.

There is not much else I can do.

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