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Mum of a 3 year old asthmatic

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Hi All, my daughter has been admitted to hospital 7 times in the last 18 months with serve asthma attacks. They have only recently diagnosed her and referred her to an asthma nurse . Ive been giving her the medication she has been given yet nothing seems to help. Her SATS stay around 90/91 , has a wheeze with every cold and seems to be always ill. I've also spend 2 weeks in hospital with my youngest daughter ( 4months old ) who has had bronchiolitis 4 times in 4 months. I wonder if she will be going down the same route as my 3 year old. Any advice welcome ? I feel like I am failing to help her and going round in circles. Every doctor I see says something different. She's also been on anti biotics 3 times in 6 weeks with chest infections . Please help!

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Check the bathroom for mould.

I think the place to start might be with allergy testing. The skin prick tests are not accurate the IgE blood tests are more accurate.

The top allergies are:

Grass pollen

House dust mites

Tree pollen

Mould / fungus spores

Less common

Pet dander


fragrances / cleaning products


I am mum to a severely asthmatic 5yo who has symptoms pretty much daily, he is on lots of medications and many, many ward admissions under his belt.

My advice would be always go with your "gut feeling" when she is getting ill, also, when you get the warning signs that she is getting ill, pack the emergency bag to go to hospital. I always take a hospital bag with me to emergency GP appointments, just in case we get sent straight to the hospital.

Call Asthma UK and request a resource pack, the pack has a great poster where you can record her symptoms (it also helps to identify trends). If she is struggling at home, film her symptoms on your mobile to show the health professionals in the hospital.

My son also has a tablet with lots of films downloaded onto it to keep him entertained on the ward.

Hope some of this advice helps.

Hiya honey

My little boy is 5 years old and is a severe atopic asthmatic. He has severe allergies and moderate wide spread eczema. He is allergic to animal dander, milk, egg, soya, dustmites, pollens, mould and lots of chemicals/fragrances. He is also triggered by viruses, exercise and like emotions... Laughing too much, crying to much etc. We've been hospitalised over 45 times now and we've just got out this weekend after asthma brought on by a.chest infection. We got his official diagnosis just this year after having a bronchoscopy and CT scans done, so now it's "official" and not just "probably asthma". Anyway .. he's on seretide, montelukast, azithromycin, salbutamol, ceterizine, fluticasone, piriton daily. And then obviously predisalone and co-amoxiclav when needed. His meds are on adult dosages and we are seen every 6 weeks by the respiratory consultants. Were under dermatology and now immunology and allergy clinics too.

It's very hard, and I find it very lonely and isolating sometimes. It really takes over your kids quality if life, and the whole family feel the affects too. Its really sad.

I'd push for allergy testing. See what's happening there, if anything.

As for your other little one, it's hard to say if they'll go down the same path. My non asthmatic son spent 5 days on oxygen with bronchitis when he was 2 years old... But he's never had any bother since. I guess you just have to watch and wait and pray for the best xxxx

Thank you for your advice , will deffo push for allergy testing . Its so frustrating trying to control it with no support. Thanks again xxx

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