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Asthma flare feeling depressed

On Tuesday I was informed that I have a slight infection which had caused my asthma to misbehave itself. I have shiffted it but I am feeling depressed and feels like no one cares about me. I was on Doxycycline for my chest infection. My asthma is still not settled down. It's a lot better than it was. Does anyone have experience of this and how they find to come back from a low point

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Make a cuppa have a biscuit rest quietly and allow yourself some healing time life is very tough for us but we are amazingly strong as we eventually pick ourselves up yet again. Gentle hugs

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I am feeling a bit better than last night but I am still feeling a bit down. I guess I just felt a little bit let down by the medical profession for not seeing it. I guess my other medical issues was hiding it. I am fully recovered from it all now expect the intolerance to new pollen

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I was prescribed that medication for a chest infection too and it made me quite poorly. I ended up having a week off work as made me feel quite sick and have an upset tummy, plus it exacerbated my asthma too. Felt much better after that cuppa and plenty of rest someone mentioned!

Hope you feel better soon x

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I suffer with an intolerance to new pollen and that is hitting me the hard. But I am getting my strength back as I have been through hell with trying to stable my intolerance to new pollen and this chest infection

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Yes I suffer when it’s blossom season... itchy watery eyes but the inhalers are helping with symptoms as much better than I was last year. Try antihistamines too, respiratory consultant told me that was ok x

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I am antihistamines and that is what is making me feel weak to a degree as I am on 30ml of piriton syrup a day. I was told to do that medical. But with me already being weak from a slight chest infection that I might had for a month doesn't help


I,m glad that you are feeling better today. I am still not great following a chest infection before Christmas and 'down' days are frequent but then they were before the infection. I think it's inevitable at times when living with lung disease.

I try to find some distraction to stop myself dwelling on the negative feelings. Not able to get out much at the moment, I am doing jigsaws. Not exactly how I planned to be spending my time in retirement but I find they are a very effective pastime and hours can pass easily when TV, radio, reading don't stop my mind wandering.

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I am not feeling great but stronger than I was. It was hell trying to find out why I was so struggling to breath.

Oh dear hope you are feeling a bit better today. Lots of rest x

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Just tried of the round's of weakness I am going through but I am getting there

I push for prednesolone with anti biotic for a chest infection, and go back after a week if still struggling and I've been given repeats. Sometimes one week of meds not enough.

I'm trying to rest more when bad asthma and stop trying to keep going which is not easy.

I'm also putting a reminder to myself in my asthma plan to eat fresher foods, drink hot drinks and relax more when it's bad and I'm going to start my sketching again so I've got a reason to sit down with a cuppa and relax.

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I was only given Doxycycline as I did not need anything else. I went to a nurse who is linked to my doctor's. I went to my own for advice as regarding my inhaler's. As I wanted to check something with my doctor's. I am 100% clear off the infection just recovering from the weakness it caused me. I had clear lung's expect a small infection. So no requirement for extra steroids. I am slowly getting better. I take 3 lots of my fostair in a day as I am allowed to by nurses orders. Soon as I feel strength enough to breath with out extra support I am to drop it back to morning and night.

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