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Pred, blood sugars, and changing up meds?

Kind of frustrated today as recent tests have come back normal. On one hand it is good because some of the tests were for cystic fibrosis (there’s still a slight possibility I have the gene mutations but sweat test was normal) and of course I wouldn’t want that, but it would have explained all my issues, and opened up some treatment options. On the other hand, some of the tests were in view of symptoms of fat malabsorption and an odd-looking pancreas on a CT scan last year. I was so confident that those tests would come back showing something and we could FINALLY start treatment. But no, they came back normal..and I’m back to square one.

I also had an episode of — for me — unacceptably-high blood sugars today, which peaked at 16.6mmol/L. They have thankfully gone down since, last test about half an hour ago being 13.0mmol/L so they stopped rising which is good but obviously 16.6 is too high. I am currently on an increased dose of prednisolone which may have contributed to things, as well as flucloxacillin for my pseudo/staph lung buddies, but that’s the highest reading I’ve had so far.

QQ: I’m on Atrovent and have considered switching back to Spiriva for a while. I would like to. However, I’m on Atrovent because it’s more flexible dosage-wise, allowing me to increase my dosage when needed, reducing visits to A&E. Any thoughts on how I could go back to Spiriva but keep that flexibility?

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I thought u could take atriovent and spiriva together


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