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Is it work related asthma or something else.

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Hi , I've worked in restaurants and takeaways all my life, I have suffered with shortness of breath for many years but this was manageable. But recently while I'm at work i seem to get really bad chest tightness, feels like my lungs have become stiff or heavy. But when I'm at home or even playing football this doesn't happen. I mean i do get breathless running but no chest tightness. I'm confused as to what it could be. Could i have some variation of asthma because i don't wheeze or cough. Can you help. Thanks

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Do you have allergies?

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I suffer chronic nose blockage and have been using nasal sprays for 15 years. I suffer from summer allergies and perhaps dust allergies too. But it hasn't affected me much until recently to the extent where my chest tightens up and it's hard to breath normally.

Best advice I can give is to phone your doc or the asthma nurse. They work office hours and are brilliant

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Kamran42 in reply to starveycat

Thank you for the advice, I'll call them tomorrow

Hello, so you mean that you have problems when you at work? I have severe asthma, in the past I had got problems when I was a waitress at the hotel. Stress was my problem there, always was out of breath and struggling. When I was home it went away. I talked to my GP about and she told me that it would be best for me to change position, because the stress triggered my asthma. But I also have to say that when I cook in my home it can get problematic too, to hot, to much steam, it will trigger my asthma to. I agree with with the other answers to, to speak with your GP. But I guess you have found the reason already that something is trigger your asthma or allergies at your workplace. There are different types of asthma best to check it out. Keep well and best of luck that you will improve again.🌹🌹🌹

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Kamran42 in reply to MELNEL

Thank you for your reply I appreciate it. I will talk to my gp, also i will try to speak to a asthma nurse.

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MELNEL in reply to Kamran42


There's likely to be microbial contamination in your work place that's affecting you. Is there any visible mold? Peeling paint? Water marks? Leaking sinks? Old dirty carpets? I couldn't work in a kitchen because of the chemicals, drains and sheer volume of microbes.

Best wishes xx

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Thank you for your reply, Theres some damp in the hallway behind the kitchen but not in the kitchen. Paint peeling off, could that be an issue.

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Absolutely. That's precisely what I'm talking about. I can't breathe near this stuff and most Drs don't know much about it. There are some that do and I thank God for them. Listen to everything from Dr Jill Carnahan on mold and mast cell activation. She's got a wealth of free info.

Unfortunately what any Dr will tell you is that avoidance is paramount. Look for a new job honey, that's the quickest, easiest fix.

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Kamran42 in reply to Saassii

Thank you too everyone who has replied and given some advice. Its comforting to know there are others who have experienced similar symptoms that I have. Although in a perfect world I wouldn't want anyone to go through such ailments. Hope anyone who is suffering will find a solution and feel better. Thank you all.

Hi i didnt have classic asthma symptoms either. I also didnt have much coughing or wheezing to speak of. So i think there can definitely be variations and severity between people.

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