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Dear 4 years old son diagnose with asthma.

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My 4 year and 3 month old son has been recently diagnosed with asthma. On third of january he was taking cough and suddnely started wheezing. We immediately took him to hospital. Meanwhile his condition settled down he looks ok. But doctor said he can hear wheezing in his right lung so as per him its mild asthma attack. He said if this happed again then we will perscribe some controller medication. This happend again on 22 of januray. He was sleeping and wheezing very loud. I gave him naublization and its settled down. Then we immediately booked appointment with allergies and asthmatic consulatnt. There we tell about his history and as per doctor he is developing asthma and he perfomed some allergy test and he is allergtic to cockrached and dust mites. He also prescribes seretide purple inhaler one puff morning and evening. Montelukast and zaditrn in night. Since last two weeks my son is now doing great. No cough and no loud wheezing. That loud wheezing really scared me.

The point of writing is here that i am totally new for this asthma. Although he is much better now but still when he is sleeping and i put my ear near to his nose and mouth i can hear little whistling noise which is not very loud. Will this little wheezing will go away with medication or it will remain with asthamtic patients. Beacuse its now two weeks over with medicines beside this question everything is well settled. Sorry for long post.

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It should settle down but watch him carefully. I am sorry to hear the poor boy has asthma. As you can tell with the right treatment it's controlable. Watch out for other trigger's that might sent him off

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Thank you. I am still little bit worry about that. I will discuss with doc also. Why its not going.

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I wish you the best of luck with that. Please let us know what happens

Website with the most common trigger's of asthma attack's.

It can take as long as 6 weeks for lungs to recover from an episode. The meds and inhalers take a couple of weeks to work at their best. The doctor should outline a plan for times when he is suck or his symptoms worsen.

Good wishes!

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*sick not suck.

Yes may be u r right as i dont have any prior experience in dealing with this. Its make me worried when i heared little little wheezing while he is sleeping and he us too young to tell anything and he never compliant me. Before posting here i was thinking that this wheezing will always there with asthma.

My nephew and my daughter had some asthma when they were younger. My daughter was more affected than my nephew. I pushed her pediatrician to have a daily controller inhaler. We were able to wean her off. She was never hospitalized. Neither was my nephew. Treatment is key.

He may be having problems now because he was sick so close together. Keep up with treatment and have a sick plan in place with the doctor. It will help. And reduce your worry.

Keep in touch

Howz they are doing now? Are they grow out of asthma?

One thing more i would like to ask here is that loud wheezing is asthma attack? If child wheez loud without cough shortness of breath etc. do we consider it asthma attack ?

A wheeze alone is just a noise. Wheezing with cough, shortness of breath or trouble breathing is an asthma attack.

Neither of them have daily problems. My daughter coughs a lot with cold and has a couple of asthma allergies issues but only needs rescue meds at those times. My nephew is an athlete. No issues.

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My daughter is 25 years old and my nephew is 19 years old.

If you have had a definite diagnosis of house dust mite allergy from a blood IgE response (skin pick test is not accurate) I would consider trying to de mite your house and especially your sons bedroom.

Remove carpets and any soft furnishings, no cuddly toys etc. use only bedding that is mite proof.

get a vacuum that is marked as removing dust mites.

Our four year old son was also diagnosed with mild asthma following several bouts of viral induced wheeze last year.

After getting a consultant appointment and a subsequent allergy test we identified that house dust mites was a major trigger. Coincidentally, prior to the symptoms we had bought a bunk bed for my sons and the allergic rhinitis and wheeze had started soon after that. It didn't click at the time but the top bed was probably exposing the allergens to the bottom bed through the slats.

Long story short, we are still on a preventer inhaler (clenil modulite) but after the allergy test results we have bought allergy mattress, pillow and duvet covers and they seems to have helped immensely. He had cold recently which previously would have resulted in at least a visit to the Dr and possibly a short course of prednisolone but fortunately we only need a couple of days help with Ventolin.

We have a follow up appointment with the community asthma nurse in a couple of weeks to review the meds and possibly reduce the dosage...

May be worth adding in some measures to reduce the exposure to the allergens..

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Thank you so much for sharing

Are you due to replace your old vacuum cleaner? If so purchase a good one and use it on carpet and furnishings often. When you change his bedsheets give his mattress a good vacume also. I found that washing my pillow every few months or so really helps, leave it in the sun to dry during summer, always purchase washable pillows and use pillow protectors, check on the label some are washable and some are not. Many can be put in the clothes dryer too. These are simple inexpensive things you can do to help with dust mites rather than pulling up carpets etc. Good luck.

We had an appointment with doctor. First time when we vizited doctor he examined him and said he is wheezing. Now on last examination his chest is clear there is no wheezing and cough also. Thank God everything is control now. He gave us appointment after two months and medication is all the same seritidr purple inahler one puff in monrning and one puff night . Montelukast and zaditen in night. As per him we will decide to step down medication if everything went under control. We started treatment on 25 of january.

Beside above he is giving us suggesion for allergy shots can anybody give us feedback and opionion about allergy shots if they have a personal experience of taking it.

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