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What inhalers do you have for your asthma?


Hi all, I'm just curious about what inhalers you all use for asthma and what type of asthma do you have?

I currently have an undiagnosed breathing prob which is 24-7 and much worse on even light exertion but no tests I've had have conclusively provided a reason why. I'm looking to get asthma looked at again now as I'm due back to work on Monday and I'm getting a bit frantic. I'm been tried on steroids, steroid inhalers (Beclomethasone) and Salbutamol but not really noticed they've had a big effect but I'm prepared to try anything at this point in time.

I've been away from work for months now, due to a number of issues and I'm being treated for autoimmune disorder-like symptoms but the breathing issue doesn't appear to fall under that.

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Hope it gets sorted for you soon.

In answer to your question : clenil modulite, ventolin and montelukast.

DaveT81 in reply to Clanger49

Yeah, was given clenil modulite and ventolin myself. Didn't notice a huge improvement. I always have to be a difficult case..

Clanger49 in reply to DaveT81

There are a lot of different options and combinations of meds. It might just be a case of finding what’s right for you. It did take nearly a year before I found what was right for me. The montelukast makes a world of difference for me.

Keep trying stuff and make a note of how it affects your breathing until you achieve an outcome you are happy with.

Good luck.


I was diagnosed with late onset Asthma in my 50s. I took Salbutamol and a brown inhaler can't remember the name. After several years of constant infections I was sent for lung function tests and a CT scan. I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis for which I use Fostair and Salamol, with prophylactic antibs (Mon Wed Fri) Carbocisteine capsules and also use steri nebs to nebulise with. Haven't had asthma confirmed or unconfirmed.

Hi Dave. To answer your question, I take:

Symbicort 400/12; 4x daily

Spiriva 2x daily

Ventolin as required, plus

Montelukast 1x daily

5mg Prednisolone per day

1x calcium tablet to reduce steroid side-effects

I also take 6x Itraconazole per day for a linked condition, plus other blood pressure medication.

I'm in the States. I'm currently on Symbicort and Arnuity inhalers. Zyflo and montelukast tablets, and Xolair injections monthly. I have had lung problems for 52 years. I have been on most of the available meds and inhalers over the course of my life. Some of the inhalers work better than others but found this through trials of them. Once directed by me. A few directed by insurance coverage.

Hi DaveT81

We are all different with different medication depending on how bad our asthma is.

At presently I am taking Fostair nexthaler 200/6 2 puffs twice a day and monkelaust. I am very allergic to house dust mites. Autumn/winter can be my worse time. So far so good this year. I also have associated conditions of acid reflux and post nasal drip caused by nasal polyps.

I am hoping that I can step down my inhaler in the spring/autumn this year. Then I will be stepping it back up again in September.

My triggers are strong chemicals ie. bleach or antibacterial spray, strong perfume, perfumed candles, pollution, pollen, cold and damp air.

Look up a condition called eilo it’s being researched a lot especially for exercise induced asthma

Hi I have severe atopic & eosinophilic asthma currently on fostair 200/6 x2 twice a day, qvar twice a day and spriva once a day, salbutamol as needed, montelukast 10mg, prednisone 25mg and monthly xolair. Other meds that are not for asthma but to reduce the side effects of steroids for asthma! 🙄

It can take a while to find the right combination of meds for you and find your triggers


Forgot to add that I live in England and treated for free on the NHS. We do have to pay for prescriptions which is currently £8.20 per prescription. Our health service is paid for from National Insurance NI which is taken from your pay packet.


I am on fostair. I might be changing depending on my treatment. I have the silent asthma. I don't have any attacks and I don't even know my trigger's

Appreciate all of your responses guys.

I'm really struggling at the moment with a bad breathing issue that is still undiagnosed. I'm 37 and feel about 97. I've been misdiagnosed with asthma before, when I was a teenager but it does run in my family.

I'm planning to see my GP later this week and discuss further action.

It's reassuring to know there's lots of different types and inhalers to treat it, so there's still some hope that it's something treatable!

I'm currently on pulmicort 200 (4 x daily) and bricanyl and Salamol as relievers

I know how u feel its not nice to feel like ur banging ur head on a brick wall. I have brittle asthma my treatment is subcutaneous infusion into my stomach nebs, and steroids every day is the same I change from hour to hour day to day. It cant be nice to of been off work u just need to find out what works for u and take a day at a time . What works for one might not work another. I hope ur starting to feel better in ur self soon .

DaveT81 in reply to Deedee111

Thanks, I really appreciate you saying that. Hopefully I get some sense out of my NHS GP!

My son has Relvar Elipta since a severe attack last September. 184/22. Apparently it’s a new one and taken only once a day. Seems to be doing the job at the minute, along with Montelucast.

Have you tried a saline nebuliser. I was advised by a friend who has severe asthma to try it and it works for me. Also ask for Physiotherapy treatment which has also assisted me with my severe asthma problems.

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