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Anyone Taking Methotrexate?


Hello Everyone

I suffer with chronic asthma and seem to have taken every medication available over the years. Last year I managed 5 mepo injections before the side effects became too much. Just before christmas I had a terrible attack/exacerbation of my asthma resulting in another hospital stay. My consultant who is great has prescribed methotrexate tablets as a steriod sparing treatment. I have been daily steriods for over 10 years. Is anyone else on methotrexate for their asthma? If so has it helped? I'm not looking forward to taking these tablets as lots of people seem to have nasty side effects but Im willing to try anything to feel better!

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remember to take your folic acid as prescribed, they should minimise the side effects, If you stil get them, ask your doctor about having injections instead of tablets. I have Methotrexate for RA and Vasculitis with minimal problems. All the best.

Clanmacbeath in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply poemsgalore1. Ive been told to take the folic acid on the days I dont take the methotrexate. I suppose only time will tell if it improves my asrhma. But the way I feel at the minute I'm ready to try anything.

Since methotrexate helps with the inflammation of arthritis, seems like it may work on inflammation of asthma! I wish you well!


I can’t speak personally about this but my dad has methotrexate injections for colitis ... he really struggled with sickness on the tablets but finds the injections much better - and he does them himself so no need to visit doctors...

Just thought it might be useful info for you! 😊


Thank you. I'll see how I get on with the tablets. But good to know there are other options.

There’s some info about its use for Asthma on the below link, under immunosuppressant therapy.

Clanmacbeath in reply to Matman

Thank you. Ill have a read. Everything ive seen so far doesnt give me much hope. But you have to try everything just incase.

I took it for six months, and it made a massive difference. I found the trick was to take it at night, then you sleep through the worst of the side effects. xx

Thank you cliffhopper. Its good to know someone had good results with it. My asthma has actually been bad today so I'm hoping I'll see some improvement in the coming weeks.

I was on it years ago. It helped but the side effects were awful so I had to stop it. I hope you have better luck than me and that it really helps you. I did have much less of a problem with my asthma while on it.

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