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Not feeling great

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It's been 1 month1 day since I last took prednisolone. Things have been ok untill this week. I started with blocked nose say 2 weeks ago and took viks nasal stuff. I stopped it after 2 weeks because my nose felt better but I have started getting a light and cloudy head and find it difficult to focus on things. Monday was bad yesterday I felt better then today was bad again what cannot be? Can it be after effect from long term pred use or is it the nasal stray? Could it be a sinus issue? Nose is clear now though. It effects my thinking and set off the anxiety a little. Wierd thing is I wake up feeling fine then over time it comes on. My ear also feels a little congested sometime. Hmmmmmm thoughts?

Many thanks

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Worth a call to your doc for advice?

I don't like bothering them. I might give them a call.

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