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New Spacer?


Hi! I have currently have a small(ish) blue aerospace chamber spacer that I was prescribed when I had my first inhaler in the summer, I know they say to replace every 12 months, however the seal bit where the inhaler goes in has come very loose, and it keeps coming off every time I take my inhaler out, so I don’t think it will last the 12 months... so I’m going to need a new one, and I was curious as to how any of you get them replaced? Do you buy your own from a pharmacy/online (are they even readily available to buy??), or are they always prescribed? If prescribed do you think they would give me another one before it’s due?


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You can buy them over the counter at any pharmacy, alternatively you can ask your GP for a new one to be prescribed. It should be easy to do either way - just explain that yours is breaking if they query you (I’ve never been asked why when I’ve got a repeat!). You can also order them on amazon if needs be (more expensive tho)!

Hope that helps

Thank you! I will call the drs in the morning and see what they say (I have a pre payment card so wouldn’t cost me any more that way), otherwise I’ll ask at the pharmacy how much they are if they’re available to buy there, thanks!

Definitely call the GP. Last time I actually bought one it was at prescription cost I think (a few years ago). Thank god for prepaid prescription cards!

Thank you! I do feel a bit cheeky but it would save me money if they are happy to prescribe me one! Ha oh yes!! I don’t even want to think how much that card saves me, probably a small fortune I think! With asthma, severe hay fever needing expensive antihistamines 3x a day and nasal spray, and I also take hormone replacement therapy which is counted as 2 prescription charges! Plus I’ve had countless ear infections needing antibiotics this year alone, and 3 lots of steroids for my asthma, so that card is single handily stopping me from being bankrupt haha!

I know what you mean... I think I ‘pay’ mine off witching the first month 😅. Shake me I rattle, but thankfully so does my purse!

If, for some reason, you can’t get a prescription for one I seem to remember that they cost me less than a tenner each a couple of years ago, more like £8. And I had no difficulty getting my two, bought on separate occasions.

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Currently £12.09 on Amazon

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Ah, I believe Emma said they were more expensive on Amazon. I bought mine a couple of years or so ago, one, I think, in Tesco or Sainsbury pharmacy, one in our local. But things do change!

I bought one off Amazon just this week and it was just over a tenner with free delivery, it was froma company called pharmica. I bought it as a spare to carry with me rather than taking the one from home with me all the time.

I didn’t know they needed to be replaced until they gave me a new one in the hospital.

If this is loose you will not get a proper dose so phone your doctor explain your situation and he should get a prescription to get a new one, Hope you keep well.

Thank you everyone! Definitely will be asking for a new one from the doctors first, didn’t get chance to call today as worked later than expected and they were closed before I got home, and I started before they opened this morning and didn’t get chance to make a phone call but will be tomorrow! Thank you everyone!

Eep, mines a few years old now and the squeaky bit is missing 😬 maybe ought to look at replacing it

Yes, they are readily available at a pharmacy or online. My brother buys them online. He used to buy them on Amazon, then on He says if you want your doc to prescribe you a new inhaler, there is no issue.

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