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On steroids but still using reliever


Hi all,

Sorry if this sounds completely daft/just common sense!!

I’m currently on day 3 of 40mg steroids after coming off them last Friday (following a.short 5 day course) and ending up in OOH over the weekend and having to go back on them on Monday :(

Although I’m no where near as breathless as I was and can now get out and about and thankfully back to work I’m still having to use my reliever inhaler quite a bit in the evening as I get breathless & cough more ? Is this normal? My last asthma flare was years ago so I honestly can’t remember my normal pattern. Will I find that once the steroids have started to reduce the inflammation I will need it less?


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Go back to the GP and tell them that your breathing still isn’t right. In the summer, I ended up having to have 14 days of Pred because it wasn’t improving quick enough. the asthma uk nurse said that your breathing should be back to normal by the time you finish a course - hope that helps 😊 feel better soon!

Thank you! Ive still got another 5 days on the 8 tablets a day and then I reduce the dose by 5mg every couple of days.

So I’m hoping me using my reliever at the moment is just because the inflammation is still calming down?

Yes, exactly, it might take a few days but you should need it less as the inflammation decreases. If you’re needing it a lot tho you might still need to go to the GP or A&E.

I ended up having nebulisers in the past. Just don’t feel like your wasting their time so if your concerned go back to the GP. I found calling the asthma uk helpline incredible helpful to figure out if my inhaler use was normal ect as I was too worried about wasting peoples time just to call the GP x

Thanks so much SBluesy. I do feel like I’ve been constantly in and out of the doctors or on the phone. I’m using about 6/8 puffs a day (but when my asthma is under control I never have to use it!)

I’ll see how I get on today and give them a call if it carries on! X

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