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99% oxygen but mucus and chest tightness

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I have been dealing with a viral chest infection since last Friday. When I was seen it was thought to be viral upper respiratory as I had a hoarse voice. No crackles on my lungs (recurring pneumonia has been a problem) and no wheezy sounds. No meds given.

Slowly the tightness is improving but I seem to be stuck at a slight tightness, a little breathlessness walking up the stairs which exacerbates the tightness feeling and a fair bit of sticky clear mucus when coughing.

My oxygen levels are 99% so I'm doubting whether the mucus is connected to an asthma exacerbation or whether the mucus is due to the viral infection. If it was asthma would I not get 99%?

I'm asking as I don't know whether to continue with Symbicort SMART regime having 12 doses a day.

How long does it take to get well after a viral infection? I'm used to IV antibiotics when I have a chest infection she says wearily and with a dry sense of humour!

Amy insight, help or advice would be fab. :)

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Sats don’t normally drop with asthma unless you’re really ill with it. Even with both viral and bacterial chest infections, bilateral crackles/wheeze and the some silent chest my sats were 97%!

Viruses are a pain to get over. With bacterial you get your ABs then start to improve, viral can last weeks 😞. Mine currently fully over my BCI but the VCI is still faffing me about 2-3 weeks later, with yellow mucus (normal for me), SoB, low PF and fatigue! Mucus can be from either the asthma or the virus.

I’d ring the AUK tomorrow and ask them about the SMART plan as 12 seems quite a lot to me. Alternatively go back to GP and let them know how much you’re using!

Hope that answers some of your questions and that you start to feel better soon x

This sound like me. Any advice you have I would appreciate

I have the same as you i was admitted to hospital yesterday lungs clear but have been coughing and generally unwell bloods all normal apart from crp level slightly high. I am on a course of steroids . I had nebulisers. Hope you feel better soon x

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