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Stinging lungs... is this normal?

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My asthma is getting me really down last 2 months I felt it took forever to regain control of my asthma since my severe dog allergy a year ago everything felt normal for a slight moment then I caught a cold after halloween ( trick & treating with my children despite me all wrapped up and scarf on) I went to see the asthma nurse who stabbed me with the flu jab which then that made me feel worse!! Since then I have this horrible stinging chest. After 5 weeks my cold and asthma symptoms calmed down and then 2 weeks before Christmas I caught a cold again only this time chest infection. The whole time the stinging lungs never went only eased up.

I'm on penicillin at the moment for chest times a dayinfection and I'm on my last day and my chest still stings ... cough has calmed down but it always takes me weeks to regain control of my asthma after a bad cold or chest infection anyway.

I'm just worried about this stinging?? It's never been any asthma symptom I've felt it's only been there since the flu jab I hated she gave it me whilst I was ill ( this is my first time having flu jab)

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I've never experienced stinging lungs. I think you should call the nurse at AsthmaUK and see if she can help.

Does seem a bit dodgy to give you a flu jab when your immune system was compromised but I'm no doctor. See your GP. The only time my lungs feel a bit raw is when I have bad acid reflux.

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debzzy in reply to pffft2017

I wasn't happy about it. She had a listen to my chest and said all was clear that all I had was a cold no temp so shouldn't be a problem wish I had refused now! I've never experienced and pain in my lungs.

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K8ty25 in reply to debzzy

hey so I had a bad flair a couple of years back and in the aftermath I had an itchy/stinging sensation in my lungs. Super annoying as you cant get at them to scratch and coughing didn't help. I went to my GP who explained its a side effect from inflammation in the lungs. It so annoying but as inflammation reduces it does pass. I hope this helps :)

As touched on by K8ty25, what you describe as stinging lungs may be what I get too. A kind of sore burning feeling, particularly in the larger dominant Right Lung. I attribute this to increased inflammation.

I've found that a 7 Day x40mg Daily course of Oral Steroids then a taper-down of 5mg a Day until ‘0’ seems to get shot of it for a while. However, I also like to take a One Week Course of Antibiotics when that inflammation is present (preferably clarythromycin in my case).

The Antibiotic addition is a bit hit and miss as, more often than not, it’s a virus rather than a bacterial infection that can lead to the extra inflammation (and Antibiotics don’t work for viruses as you probably know). However, when that level of inflammation is present, unless I’ve had too many Antibiotics in the last few months, I prefer the ‘better safe than sorry’ option of taking them.

Like Matman my lungs feel stingy/raw when my asthma's bad - I'm now on my third flare up in four weeks, thanks to two viruses and a dusty Christmas tree at work!! but when I spoke to the doctor at my occupational health department on the phone she said my chest sounded very tight: raw/stingy/tight -who knows... Hope you're recovering 😊x

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