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Hi everyone hope all well I’m still stuck in local hospital been a rough few days Saturday I couldn’t breathe and nothing was helping on nebuliser all day all day and done nothing for me I’m still on IV hydrocortisone and two lots antibiotics waiting to c the docs this morning peak flow only 190 this morning so not great and wheezing well hope everyone else doing ok take care have good day

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Hope your feeling better soon and back home dx

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Me to thanks

Hope they sort your breathing out soon and can get you home again.

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Thanks me to

You are really going through it. I really hope that things start improving soon. Take care x

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Thanks docs here now x

Poor you! Must be really scary and hope you feel better very soon. Big hugs and thinking about you xxx

Hi Tracey,

Hope the New Year gets better for you from here. Don't carry the burden yourself - give it to the doctors. Take care.


I'm so sorry. Sounds like a bad flair. When are you due back to the Brompton?

Hope you feel better soon

Hi thanks hope u doing ok x

hello Tracey please research magnesium deficiency and symptoms of magnesium deficiency vitamin d3 and k2mk7 and research causes of calcification of internal organs goodluck

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