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If you use Vit D, this may be of interest

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A number of Asthmatics (like me) are convinced of the benefits of Vit D3.

Article at below link discusses why it may not work well without sufficient Magnesium.


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👍 We are convinced about vitamin D3 too Matman.

Good to hear others are using Vitamin D3 to help their Asthmatic conditions. 😀 Hubby was able to stop using both inhalers once on a high, but safe dose of vitamin D3 D3 works best with vitamin K2 as well as magnesium.

Said he felt he no longer had asthma, though being in a room with a dog for just an hour can bring the asthma back on, so we always keep inhalers with us for emergency’s) In winter he has to up his dose of D3 +K2 or his asthma comes back. (Vitamin D of course is known as the Sunshine vitamin) We have to remember to take our vitamins daily as the D3 +K2 which are both anti inflammatory, keeps colds, flu and far more ailments at bay, miss a couple of days and we both can easily go down with colds. Chesty colds are worse cos that’s when Hubbys nasty asthma attacks use to start.

hello coastwalker I also take magnesium citrate 400mg per day d3 k2 mk 7 and zinc vitamin c my asthma appears to have gone but I still get colds and flu when recovering from these episodes I seem to be more sensitive to asthma triggers ie cigarette smoke if you research homeopath remedies for asthma you may find some help or relief. I have ask myself why magnesium helped my asthma and after alot of research I have come to the conclusion calcium is the problem. Due to magnesium deficiency calcification of organs occurs it does not happen overnight it is a slow process some people get kidney stones some get heart disease joint pain and a hole host of chronic illnesses if calcium gets deposited in your lungs or airways they harden and can't work normally if you take magnesium it helps remove the calcium from the wrong parts of the body and direct it to where it should go ie bones and teeth we are now hearing of people in there 40s 50s 60s getting asthma why ? Low magnesium levels if you research magnesium deficiency and symptoms of magnesium deficiency and symptoms of excess calcium it might help you understand the reasons why we are all getting so ill it has helped me understand what is going on inside my body goodluck

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Matman in reply to robert1957

Interesting points. Thanks. (See also my reply to Coastwaker - above)

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robert1957 in reply to Matman

hello matman the problem with magnesium blood tests is only 1% of magnesium is in the blood and 99% in bones teeth organs and cells if your blood is tested and comes back normal you could still be deficient elsewhere

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Matman in reply to robert1957

Wasn’t aware of that, still I guess any GP who is asked by a patient whether they should use it, will know what type of Test/s will best determine if supplementation is worthwhile, assuming there is some kind of Test that can determine.

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robert1957 in reply to Matman

my gp and asthma nurse can't explain how taking magnesium citrate has improved my asthma to this level and don't appear to want to know just said if its keeping you asthma free keep taking it if I can stay out of hospital and don't order any asthma meds for another year they will take me off there asthma list of patients

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Coastwalker in reply to Matman

Doctors in our own experience and for some of our family members have been very poor with their nutritional supplementation advice, over looking our deficiencies, or not testing for them. Thankfully we have turned many of our illnesses/chronic symptoms around with supplements and doing our own online blood tests. If we had not done so we would both be very ill by now.

Please research benifits of drinking celery juice

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I have been drinking celery juice first thing over the summer holidays and I believe it’s beneficial I’m sure but just can’t pin point it as yet

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robert1957 in reply to digdig123

IT strengthens your hydrochloric acid this allows your food to be digested properly

👍 Yes it is top nutritional food, especially when juiced, we bought a top juicer, I just need to start using it again 😀 Thanks for reminding me. 👍

So pleased to hear vitamins and minerals are helping your asthma too robert1957, I take magnesium, ( both take zinc and vit c, herbs, apple cider vinegar and b vitamins etc., ) but when Hubby takes magnesium he is already at his bowel tollerence levels for magnesium. We thought he had a chronic bowel illness when he got the runs for almost a month then twigged on it was the magnesium causing the problem 🤭 😀 Maybe there is something causing his magnesium to be so high which is causing a knock on effect to his certain type of asthma attacks ? (Vitamin K2 (MK7) is supposed to remove calcium build up and replace calcium where it is needed, hopefully hubby is taking enough, yes also magnesium helps vitamin D3 do it’s job.) We are now looking into good old fashioned bicarbonate soda as that too can aparently help asthmatics and many other illnesses. I have recently bought a book by Dr. Mark Sircus called Sodium Bicarbonate which is an eye/mouth opener so far and I’ve only just got a third of the way through this brilliant book. Thanks for your advice 👍😀

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Matman in reply to Coastwalker

I also take K2, Lycopean, Zinc, Magnesium, Ubiquinol and Fish Oil - BUT - I don’t take any of them more than 3 times a week or (to be more accurate) on alternate days.

I’m not saying this is better than ‘daily’ but I prefer to leave myself supplement-free for around half the week.

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robert1957 in reply to Matman

yes I hope to reduce to a maintenance level in the near future myself what magnesium are you taking,I don't take fish oil I take flaxseed oil

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Matman in reply to robert1957

Magnesium Citrate (bit more expensive, but - apparently - good bio-availability compared to some other types). Make sure you use a reputable, well known name, supplier (as many import ‘who-knows-What, from who-knows-where’) then stick on a convincing label. Suppliment Industry isn’t regulated like the Meds industry so be careful what you swallow. Also, maybe check with your Doc first, especially as some Meds you are taking may conflict with certain supplements. See also my reply to emmasue.

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robert1957 in reply to Matman

yes I take the same magnesium citrate 400mg per day it has a 30-40% bio availability and try to get the rest of my daily quota of magnesium from food

vitd3 k2mk7 helps drive calcium from soft tissue to where it should be bones and teeth should also free up joints

Thanks. I take Adcal-d3 because I have been on steroids for so long. I still have asthma difficulties so wonder if I need more magnesium.

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Matman in reply to emmasue

Of all the Suppiments I take, Magbesium (also nicknamed the Master Suppliment by some) is the one I’d be the most reluctant to stop using.

That said, the only way you’d know for sure if you need Magbesium is, I guess, to get some kind of blood test, though it seems a great many folk have low levels of it. Probably best to also run the idea past your GP too, or at least check on a site like Drugs.com where you can enter the names of any meds you are taking so as to see if Magnesium is something that conflicts with any of them.

It’s also quite important to take the right type of Magnesium, which usually means paying a bit more and ensuring you’re using a reputable supplier.

My personal preference is Magnesium Citrate.

By the way, it you do decide to start using it, once you’ve tested it via a single low-strength daytime dose (to ensure it suits you) bedtime is, apparently, a good time to take it regularly, as - I gather - it helps you sleep better too.

As I said earlier in this Thread, I err on the side of caution and only take any supplement on alternate days rather than every day, but I’m a pretty cautious type.

The other option is to research Magnesium Rich Foods and try to consume more of them.

Note, Supplenents alone are very unlikely to cure most people’s Asthma, but some may find their symptoms reduce with certain suppliment regimes (but only after a few months of disciplined use) which, if so, is great. Not a quick fix though.

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emmasue in reply to Matman

Thanks, I appreciate the advice! All I know is that the last time I had a bad asthma attack, they gave me magnesium in a drip and that seemed to help. I will have to talk to my doctor. x

I wasn't aware that vit D3 could help asthma. Along with asthma, I have a variety of health conditions. Coming on this forum is the first heard of this link.

A long time ago I had some investigations and had borderline Vit D was given a course went back to normal and didn't take again.

Then a couple of years ago was having it checked and told it was " in my boots" low at 19. Was put on very high dose for 12 weeks it went back to normal came off and 5months later checked and it was depleting so am on it for life now. Likewise with folic acid (B9)

It’s not yet a set-in-stone that D3 helps with Asthma. The jury’s still out, but there seems to be an accumulation of good data pointing that way, likewise for Intestitial Lung Disease.

Does appear that it’s also about getting the balance right between D3, Magnesium and K2. Also, D3 seems to need one or other form of dietary oil present when ingesting, e.g. Fishoil, Olive Oil or whatever.