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Moving pt.2

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

I’ve got a new (unfurnished) flat just before Christmas and the moving a car load to toot triggered me going to hosp for 3 days (2 days too long for me 😉). Went back to my parents for Christmas where I came down with a bacterial chest infection which was swiftly followed by a virus, silent chest and another trip to hospital 🙄. Slowly getting over it with my PF range going from 40-60% to now ranging 45%-70% - not much improvement but it’s definitely there!

I’ve returned to my new place with another car load (I’m not using movers but probably have a van full of stuff to move), but despite unpacking most of it and still recovering from the virus so far all asthma issues have been reversible! Really hoping this will last and that I’ll keep improving and not tighten up over night! I have a AN appt on Saturday so I don’t want to be bad then cause work starts next Monday!

‘Rewarding’ myself with starting my Lego Hogwarts 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️😂 as it keeps me stationary but entertained whilst I have no TV or internet!

Does anyone else get issues a few days after the event? And what does everyone else do to stop themselves from pushing it too far? 😜

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LysistrataCommunity Ambassador

The joys of moving! I find I can sometimes think I've got away with it then I haven't. It might get better but then takes a nosedive... (case in point: decided to hell with lungs, can move around more or less ok, am seeing cousins on NYE). Now back to work and had to leave early today oops as instructed by boss. I was .making a lot.of noise and of course they all remember the 2 ambo trips!

What do I do to avoid this....hmmm...working from home when I can or staying in, but not always an option for others and not always for me either if I need to be somewhere! If I do need to do things I try to make myself be lazy eg I try to walk and take stairs usually but if struggling I will go for the bus and the lift and try to.order online if I need something not go out.

I would say my body warns me but I have got very good at pushing past that when I shouldn't- I am so used to being short of breath easily that it doesn't act as the warning it should any more!

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Lysistrata

That’s what happened to me last time... bad day I moved, slightly better the next day so thought I was over the worst... 3rd day I was in hosp ... I do not want a repeat!

Awww 🥰 ... they care about you (not collapsing at work 😜)!

I’m very much the same on the ‘ignoring the warning signs’ front 😅 - I know I’m at the point where if I do too much more I’ll be in hospital 🙄. Spent the last 2 weeks living at 40% my PF and didn’t even realise when I developed a silent chest 😬😅, so trying to slow down even when I don’t feel like I need to! Bag 3 of 56 is almost complete 😂

I find it hard to take it easy once I come out of hospital, I’m keen to get on with things I’m behind with whilst I’ve been ill and majorly excited to be out!

I think people that have multiple exacerbations were just keen to get on with life!

Take care, you will get there with the move! Could you get a few friends together to help? X

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Bsr92

Thanks - I normally jump straight back into doing things but am desperately hoping to stay out of hosp Saturday so I can go back to work Monday!

Lego appears to be an answer to a ‘forced’ break 😅 - I’m doing something and seeing progression but don’t need to concentrate too much (the reason I can’t read/colour etc when I’m like this 😅). After this bag I’ll be back to a bit of sorting then probably bed!

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to EmmaF91

Also meant to say, I’ve really really moved! From south west Essex to the north Norfolk coast! New town, new house, new job... no friends 😢😅. My new bosses husbands going to help put my curtains up next week (they’re currently on hols) but otherwise I know no-one and my friends from back home are back at work! Mum will be up at the weekend with another car load 😅😂 x

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Bsr92 in reply to EmmaF91

Oh wow bless you! I’m sure you’ll get there eventually!

Forced break for now sounds good, and hopefully stay out of hospital! X

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LysistrataCommunity Ambassador in reply to EmmaF91

Wow into the wilds! Hoping you manage to stay out of hosp and get back to work Monday - I have done the move and job and lungs were not keen, but I'm rooting for yours to behave for once.

Definitely take it slowly though I know if at all like me you want to get it sorted! I did kind of kill myself by insisting on unpacking after a difficult plane journey a few months ago though so be careful...

I think mine have corrupted yours...or is it vice versa lol?

Sounds crappy. I can't do much at all at the moment without having a big drop in pf and needing Ventolin. I've noticed if I do plan to do anything strenuous (like carry 2 cartons of milk...) if I take a couple of puffs of blue then wait 10 min before I start I'm fine.

Essex used to be my area. Norfolk I know to be a beautiful part of the country. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have done on numerous visits.

I've also picked up chesty cold and the cough that won't go away. AN reckons that if I wasn't on my current preventer and had missed flu jab I'd have been in hosp. Pleased I've missed that.

Good luck with the move and take it easy.

Glad to hear you are getting better! Love the idea of Lego Hogwart!

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Wheezycat

Hope you’re feeling a little better too!

Thank you, yes! My pf now ascending again, after having steadily descended last week!

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