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Help and advice with my consultant


since having easy contact with my consultant I have settled in my head and I have finally started feeling sort of well. Been trying co codamol prescribed by gp and consultant but I now after using them they help at first but as pain has started again and tablets aren't working so I'm going to see what consultant says about changing them co codamol can be addictive but it's taking them properly some can benefit. I have a high torlance so let's see what is the next best painkiller. Phargen has been increased to two in the morning but 3 if in bad pain. What is a good pain killer anyone???

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May I ask what pain you are experiencing Certificate000, is it related to your Asthma?

You need to take some laxative such as lactulose with co-codamol as the constipation the codeine gives you can be agony. There are other pain killers besides the opium based ones - your GP or consultant should know what is best for you. Good luck.

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