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ill try and describe the feeling i get in my throat as best i can

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right so, everyday my throat feels tight sore and i dont know if anyone will understand this reference but you know if you stay up late laughing way to much and you get that feel in your throat like its tight and overworked... its like that. dont really wheeze, i have just done my peak flow and all 3 trys was between 550 and 650 but again i dont really know the peak flow scale. if you looked at my it doesnt look like im breathing heavy or hard, mouth is closed and breathing through my nose. I have just had a flu bug and i do still have a pretty hacking cough. another question i was wondering is could my asthma feel worse a few weeks before the flu comes out properly??

Anyway i hope people understand what i am getting at :)


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Have you Asked your doc about vocal chords dysfunction just a thought

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