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Asthma - temporary worsening


Hi, I wonder if I can get some advice please. In the last few weeks my asthma seems to have got a bit worse. I use Airflusal 250 and that works really well. I also use prednisone 8.5mg per day. Is it normal for Asthma to come and go?, I mean have a few weeks where it gets worse and then it gets better? I haven’t eaten any triggers and nothing much has changed in my routine. It’s just that I use a CPAP and it’s making sleep a bit more difficult.

I would really appreciate any comments from people with similar situations. Thanks.

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I find weather makes a difference to my asthma. It's harder to get oxygen from cold or hot weather.

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Thank you, I hadn't considered this, but last night I dropped the humidity settings on my CPAP and increased the temperature slightly and had a much better sleep. I wonder if the changes made the difference; we will see this evening.

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The CPAP settings can make a difference in the sleep. Too high of a humidity setting I find is only good for a couple days during the winter months but then the excess condensation in the tube makes a noice that wakes me up at night, plus it seems to cause a drip, like a post nasal drip. At the same time having the setting too low can cause dryness in the nasal cavity. On my machine I’m only able to adjust the humidity.

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