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Doubling Preventer

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Sorry for numerous messages but got bad asthma/heavy cold. Just wondering about doubling preventer? Not on my asthma plan but thinking it might be a good idea. I'm on 125 seretide 2 puffs twice a day. I am currently on day 3 steroids. I did feel better this am but now feeling a bit worse it's the cough. Trying all the cold and flu meds, plus cough medicine, strepsils, hot water bottle on the chest and blue inhaler virtually every two hours.

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Oh how horrible. I had flu two years ago and remember that it did take time to settle even with the prednisone. Two weeks plus before I felt a lot better. Viral infections can hang around.

This year I had to increase my preventer inhaler over the summer months because of the hot weather and high pollen levels (Fostair) but I only did that after I discussed it with my GP. Do you take your peak flow to monitor your asthma? Check what the maximum dosage is for your medication is.

A cough can be a good thing to bring up any gunk from your lungs and I found coughing tiring in itself. At the time (when I had flu) I did use a steam inhaler with Vick as I foud that loosened any mucus / phelgm and made it easier to bring up. You may just need to be patient with lots of rest, eat as well as possible and lots of fluid. Sounds like you are doing your best and may need to let the bug run its course!

Thanks for replying! I got some pukka syrup, also got honey and some lemons from supermarket and I am drinking this although it's horrible. I got some Sudafed and also beconase. I have bought everything in the chemist over the last 7 days. I am pleased to say the steroids are working so now I have 'just' got a heavy cold. The mucus is loosening. It was ill last night only slept since 0530 to 0930 was up all night couldn't stop coughing awful, throat so sore. Asthma lot better today and only had 4 puffs blue was about 24 yesterday I figured it was my body fighting it off yesterday! I am meant to be going to work tomorrow. Day 4 steroids today.

Ha - work doesn't sound like a possibilty! Hope you are able to have enough time off to recover and regain your strength.

No I didn't go to work as been worse again today. Coughing so much and throat sore and lower chest very sore, cant cough anymore and nose throat dripping into chest. Just been to gp again sods law 'not that wheezey' I never wheeze, sats hr ok bp up slightly, was hot but temp only 37.3 I think he conceded to giving me antibiotics on a technicality although he did say he could see I was I'll!! I need to go to work!!

Oh dear! Hope you feel better soon and that the antiobiotics help - they usually take 48hrs. to start working though.

Hi. I am on 50/500 seretide accuhaler maximum I can take is one puff morning and night.

Seretide comes as

Seretide Accuhaler: 100/50, 250/50, 500/50

Seretide MDI: 50/25, 125/25, 250/25

I assume you are on 125/25

Always get advice on doubling up as remember has 2 medications Salmeterol xinafoate is the 25 in your medication and fluticasone proportionate is the 125 in your medication.

The 250/50 can be doubled to 2puffs twice a day but 500/50 can't be increased from one puff 2 x a day.

Based on what you have said 125/25 seretide 2 puff twice a day is 250/50 total morning and night.

Technically maximum is 500/50 one puff morning and night and 250/50 two puffs morning and night and by that logic

You could take up to 4 puffs morning and 4 puffs at night BUT DON'T DO THIS WITHOUT PROFESSIONAL ADVICE.

Check peak flow and get advice.

Wait on sputum culture if its bacterial they will give you antibiotics to go with Steroid tablets.

DO ASK THOUGH you asthma nurse or GP or call

0300 222 5800

Want to reduce your risk of an asthma attack? Whatever your concern, speak to our team of expert asthma nurses by calling our confidential Helpline on 0300 222 5800 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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